Principal’s Update – Week 4 Term 3 2023

Assembly Superstars

Congratulations to our students from Rooms 1 and 2, who this week, presented News Yesterday, a live taping of their news broadcast where we all were members of a live studio audience. Interspersed with topical events were hilarious live weather updates, advertisements from shonky businesses, and sports reports. Congratulations to the Years 5 and 6 students for their wonderful acting and presenting skills!

Check out our merit certificate recipients from this week’s assembly.

National School Opinion Survey

Parents are invited to complete the Parent Survey of the National School Opinion Survey. This survey is required to be completed every two years. It was last completed in 2021. You may choose to complete the survey once, keeping in mind one or all your children, or if you feel your responses may change if you are considering the contexts of each of your children, you may like to submit an additional survey. The survey is anonymous, and can be accessed here:

The 2023 Parents School Opinion Survey will close on Friday 22nd September 2023.

Uniform Feedback

Speaking of surveys, the Uniform Committee would greatly appreciate parent, student, and staff feedback on some uniform proposals. The team at Nell Gray, our uniform supplier, have put together some ideas for future uniforms. Check them out!

You are invited to provide your feedback by completing a quick, 3-question Forms survey. You can access it here:

Bush Tucker Garden Planting

Our senior students have been helping out in the area outside of the Science Room, designated for our bush tucker and medicine garden. Plants have been kindly donated by Bunnings. Now the planting is done, our amazing students are also helping out with the mulch spreading!

Faction Cross Country and Interschool Cross Country

Congratulations to all our students who persevered and tried their hardest during our Faction Cross Country Carnival on Friday 28th July. It was wonderful to see so many parents and family members here to support the students, and the students did a great job at supporting and encouraging each other.

The first 10 place-getters of the cross-country, then went on to represent our school (Years 3-6) at the Interschool Cross Country at Davallia Primary School, this Tuesday 8th August. Congratulations to Aisling who was the Interschool Champion Year 3 Girl!

PBS Focus – We do our personal best.

During weeks 5 and 6, our behaviour expectation that we will be focussing on is, “We do our personal best”.

We teach our children to do their personal best by:

  • Helping them identify their strengths.
  • Talk about areas that they would like to improve in.
  • Provide praise for the choices they make and factors in which they can control.
  • Setting goals together.
  • Encouraging problem-solving.

Role model ways in which we, as adults, strive to do our personal best – talk about it.

Languages Week

The first week of August this year celebrated Languages Week 2023.

The Modern Language Teachers Assoc of WA hopes that we can continue to share our passion for languages across our schools.

Here at Duncraig Primary School this week, during our French classes, we celebrated the importance of learning a language.

Here are some inspirational thoughts shared by some of our Year 4/5 students.

From Nikitah

The study of languages other than English, teaches us and encourages us to have respect for other people. It fosters an understanding of interrelations. Foreign languages expands people’s views of the world and gives us experiences that make us more flexible and tolerant.

From Denby

Learning languages matters to me. We learn about other countries’ cultures when we learn a language. Me being Ukranian matters to me because I get to try new things to wear and different clothing, we celebrate special days in Ukranian, learn and write new words and being Ukranian makes me, me. Whatever country you’re from, we will always be family.

From Shardul

Language learning is very important because language is everything. It’s the skin colour, the blood, the tradition and the family. Without it we would not be ourselves. I love everything I do, piano, cricket and my family. My Indian culture is a big part of me.

From Mila

Languages are really important. We can communicate with other people to make friends. Just because some people have dark skin, wear different clothes and speak differently doesn’t mean they are any different. We all need to respect other people’s languages for world peace and harmony. All of our languages are important.

From Darci

The importance of learning a language is keeping peace with other countries. We can use languages to communicate with others. Without languages we wouldn’t be able to understand people’s cultures like their skin, celebrations and food. Without languages we can’t connect. We should all respect each other.

From Brianna

Languages let people communicate to others and we need to respect and value that. We have it in the school creed because of that.


Current Payments Available through Qkr!

  • Landsdale Farm Excursion – Year 1
  • Edu-Dance – PP to Year 5 (Term 4 Program)
  • Dance Sport – Year 6 (Term 4 Program)


A reminder to parents that we have changed bank accounts. Please use this account for all direct deposits: BSB – 066192 Account – 10659523

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 16th August, 2pm – Science Expo Years 4-6

Friday 18th August – Room 11 & Year 5 excursion to Duncraig Library

Friday 18th August – One Big Voice, RAC Stadium

21st – 25th August – Book Week

Thursday 24th August – Assembly Room 4

Thursday 24th August – PJ Dress Up Day

Kind regards,

Nicole Borbas,