A Digital Technology Focus

Room 18 – A Digital Technology Focus for Term Three

This term the students of Room 18 will be developing their understanding of digital technologies.  They will be learning about digital hardware (printer, keyboard, mouse;) and software (PowerPoint, Google, messaging;). The students will develop their skills in the use of digital technology by accessing both tablets and laptops. They will learn to represent data in a variety of ways.  PowerPoint will be used as a tool to develop their skills to insert pictures, make changes to font, background, layout and design.  Cyber safety will also be a feature of the program such as the importance of not sharing personal information.  Our buddies joined us on at the beginning of the term to teach us how to turn on and login on laptops.  The students then had the opportunity to work collaboratively to explore the tools available on PowerPoint.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Courtney Dingley for supporting the students this last semester to develop their understanding of coding with our class robot called Botley.