Bonjour à tous ! 

I have recently been to two major professional developments.

The Teachers Of French Assoc (TOFA) and  Languages Big Day Out.

Each conference usually has up to about 100 attendees and are a great way for me to often show case the  excellent work our students are producing.

At the TOFA Conference I was able to show our Year 6 Calligramme work which really inspired French colleagues to return to their schools intending to try out this creative cultural task. Above I am seated with Mme Iri Mukwekwezeke who is the French teacher at Harrisdale Primary TDS School. 

At the Languages Big Day Out I was able to show our wonderful Year 6 brochure writing, hopefully inspiring and demonstrating to Primary French teachers how to create fun ideas that incorporate our new syllabus.

Languages Week is celebrated in the first week of August. This year the Year 5 students are bringing their IPads to class whereby we will research as manylanguages as possible highlighting the word  “Welcome”. Already in class we came up with “Bienvenue” for French and then amongst the class we listed Italian, German, Chinese, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Maouri and Portuguese ! That was amazing just sourcing amongst ourselves ! We will display our Language Week Posters in the Library in Weeks 4 and 5!

Enfin a big thank you to parents from  Year 5 and 6 who have written such useful and highly positive comments regarding their children’s  written French class work. It is exciting to send you samples to view.

Year 3 and 4 students are currently making posters for our French Room and many students are telling me that they are teaching younger siblings all their French at home !

Keep up the family French lessons Juniors!

Bonne semaine !

 Madame Wilderspin.