Principals Update Term 3 Week 6

In my last update I paid tribute to Mrs Jenny Martin who recently retired. Mrs Martin has thanked everyone for their well wishes.

Thank you everyone for the tribute piece in the Duncraig Primary School Newsletter.  Yes, I have ‘graduated’ to a new lifestyle.  One that allows me more time with my husband, Greg, our 3 sons, their wives and our 7 grandchildren.  My years at DPS were both busy and exciting but they were also very rewarding.  I loved it all!  I wish the staff, students and parents the very best for their life’s journey.  Jenny Martin

“May all the dreams you’re dreaming soon turn into dreams come true.”

Sporting Schools Australia

This term Duncraig Primary has secured funding from Sporting Schools Australia to host coaches from the Northern Districts Gymnastics Club. They will deliver four lessons to all our Year 1 students. During the up and coming weeks the students will experience various aspects of gymnastics from basic shapes through to learning some basic skills. In addition to learning new skills from this experience, gymnastics teaches confidence, self-discipline, team-work and many other life skills.

The coaches are all fully accredited and extremely professional. Duncraig Primary School endeavours to give our students a wide range of experiences for our students. In the past, through Sporting Schools, we have had coaching in Netball, Athletics, AFL, Swimming, Tennis and Netball. Apart from providing students with a great experience, it also funds equipment and gives great ideas for our school based coaches.

Mr Orzel continues to apply for funding each term and really appreciates the opportunity given to us by Sporting Schools. The main aim is to encourage students into community sport and reap the benefits of what those organisations have to offer. Feel free to offer Mr Orzel any feedback and suggestions as to where you would like to aim future funding applications.

Busy Bee

On Saturday August 15 the school community came together to clean up garden beds around the school grounds and carry out maintenance on the nature playground. I would like to thank Mrs Stewart for the work she did prior to the day, organising everything to ensure the morning went smoothly. A very big thank you to those parents, students and staff who came along on the day. 

School Board Vacancy

The board is seeking a new member from the school community who is passionate about our school and the journey we are taking. We meet twice a term on a Monday at 4pm. Please email me ( if you would like any more information.

What’s Coming Up?

This year has been unprecedented with events being cancelled and people disappointed. Unfortunately, the decision I communicated to parents/carers a couple of weeks ago still stands. Parents/Carers will not be attending our faction carnival. As I said before it was not an easy one to make as a school, we feel it is the best one for our school community. Despite this the students and staff are so looking forward to the jumps and throws Wednesday 2 September and the carnival on Friday 4 September. It would be wonderful to see the students come to school on carnival day with their faces painted and/or hair sprayed to add to the atmosphere.

In the last two weeks of term we have Interschool Athletics scheduled for Thursday 17 and Friday 18 September and swimming lessons for students in PP – Year 4 are being held in Weeks 9 and 10. Lastly I would like to wish all the Dads of Duncraig Primary School a very happy day on Sunday 6 September.

Lyn Dawson