Principals Update Week 6 Term 4

Fathering Project

Last week was the official launch of the Fathering Project at Duncraig Primary School. This initiative has been driven by Jarrod Holloway with the full support of the P&C.  A big thank you to Jarrod for organising the oustanding event with over 30 Dad’s attending. I spoke to the group briefly before leaving them to carry out the rest of the night’s proceedings. The Fathering Project is a great opportunity for Dads to connect and engage in a positive community for the benefit of our children. There is a partnership between the group, the P&C, the School Board and the school where we can all work together to support families. The school also has access to the Family Partnerships Planning Tool which will allow us to:

  • identify, celebrate and promote what we are doing well, in addition to identifying areas for improvement.
  • link to evidence-based strategies and comprehensive toolkits to support family relationship-building activities.
  • provide valuable data and content for the school’s annual reporting.
  • review the school’s current actions, identify strengths and needs and plan for improvement to strengthen family partnerships with an additional emphasis on fathers

Rory from the Fathering Project facilitated the night along with Jarrod. The group has a couple of leaders committed to the group but Jarrod is looking for more volunteers to assist with leading the group. As the saying goes –  “many hands make light work”! A notice will be sent out in the next couple of weeks regarding the group’s first event.

Buddy Classes

Every Thursday morning you can walk around the school and see our wonderful Buddy Classes initiative in action. Last week Room 2 and 18 were making nature art as part of their NAIDOC Week activities, whilst Rooms 1 and 13 were very intent on improving their mathematical skills through playing games.

Class Placements

This time of the year sees the school administration planning for class structures for 2021 and placement of students into classes. Parents who wish to make a specific request need to email these to me by Friday 20 November. It is extremely important that if your child is NOT returning to Duncraig Primary School in 2021 that the office is notified immediately to assist us in our planning for 2021.

Year 6 STEM classes at Duncraig Senior High School

In Term 4, our Year 6 students have had the opportunity to attend Duncraig Senior High School for STEM classes as a part of their transition to high school. For 4 weeks every Tuesday afternoon the students are exposed to a range of activities in the curriculum areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This has also allowed our students to get accustomed to high school surroundings whilst being engaged in this learning area. They will be attending a full transition to high school day on Tuesday 1 December. I would like to recognise the collaborative relationship we have with the high school that has allowed our students positive experiences and opportunities.

Edu Dance Concerts

These fabulous concerts are happening in Week 9. A Connect notice went out last week with the days and times classes are performing. There will be some cones setting out on the grassed area in front of the netball court for students. I look forward to seeing lots of parents/carers set up their chairs/blanket on the oval for our Edu-Dance concerts.


Lyn Dawson

17 November 2020