Principal’s Update Term 1 week 4 2022


So far, more than 70 schools have been affected by COVID in the first four weeks of the 2022 school year. It does seem inevitable that COVID will touch us in some way. All staff are preparing for learning that may need to move online or remotely. The aim for the Department of Education is to keep schools open with closures only occurring for affected classrooms, rather than the whole school. As Principal, I need to be mindful about how I communicate with staff and the community in the eventuality of a COVID positive presence in the school. I am mandated to inform the North Metro Director of Education and the COVID-19 Incident Management Team as soon as I become aware of a positive case in the school. They will then instruct me as to how I communicate with the school community. There is often a delay between the school knowing about a positive case and the Health Department confirming it, so communication to the school community about an unconfirmed case can occur, before detailed communication – confirmation and course of action will be issued as directed by the Departments of Education and Health.

Please see the attached Infographic sent home to parents earlier this week about how the school will communicate to the community.

COVID Parent Information Infographic DPS

Duncraig Super Stars

Congratulations to Mr Zanatta’s Room 4 class for being the first hosts of our Assemblies for 2022. It was a very small affair with only Room 3 being part of the audience. Room 4 demonstrated what our school values mean and look like in a series of sketches. Although a small affair, it was still a great opportunity to practise respectful audience manners and speaking to an audience.

At our assembly we were able to award Merit Certificates and Student of the Month Certificates to Rooms 3 and 4. Afterwards, I was assisted by some very helpful student councillors as we visited each class to hand out more certificates. It was fabulous to acknowledge the hard work that so many students have demonstrated in the first four weeks of the school year.

24 February 2022 Student of the Month Certificates

24 February 2022 Merit Certificates Class list 2022

Swimming Lessons

The Year 5s and 6s complete their swimming lesson program this week. I was fortunate enough to assist with swimming lesson supervision last week and I was impressed by the students’ respectful behaviour on the bus, at the beach and in the pack up after swimming lessons. All students are to be commended for representing their school so positively. Congratulations to all students for their perseverance!

MBA Sports Coaching

It is with great excitement that MBA Sports is providing the children of our west coast suburbs with a fantastic experience, MBA Sports Carnival 2022. This is going to be a fantastic experience for the kids, as was our Junior Olympics event in 2021.

Duncraig Primary School is currently entering into an agreement with MBA Sports Coaching to provide afterschool activities to our students, commencing Term 2. Watch this space for more information!

Building & Works at Duncraig PS

As many families know, we have been undergoing roofing projects over the past few months. In the January holidays, the entire school had ceiling replacements and the senior block was re-roofed. Old evaporative air conditioners were serviced or decommissioned, with replacements provided whilst we wait for new refrigerative systems to be installed. Supply shortages and manpower shortages are, unfortunately, affecting the speed of works.

Later on this term, the Admin Block will be re-roofed and then work will commence on the re-roofing of the junior block. Unfortunately, this will affect the way that we work as it will be quite disruptive. We will communicate changes and how it may affect parents visiting the school or students, as we learn more about the works and the requirements of contractors. I am not looking forward to it, but we will persevere!!

School Board Nominations Open

There are a number of vacancies for Parent Representatives on our School Board. Board Nominations 2022. It would be great to build up our school board to ensure we have representation and diversity. If you are interested in being part of positive school governance, please consider nominating yourself. Nominations close on March 11th.

The School Board will be holding an Annual Open Meeting on Monday 24th March at 6pm in the Staffroom. If you would like to find out how the School Board operates this is a great opportunity to find out.

Information from Marmion Dental Therapy Centre

Children commencing Pre-primary or who are new to this school will be receiving enrolment forms for the School Dental Service.

This is a free dental service to all school age children from Pre-primary to Year 11.

The School Dental Clinic that serves our school is located at Marmion Primary School, 7 Cliverton Court, Marmion. It operates during school hours only, as well as some school holidays.

If you wish to enrol your child, please return the completed forms either directly to Marmion Dental Therapy Centre or to your child’s school office.

The Marmion Dental Therapy can be contacted on 94471275 if you have any questions.

Nicole Borbas