Principal Update – Week 11 30 June 2021

Dear parents,

As we come to the end of the term I reflect on all the events and achievements we have engaged in over this time.  All the staff at Duncraig Primary School have been busy supporting your child’s learning through our school programs and initiatives. Some of the highlights included the Maths incursion, ANZAC day ceremony, Wellness Day and the Year 6 Camp.

Next term we begin with our School Development Day on Monday 19 July as a student free day.  The staff will be using this time to engage in whole school planning and professional development.  We look forward to welcoming your children back on Tuesday 20 July.


I can confirm I have been appointed as Principal for term 3.  Lyn Dawson will be on leave for the rest of 2021.

Deputy Principal role

I would like to thank Amy Jones for her outstanding commitment in the leadership role as Deputy Principal during week 7-11 of this term.  I have really appreciated the professionalism and commitment she has brought to the leadership team.  Thank you to Maddie Finnie as the teacher of Room 2 during Mrs Jones’ absence.

I welcome Jenny Cole back to the Deputy Principal role for next term.  Jenny brings knowledge and expertise to lead in the early years.

Staffing update

Louise Olroyd goes on maternity leave next term and we wish her all the best. Maddie Finnie has been appointed the teacher for Room 4.

Ted Orzel will be on leave for the first half of term 3. Confirmation of the PE teacher is yet to be finalised.

Mrs Jan Ruscoe is on leave for week 1-3 and we welcome Shani Webb as the Music teacher.

Thank you to Mrs Jane Gibson for her commitment as the Music teacher in Mrs Roscoe’s absence this term.

Welcome back Helen Spiers to Room 18, and a big thank you to Mrs Elena Adams for her work as the teacher of these year one students.  Mrs Adams returns to her teaching role in Room 6.  Thank you to Mrs Julie Greenhalgh teaching the Room 6 students in Mrs Adams absence.


School Reports were shared on Monday via connect.  The parent teacher interviews will be postponed to early term 3 so that you can follow up and discuss your child’s achievement.  I will confirm this date as soon as I can.

Lightning carnival

Last Thursday all Year 6 students and a handful of 5’s attended a sporting carnival at Kingsway Reserve. All teams won at least half of their games with netball and volleyball teams finishing runners up in their divisions.

As always students, teachers and parents really enjoyed the day, with the event held in perfect conditions.

Staff and students would like to give a special thanks to Carolyn Paini, Laura Lambert, Matt Burley and Garth Fitzgerald for their help each Friday during the season and to all the parents who came along to support.

Mr Orzel would also like to thank staff, parents and students for another enjoyable winter sports season and the positive attitude displayed at all times. Also reminding students who have uniforms, to wash them and return them to school before the end of Term 2.

Wellness Day

Last Friday we hosted a Wellness Day for the Duncraig PS students and community.

The focus of the day was to teach a variety of tools to support positive health and wellbeing.  The students and parents had fun engaging in a variety of experiences and activities, learning together.

Thank you to Bella and Kelly for instructing yoga sessions. It was wonderful to see students and parents joining in alongside each other.  Yoga is a worthwhile practise to strengthen the mind and body together.

Mindfulness & Meditation sessions were enjoyed by all students.  Meditation is a powerful practice having a positive impact on self regulation.  A very calming experience that can be practiced at any time.

Drum Jam was an invigorating experience with students and parents working together to create amazing music with African drums and percussion.  There was even an opportunity for creative expression through dance.

Team games with Mr Orzel was also lots of fun.  Learning how to collaborate and work together another important aspect to wellbeing.

Chewie and Chino the Alpacas were such welcomed visitors to the event.  Everyone loved having a pat and a chat.  Animals also have such a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Chewie and Chino even got sent to the Principal’s office!

The younger students made glitter tubes as calming tools to take home.  These can be very helpful for focussing and regulating emotions in the moment.

Thank you to the P&C for their support in funding some of the experiences for everyone to enjoy.  In addition, the support of the SEL sub committee in planning and implementing the event of the day was much appreciated.


Fathering Project

Recently the Dads Bowls event was attended by a group of Duncraig PS dads as a part of the Fathering Project.  Thank you to the Fathering Project group for organising this.  More events to follow next term.

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Thank you for the support of the parent volunteers and Mr O their time helping at the recent sausage sizzle.  They raised $1286.25 for the school.  We really appreciate your commitment.