School Level Communication

Ways we communicate with parents/carers

Our website is regularly updated to ensure information on the website includes, term calendars, as well as school plans, policies and reports.

  • Principals Update

Available on our school website every second Thursday (even weeks).

  • Email/Connect

Important information to parents is provided to parents through Connect. At times email will be used to communicate with individual or small groups of parents.

  • Hard Copy Notes

Hard copy notes are sent home with children when required. Please be aware that paper reminders occur rarely. Where possible notes are distributed through Connect.

  • SMS

The school uses text messaging to notify parents if their child is not at school. It may also be used if emergency communication with parents is required.

  • P&C Communications

The P&C has a Facebook page containing general information about P&C events. Additional information is communicated by the P&C via the school website or through Connect.

School Level Communication
Classroom Level Communication
How can parents communicate with their child’s teacher or the school?