Principal’s Updates Week 2 Term 4 2022

Class Placements 2023

This term, staff will be involved in class placements for 2023. Staff will be considering the academic, health and social/emotional needs of every student.

Class placement procedures follow a three-stage process:

  • Class teachers, specialist teachers and education assistants work collaboratively to place all students into proposed class structures.
  • Amendments to initial class placements occur based on the needs of students at educational risk. This could include consideration of health, social, emotional, and academic requirements. These amendments occur at administration level.
  • Parent requests are considered.

Parents are invited to submit placement requests, if required. Please be aware that although every parent request is considered, it may not always be possible to fulfil these. We consider each placement based on the overall gender, academic and social balance of the students in the class, alongside individual needs.

Please also be aware that staff member preferences will not be considered.

Parents are invited to submit written submissions with respect to class placements by C.o.B. Monday 7 November 2022. The submissions must be based on educational reasons, addressed to “The Principal” and marked “Confidential”. Handwritten or emailed requests will be accepted.

Please email All written requests will be acknowledged in writing or via email.

A Busy Start to Term 4

Term 4 has got off to a flying start, with swimming lessons for Pre-primary to Year 4 students commencing in Week 1. The lessons will be completed at the end of Week 2. Additionally, Pre-primary to Year 5 students have been involved in Edu Dance. The dance lessons will continue until Week 9. In Week 10, there will be two concerts where classes will showcase their dance skills:

Monday 5 December – Rooms, 3, 5, 16, 7, 8, 10 and 18

Wednesday 7 December – Rooms 14, 13, 12, 4, 17, 11 and 6.

It is anticipated that these concerts will commence around 2.00pm on these days, however, final information will be confirmed as quickly as possible. Put these dates in your diaries!

Year 6’s will not be missing out on dancing. As of this Friday, 21 October, Year 6 students will be participating in Dance Sports. The Dance Sport classes will be teaching the Year 6 students the skills for more formal dancing, for them to attend their Graduation dance on Wednesday 14 December.

Wanneroo Festival Drone Display Performance

Senior and Year 4 Choir students will be participating with the One Big Voice Studio Choir in the Drone display Finale of the Wanneroo Festival on Saturday, October 29.

Please refer to the Choir Connect Notice for details on the meeting point, etc. Parents are reminded that you must remain at the event, as supervision is not provided by school. Entry and participation is free of charge.

We’re looking forward to an exciting event!

Year 6 Orientation

Year 6 students who are enrolled at Duncraig Senior High School for 2023 will be participating in an Orientation Day on Tuesday 29th November. This is a whole day activity and is only for students enrolled at the school for 2023. Students who will be attending elsewhere in 2023 will be required at school as normal on this day. They will participate in Orientation Days for their respective schools as advised.

Public Speaking Showcase

We are excited to be offering students the opportunity to be involved in our Public Speaking focus for Term 4. This year, the students will be given the opportunity to present a speech in front of an audience.

The format will be as follows:

Students will decide on an informative or persuasive topic to write speech on.

  • Year 1: Information Speech (1 – 2 minutes)
  • Year 2 – 6: Persuasive Speech ( 2- 3 minutes)

All students will write and practice their speech at home.  They will present their speech within the normal classroom timetable in Week 5.

One student from each class will be selected to perform their speech at the Public Speaking Showcase on Thursday the 24th November (Week 7).  These parents will be notified prior to the event.

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French in Action

Students from our school, Laura and Zoe, recently had the opportunity to put their French into action on a recent holiday to Paris!

Kind regards,
Nicole Borbas,

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