Latest News – Chaplains Chat, Eco Team and Awards

Chaplain’s Chat

Welcome back for 2020. I hope you found time for rest and renewal over the break.

This year I will attend Duncraig Primary on Tuesdays.  

During lunch times this term I am supporting activities in the library – initially students working on positive affirmations including this term’s value of ‘Respect’.

I am also available to respond to formal parent requests to support their child through challenging personal and social issues. This can be through 1-1 confidential conversations where I am a positive presence as I listen to, value, and encourage children.

If I may be able to assist your child, please speak to their teacher or administration to request a chat. I will be in touch to confidentially discuss their situation with you and how I may be able to support them in my role.

All the very best for the year,

Paul Stokes (Chaplain)

ECO Team

WE would like to create an ECO team at Duncraig Primary School.  The purpose of this team is to develop some whole school initiatives that support a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility.  This would include a group of parents and staff who would work together to participate in programs such as the Kitchen Garden, recycling and waste management.  If you would like to be involved please come to the conference room at the school on 5 March at 2pm.

Aussie of the Month – Respect Saskia

Student of the Month Certificate Recipients

Date: Thursday 20 February  Value: Respect





PP 14 Ms Phillips Angus
PP 16 Mrs Edwards Olivia


1 17 Mrs Calton Darci


1 18 Mrs Spiers Ethan


2 11 Mrs Cole Sophie


2 13 Mrs Firman Saskia


2/3 12 Miss Collett Emilia
3 8 Mrs Wylde/Mr Axton Olivia
4 7 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams Conor
4 6 Miss di Martino Sasha


5 3 Mr Miller


5 4 Miss Oldroyd Samantha


5 5 Miss Beedie Ruby


6 1 Mrs Garcia/ Mr Axton Jackson


6 2 Mrs Jones / Mr Axton Colby

2020 Merit Certificates

Host class: Room   6 Date: Thursday 20 February

Year Room Teacher Recipient Recipient
PP 14 Ms Phillips Ava Matty
PP 16 Mrs Edwards Tahlia Fletcher
1 17 Mrs Calton Shardul Ivy
1 18 Mrs Spiers Darcy Logan
2 13 Mrs Firman Harvey Scarlett
2 11 Mrs Cole Marta Edward
2/3 12 Miss Collett Dane Madison
3 8 Mrs Wylde / Mr Axton James Scarlett
4 7 Mrs Watkinson / Mrs Adams James Jesse
4 6 Miss di Martino Milla Amelia
5 5 Miss Beedie Mackenzie Cohen
5 4 Miss Oldroyd Sienna W Sienna F
5 3 Mr Miller Julia Marcel
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Mr Axton Poppy Didier
6 2 Mrs Jones / Mr Axton Ben Luka
French Madame Wilderspin Ethan

Colour Blindness

Children who are colour blind can see as clearly as other people, but can’t tell the difference between some colours or see colours differently from other people.

Very few people who are colour blind are ‘blind’ to all colours – most often they see red and green as very similar.

It’s good to know if a child is colour blind because he may have difficulty at school with activities that use colours, such as drawing and sorting blocks, and with computers.

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