Room 14 Pre primary – From the classroom

During Term 3, we have been studying the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

We have learnt the sequence of the story by adding actions and giving an oral recount.

We studied the parts of the narrative including characters, setting and problem, to then make a story map.

We investigated what happens when gingerbread gets wet.  It goes soggy and dissolves. The children could then realise this is why the gingerbread man did not want to get wet.

We brainstormed ways that the gingerbread man could cross the river without getting eaten by the wolf or wet in the water. The children came up with the idea of building a raft to solve the problem.

In pairs, they worked to build rafts by planning what materials they would use, drew a design and built a raft collaboratively. Next, they tested it out to see if it would float, then put their gingerbread man in the raft observing if he stayed dry.  The children were then able to assess their raft, redesign if needed to make sure their rafts were sea worthy.