The Duncraig Primary School Early Childhood Philosophy was developed through a highly collaborative process and with a strong commitment by all Kindy to Year 2 teachers.

The philosophy developed is our approach to Early Childhood teaching and learning at Duncraig Primary School. A philosophy to celebrate as we collaborate to show a consistent approach based on best practice for your child .

Early Childhood Philosophy

Early childhood education at Duncraig Primary School encompasses a strong belief that each child’s development is unique.  Learning is supported through a flexible, challenging and stimulating environment that reflects children’s needs, interests and culture.

A balanced, evidence-based approach of intentional, guided and child centred play is planned for to ensure children have opportunities to grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.  Children are encouraged to discover, imagine, question, create and expand their thinking to become confident learners with a strong sense of identity.

Collaboration with families and community is nurtured through respectful, trusting partnerships whereby the role of parents is encouraged and valued.