Newsletter Term 2 Week 10

The term has flown by, and we find ourselves speeding towards the end of Term 2.  My contract as Principal continues into next term and I am excited to consolidate on the wonderful things that have been put into place at Duncraig Primary School including Macq Lit, Mini Lit, Positive Behaviour Strategy, Daily Reviews, Powerful Problem Solving, Writing moderation, High Impact teaching strategies amongst others.

As the holidays approach, it is a timely reminder of the importance of spending quality family time together.  Holidays are an opportunity to relax and spend time together as a family unit.  Research strongly supports the positive influence that spending time as a family has on children helping to create strong bonds, love, connections, and meaningful relationships among family members. Not only does spending time together create security, but it also helps children cope with challenges, develop good values, and confidence.

Setting up a safe home online environment is critical to ensure that screen time and digital use does not become an issue, especially in holiday breaks.  Excessive screen time is a health concern affecting kids, especially now in the hyperconnected world we live in.  We encourage parents and families to set up time limits and restrictions on devices.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that there should be no screen time at all for children under two, less than an hour a day for children aged from two to five, and less than two hours for five- to 17-year-olds. Parents must play an important role in modelling a positive approach to using screens, and assisting children to navigate the content they access.

Take care everyone

Dr Melinda Harris


Semester 1 Reports

School Reports will go home on Monday 24th June.  Teachers spend many hours completing the student reports, using a range of quantitative and qualitative data. Please take time to talk through the report with your child and discuss areas of interest, strength and areas that may become a focus or a goal for your child.

Term 2 – Science News

This term in science the students have been studying physical science. We have been learning about contact and non-contact forces (push, pull, gravity, friction, magnetism and air resistance), as well as heat and electricity. The students and I have especially enjoyed watching and making Rube Goldberg machines, drawing and constructing electrical circuits and testing insulators and conductors.
The holidays are fast approaching and might bring some indoor wet weather, so a Rube Goldberg machine is a fantastic and fun way to while away some time.
Please send me in photographs if your child creates one and I will happily reward them with dojos. Additionally, the annual Science Expo is scheduled in week 5 of term 3, 14th August 2024 and the holidays provide another opportunity to get organised and creative. The theme is attached below for ideas.
Species Survival National Science Week Poster thumbnal
The theme for National Science Week in 2024 is Species Survival – More than just sustainability. The theme aims to highlight the importance of science and innovation in ensuring the survival and thriving of different species in an ever-changing world.
Students should choose from the variety of topics to investigate, and dive into issues of particular interest to them: disease-causing organisms, life-saving chemicals, clean water, photosynthesis, genetic screening, physics of building structures, artificial intelligence, and microplastics for their Science Expo presentations.
Again this year, there are generous prizes up for grabs. Please put the 14th August 2024 in your calendar for the annual Science Expo. I look forward to seeing you all there.
Mrs N Jackson

Upcoming Events

Semester 1 Reports available Monday 24th June

Assembly Room 10 – Thursday 27th June

Lightning Carnival – Senior Sports Thursday 27th June

Last Day of Term 2 – PBS additional play reward

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle  Saturday 29th June

Last Day of Term 2 Friday 28th June

First day of Term 3 for students Tuesday 16th July 2024


Assembly Super Stars

Room 12 held their assembly on Thursday 13th June.  The Positive Behaviour attribute of Empathy was the focus.  The students from Room 12 delighted us with the ways they show empathy everyday such as cheering up a friend, showing kindness, supporting someone who is in need.

Merit Certificate winners:

CONGRATULATIONS to our Merit Award winners from the Week 9 assembly – Room 14 Jack B. and Flynn H. Room 16 Sebastian B. and Marigold H. Room 17 Jaxon C. and Leo T. Room 18 Jason S. and Connor S. Room 13 Jimmy P and Indiana B. Room 12 Bodhi J. and Ella T. Room 11 Amira A. and Layla W. Room 10 Kyle M. and Indiana D. Room 8 Oliver H. and Ivy B. Room 7 Jack L. and Samuel O. Room 6 Ava W. and Reagan T. Room 5 Ryder R. and Nate W. Room 4 Cody S. and Willow R. Room 3 Vihn K. and Olivia D. Room 1 Miki N. and Emilia J. Room 2 Mitchell H. and Mitchell D. French Amalyn D. from Room 2.



Student of the Month winners – June

CONGRATULATIONS to our Student of the Month award winners from the Week 9 assembly – Room 14 Rosie B. Room 16 Stefania E. Room 13 Zoe D. Room 17 Nico E. Room 18 Miles W. Room 12 Leo M. Room 11 Indie D. Room 10 Rachel Lessing. Room 7 Sawyer S. Room 5 Indi B. Room 8 Matilda S. Room 6 Alisi F. Room 4 Summer B. Room 3 Chloe T. Room 2 Charlotte D and Room 1 Frankie F.

Making Pikelets with our helpers

On Fridays, in Room 6 parents have been coming in to help a small group cook pikelets as part of Measurement lessons in Maths.  The students applied their knowledge by following a recipe.


Room 10 – Kitchen Garden

In Design and Technology we have been learning about food production in Australia and roles people play. We have designed an edible garden that we will plant in the kitchen garden at school. Here we are preparing the soil ready to plant.


Publications Permission

Upon enrolment, parents decide whether to give consent for their child’s name, photo or work to be published in school newsletters, school related activities, promotional material for the Department of Education and articles for the West Australian and community newspapers. This consent continues for your child while enrolled at our school. If at any stage you want to change the permission status then you will need to notify the office in writing.

P&C Bunnings Sausage Sizzle



2025 Kindergarten and Pre-Primary enrolments are open – contact us today.

Please note a child MUST be enrolled in Pre -Primary even if they are currently in Kindergarten at Duncraig Primary School.  Families in catchment area are given first priority for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classes.


Community Notices –

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