Classroom Communication

Formal Reports
Two formal, written reports about your child’s academic and social progress are distributed each year, at the end of semesters one and two.

Information Meetings
These class meetings are held early in term one each year. The purpose of the meetings is to provide parents with general information about class routines and procedures.

Teacher Interviews
Interviews with your child’s teacher/s are encouraged to discuss individual needs. Please ensure you make an appointment to avoid disrupting the learning program.

School Assembly
Every year, each class hosts a whole school assembly. Teachers and students use this event to showcase their learning as a drama production, visual arts display or musical item.

Parent/teacher interviews
Classrooms are opened during an evening in term three to showcase the children’s work. Individual
class features may include displayed classwork, workbook perusal and learning journey activities.

Special Events
Individual classes may host an event to celebrate a special occasion that is linked to the learning program or interests of their students. For example, events may be held to acknowledge Harmony Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Class Strategies (varies from class to class)
Individual classes may choose a range of strategies to communicate with the families of their students. This may include class email groups, apps (other than tiqbiz) and class newsletters.

Please note that only strategies that include the teacher, are sanctioned by the school.

School Level Communication
Classroom Level Communication
How can parents communicate with their child’s teacher or the school?