Principals Update Week 8

2020 Faction Carnival

Last Friday we held our annual Faction Carnival. The staff and students have been training all term for the big day! The students had an awesome day and each and every one of them did their best.

Here is a small snapshot of the day.

Huge congratulations to Mr Orzel for his wonderful preparation and organisation of the carnival as the day went off without a hitch! Thanks must also go to all the staff who supported him in before the creating such a fun event for the children. The faction captains below also did an outstanding job on leading by example on the day.

Winning to Green faction were the big winners on the day. Winning  faction captains  Angeles and Sam were proud leaders and made an inspiring speech thanking others.

Year 6 Graduation and End of Year Class Awards

After considerable discussion amongst staff and with the School Board it has been decided to have the Year 6 graduation ceremony a stand-alone event from 2020. This is a very special time for Year 6 students and their families and as such the event will be focused on celebrating their primary school years whilst wishing them success into their future.

That Graduation ceremony will focus on all the Year 6 students as well as those Year 6 individual students who receive awards. The ceremony itself will have the same format as in previous years. For those Year 6 parents who may want to organise time off for the ceremony it is being held on Wednesday 16 December at 9.00am

The Pre-Primary to Year 5 awards will be presented at a separate “Awards Assembly” on Thursday 10 December at 9.00am. The school councillors for 2021 will also be announced at this assembly. The change will allow the community to celebrate student’s success during a shorter ceremony.

Science Room

In 2018 the school was successful in receiving a grant to convert a classroom into a science laboratory. Over the term break work will begin on transforming the Art Room into a new science lab. Hopefully the transformation will be completed by around Week 5 in Term 4 (early November).

With approximately $40 000 being poured into this project the school, with the support of the Board, will employ a specialist Science teacher from 2021 with classroom teachers integrating Art into their teaching programs.

Term Holidays

As of Friday 18 September I will be taking LSL and returning in Term 4. Ms Leah Clegg will be in the Acting Principal role for that time. I would like to acknowledge the huge efforts that the entire staff of Duncraig have put in this term. I appreciate their efforts and support. I would also like to wish all the students and families a wonderful holiday. I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 14 October.


Lyn Dawson


9 September 2020