Principal Update – Week 6

The students of Duncraig over the past two weeks have continued to display a wonderful level of independence saying goodbye to their parents at the gate or top of the steps and getting themselves prepared for the school day.

Thank you so much to all the parents/carers for your wonderful support also. Huge congratulations to all of you!

On the weekend the Premier made the announcement that parents/carers would be allowed back on school sites. Unfortunately, I am still unable to confirm with the community what that is going to look like. As soon as the Department of Education’s guidelines have been approved by the Minister for Education and Principals have been given directions, I will be able to communicate these to you. Please keep an eye out for a Connect notice which will be sent once I have the required information.

Last Friday 29 May was a school development day for the staff of Duncraig Primary School. Teachers participated in a variety of professional learning opportunities led by various staff members. The first session was led by Jo Watkinson who explained her Information Communication and Technology coaching role in the school. Jo also reviewed the school’s ICT overviews with teachers.

This was followed by a session on the Brightpath writing assessment tool led by Louise Oldroyd. The school is utilising this as part of a whole school approach to monitor students writing. Teachers worked collaboratively to assess writing samples which was an extremely rich and rewarding session for all teachers. Jenny Cole and the Mathematics committee then shared some mathematics games that assist teachers in the classroom to increase the fluency of students’ basic maths concepts.

The final session focused on pedagogical theory and instructional practice. This was a shared reading activity based on the book Rosenshine’s Principles in Action by Tom Sherrington.

This activity allowed us to reflect on our own individual teaching practice in the classroom. It was a rewarding day for all involved

Lyn Dawson