Principals Update – Week 6

Over the past fortnight we have been busy at Duncraig Primary School with lots of activity including the Maths incursion, school photos, NAPLAN and our blue dress up day.  We have also had a pleasing start to the ceiling replacement project.

This Friday is our school development day.  Schools in our network will be meeting to engage collaboratively in important learning about their wellness.  Please remember there are no students attending on this day, however Zig Zags will still be in operation.  We look forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday after the long weekend.

Deputy Principal

Thank you to Jenny Cole for her commitment and passion as Deputy Principal for the beginning of the term.  We welcome Amy Jones to the role for the remainder of term 2.

Parent Teacher interviews

This term we are conducting parent teacher interviews in the last week of term, on Wednesday 30 June.  As previously arranged the school day will finish for students at 12.50pm.  Parents are encouraged to collect their children at this time.  Teachers will be available for interviews between 1.20-6.00pm. Your child will be supervised after 12.50pm if you are unable to collect them, however note this is not part of their usual learning program.  Information about how to book your parent teacher interview via the online booking system will follow.

Wellness Day

Coming up on Friday 25 June, Duncraig Primary School will be hosting a Wellness Day for parents and students to learn about positive mental health practices.  All parents are welcome to join their child for the morning.  This day has been organised in collaboration with the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) committee that includes staff and parents. A copy of the agenda will be shared shortly.

Blue Day

Last Friday, students and staff had fun dressing up in blue, to raise money for Autism association of Western Australia.  Thank you for your contributions totalling $537.25. These funds will be a great support for this organisation.  The student leaders displayed great leadership in organising this initiative. This was a great display of our term value focus, leadership.

Youth Leaders Conference

The Youth Leaders Conference was attended by the year 6 student councillors last Monday.  The Dream and Lead Conference was a one-day, highly engaging event designed to support primary school students in discovering their leadership potential, whilst providing them with strong foundations for success.  Throughout the event, the students participated in activities developing their problem-solving skills and increasing confidence and independence.  Facilitated by internationally-trained young leaders, our students explored leadership styles, resilience, communication and understanding strengths and weaknesses.  Our students represented Duncraig proudly and realised the impact they can create as young leaders.

Tarryn Stewart-Year 5/6 teacher

National Simulation storytime

The students went on an adventure for Australian Library and Information Association’s National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS). This is an annual event that aims to engage children of all ages to enjoy books by creating a sense of excitement around reading. This year, the event was amazing with a reading of the book ‘Give Me Some Space’ written and illustrated by Philip Bunting, live from space from the NASA International Space Station by astronaut Dr Shannon Walker. NSS was enjoyed by Duncraig PS, as schools across the country tuned in to hear the story. It was a very engaging text.

World of Maths Incursion

All the students (PP-6) enjoyed a variety of hands on Maths experiences, whilst problem solving collaboratively with their peers.  What a great opportunity.


Merit Certificates

Year Room Teacher Recipient
PP 14 Ms Phillips Arlen and Levi
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards Freya and Blair
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Jack and Giles
1 18 Mrs Adams  
1/2 13 Mrs Firman Mimi and Oliver
2 11 Mrs Cole Maria and Summer
2/3 12 Miss Collett George and Levi
3 8 Mrs Orford Ethan and Max
3 7 Mr Miller Nikietah and Scarlett
4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams Madison and Zane
4/5 5 Mr Zanatta Conrad and Anja
5 4 Miss Oldroyd Isaac and Laila
5/6 3 Mrs Stewart Samira and Chloe
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Miss Coombes Tiziana, Regan, James and Caomhin
6 2 Mrs Jones / Miss Coombes Zac and Thurston
French Madame Wilderspin Jessica and John