What a Term!

That would have to be one of the most interesting and challenging starts I have ever had to school year, both personally and professionally!

The human race is an amazing thing. At times of sorrow, despair, and worry,  people raise to the fore and show their true character. I have to say that the whole Duncraig Primary School community has displayed characteristics and traits that, as a staff we are try to instil and teach your children. These are the core values of our school – honesty and integrity, leadership, kindness and consideration, respect, and perseverance. I have witnessed them over and over again from staff, students, parents and wider school community members. Staff and myself have been humbled and overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity shown towards us. So out of this horrible pandemic that we are dealing with comes a closer knit community!

I would like to thank Lisa and Paul from Work Shed Mosaics who supported our early years students to create the mosaic flowers for our values tree. They have done a magnificent job working with the students. The tree now takes centre stage as you walk into our school. Thanks to Ms Clegg and the SEL committee for organising such a fantastic addition to our school.

Before COVID-19 I had begun to acknowledge staff/community members of Duncraig Primary School for their exceptional efforts around the school. To end the term off I am acknowledging our canteen manager Amelia Koski. Amelia has gone above and beyond in her efforts not only in her role in managing the canteen this term but also during the onset of COVID-19. She managed to keep the canteen going for student orders until the end of Week 8 and during Week 9. Thanks to the generosity of the P&C for providing staff with some tasty morning teach and lunch. Amelia has done an amazing job cleaning and sterilising the canteen for a smooth return, hopefully some time in Term 2.

So on behalf of the whole Duncraig Primary School community a very big THANK YOU Amelia!