School Level Communication

Ways we communicate with parents/carers

School Website
Our website is kept up to date, including information on term calendars, newsletters, school plans, policies and reports.

Fortnightly Newsletter
Available on our school website every second Monday.

School App ‘Flexibuzz’
Flexibuzz is used for instant notifications to your phone, tablet or computer. 

Email is used to communicate important information to parents. It may also be used to correspond with individual or small groups of parents.

Permission/ Reminder Notes
These paper notes are sent home with children to seek permission to attend school based
excursions, incursions and remind families of key events. Please be aware that paper reminders are not used regularly. Where possible, the newsletter, tiqbiz and/or email are used.

The school uses text messaging to notify parents if their child is not at school. It may also be used
to contact parents in an emergency.

School Information Booklet
This booklet outlines key information about Duncraig Primary including school hours and uniform
information. It is provided to all new families and is available in the school office.

P&C Communications
The P&C has a Facebook page containing general information about P&C events. Additional
information is communicated by the P&C via the school’s newsletter, tiqbiz app, email or reminder

School Level Communication
Classroom Level Communication
How can parents communicate with their child’s teacher or the school?