Principal Update – Week 8 -17 June

What an awesome community Duncraig Primary School has! Parents/carers have done a fabulous job adhering to the latest Phase 3 restrictions. Thank you so much. The students have also done an awesome job coming into the classrooms ready for the school day. I know that a lot of parents are missing coming into the classrooms so last week I visited every class room and took photos so you can all see what is happening.

Our kitchen garden is also buzzing along nicely.

A very keen group of Year 4 students go in every morning to ensure the area is tidy and check on the plants. Paul, our school chaplain also works in the garden with students on a Tuesday.

Ms Collette’s class is re-invigorating the garden as a learning space. The Year 2/3 class are utilising one of the tubs to grow potatoes. Parents have also been working on a tub for the canteen, growing herbs and spices to be used in the canteen menu. I look forward to seeing the produce!

I’d also like to thank Cameron’s family for offering to update and plant out our Kindy garden beds! Wow they look amazing! Have a peek over the fence if you haven’t seen them yet! Thanks so much to Gita, Sean, Jay, and Cameron for donating all the plants, soil, stakes, and all their time and effort to make the beautiful garden. It was a huge job!

The children loved seeing the plants on Tuesday and promised to look after them and care for them. The Kindy students can’t wait to harvest the produce and taste it! I’ve put some photos of the garden below.


Last month I acknowledged the work our cleaners do around the school and on Monday we acknowledged their work on international cleaners’ day with afternoon tea. Today I would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of the student services team at Duncraig Primary School. This team consists of Ms Clegg, Mrs Alannah Paris (school psychologist, Mrs Stewart and Mr Paul Stokes (school chaplain) and Mrs Alannah Paris. They do an enormous amount of collaborative work with parents/carers and outside agencies to ensure that students who require specialised intervention are given every chance to succeed.

On behalf of the whole school community thank you for the great team that you are!

Three of our Year 6 students also need to be acknowledged. Poppy and Una have both won scholarships into the music program at Churchlands Senior High School. Sam has been accepted into the specialised basketball program at Woodvale Senior High School. On behalf of the entire school I would like to congratulate these well deserving students.

There are a a few changes in staffing for Semester 2.  Mr Mathew Zanatta who returned from overseas earlier in the year will be resuming his teaching position at Duncraig in Year 4 Room 5 at the beginning of Term 3. A huge thank you to Ms Beedie for the outstanding job she has done at Duncraig over the last year. We will still be seeing her around the school though, as she will be working in the Year 6 classrooms. Ms Beedie will be in Room 1 every Thursday and Friday and in Room 2 every second Wednesday. She will also be taking the Pre-Primary and Year 1 students for music on a Monday. Mrs Wylde will not be returning this year. Mr Axton will continue as the classroom teacher in Year 3 Room 8 for the remainder of the year. Finally, I would like to remind parents/carers that Semester 1 reporting to parents is going to look a little different in 2020. Direction from the Department of Education is that Semester 1 reporting will indicate student progress. This means there will be no grades allocated. Reports will be sent out electronically on Wednesday 1 July.


Lyn Dawson – Principal

17 June 2020