Restons Branchées – French News

Bonne Année à tous ! (Happy New Year to you all!)

I am hoping that parents may find their way to this year’s French Film Festival.Do check the Alliance Française website for venues and dates and times.

I would like to welcome all the new students to our school who are mostly learning French for the first time.They are joining in well and learning quickly, Bodhi even asked if he could create his own text in this week’s “Bande Desinée” ( cartoon script writing) activity. Milla has told me that she is really enjoying our school’s French class.

Un grand merci to the students who have made cards and posters for our French room. Laila, Anna, Demi, Emily, Charlotte and Nikietah have their work on display. Thank you to Oscar for giving his Tour Eiffel to our room, we have it proudly on display in the bookcase.

Flora, whose first language is French, has joined our Year 3 debutante cohort. The students from her class are really fascinated hearing Flora and Madame converse with each other throughout the lessons.

I encourage parents to visit the office foyer in Week 8 and 9 of this term where you will see a selection of Year 6 Calligrammes. (Thematically shaped text using words phrases or poetry).

Bonne Semaine,

(Enjoy the week !) Madame Wilderspin.