Principal’s Update – Week 6 Term 2 2023

We are over half-way through the term! Can you believe it?

Things have been very busy here over the past two weeks. On Wednesday 24 May, the whole school participated in National Simultaneous Storytime. Students worked with buddy classes to listen to the story, The Speedy Sloth by Rebecca Young and Heath McKenzie, and participated in relevant activities. Some classes were lucky enough to enjoy their story in the library with Mrs Keys.

Also, during Week 5, our students enjoyed the World of Maths incursion. It was great to see them problem solving and manipulating materials as they worked with their friends on the Maths puzzles. Thank you to those parents who were able to help classes over the two days. I hope you enjoyed being involved in your children’s education. The feedback from Sascha, who ran the World of Maths days, was that our students were very well-mannered and engaged with the tasks. He was very impressed, and we were very proud of our students.

School Logo

Following some feedback from parents and staff, Craig Garret from Gumption has reworked the original idea of the banksia as our school logo.

Some of the feedback on his original design consisted of:

  • Needs some more spikiness to look less like an orange.
  • Leaves need to be spikier, to represent the banksia.
  • The colours need to be a deeper maroon/red.
  • The red shapes representing the banksia’s upper flowers should have eight segments to it (K-6).
  • There should be eight seeds gradually getting bigger.

I can see this logo working well on our uniform, especially if we think about a navy shirt as the base colour!


Current Payments Available through Qkr!

  • Two Feet and a Heartbeat Fremantle Walking Tour – Year 3-5 Excursion
  • Fremantle Prison excursion – Year 2
  • Kaboom Music Incursion – PP to Year 6

Swimming Lessons will be added to Qkr! In the coming days, however this is for payments where there is no current credit. If you have a credit with the school, please use the credit against the swimming lessons and split the payment, if necessary, by doing a direct deposit. Unfortunately, we can not do split payments with Qkr! The cost for swimming lessons will be $56, and we will need physical forms to be returned for this activity.

If you are uncertain about whether you have any credit at the school, please contact the office.

Upcoming Events

Room 8 Assembly – Thursday 8 June

Early School Closing at 12.10pm – Thursday 8 June

Parent-Teacher Interviews – 12.45 – 6.35pm Thursday 8 June

School Board Meeting 5.00pm – Monday 12 June

P&C Meeting 7.00pm – Monday 19 June

Kind regards,

Nicole Borbas,