Principals Update – 21 June 2021

Wellness Day

We are looking forward to hosting an amazing day this Friday with parents invited to learn about positive health and wellbeing alongside their children.  A special thank you to the P&C for supporting the funding of this day.  Come along to join in the fun with experiences such as meditation, yoga, drumming. You might even meet ‘Chewie’ the alpaca.

Reports & Parent Teacher meetings

Reports will be sent to parents on Monday 28 June via connect. Following this, parents will have an opportunity to meet with their children’s teachers to discuss the progress and achievement on Wednesday 30 June during the 1.20-6.00 time period.  This is a great opportunity to gain further insight into your child’s learning and development.

Oval Restoration

The oval is currently in the growth phase of the restoration process and we are looking forward to returning to this space next term.

Pre primary enrolments

Application for enrolment forms have been sent home to all current 2021 Kindergarten students as they are required to re re enrol for Pre primary next year.  Prompt return of these forms is greatly appreciated to assist in our planning for 2022.

Kindergarten Enrolments

If you are a parent or know a parent with a child that was born between July 1 2017 and 30 June 2018 please be aware that they are eligible to attend Kindergarten in 2022.  Applications for enrolment forms can be obtained from our school website or the schools office.  Please enrol your child as soon as you can.  Applications close by 23 July 2021 (first Friday of term 3) Please note families are only permitted to apply to one WA government primary school.

Fuel to Go and Play Championships

A special mention to Julia, Leah and Mackenzie in year 6 for representing Wanneroo Districts Netball Association over the long weekend at Perth Netball Association, for the Fuel to Go and Play Championships. Congratulations for being selected after trying out for the first time.


To keep everyone safe, the staff car park is not for drop off and pick up   In addition, please park on the road and do not use this car park.  We really appreciate everyone abiding by these rules communicated via the signage at the front of the car park.

Merit certificate winners

Year Room Teacher Recipients
PP 14 Ms Phillips Harvey and Indiana
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards Sam and Charlee
Year 1 Room 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Jax and Angus
Year 1 Room 18 Mrs Adams Olivia and Zoe
Year 1 / 2 Room 13 Mrs Firman Maddison and Max
Year 2 Room 11 Mrs Cole Sophia and Lebron
Year 2 /3 Room 12 Miss Collett Amelie and Tayla
Year 3 Room 8 Mrs Orford Alice and Edward
Year 3 Room 7 Mr Miller George and Elijah
Year 4 Room 6 Mrs Watkinson Rafael and Alice
Year 4 / 5 Room 5 Mr Zanatta Jacob and Erika
Year 5 Room 4 Miss Oldroyd Anabel and Emmie
Year 5 /6 Room 3 Mrs Stewart Angelina
Year 6 Room 1 Mrs Garcia/Miss Coombes Joshua, Sienna and Ario
Year 6 Room 2 Mrs Jones/Miss Coombes
French Madame Wilderspin Ezra and Judd