Classroom Communication

Classroom Level Communication

  • Connect

Connect is used to inform parents of classroom activities, school events and important information.

  • Formal Reports

Two formal, written reports about your child’s academic and social progress are distributed each year, at the end of Semester 1 and 2.

  • Information Meetings

These class meetings are held early in Term 1 each year. The purpose of the meetings is to provide parents with general information about the class routines and procedures.

  • Teacher Meetings

Interviews with your child’s teacher/s are encouraged to discuss individual learning needs. Please ensure you make an appointment with your child’s teacher to avoid disrupting the learning program.

  • School Assembly

Every year, each class hosts a whole school assembly. Teachers and students use this event to showcase their learning as a drama production, visual arts display or musical item.

  • Parent/ Teacher Interviews

At the conclusion of Term 2, the school has an early close to conduct parent/ teacher interviews.

  • Special Events

Individual classes may host an event to celebrate a special occasion that is linked to the learning program or interests of their students. For example, events may be held to acknowledge Harmony Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

  • Email/Phone Conference

Teachers may contact parents via email or phone.

School Level Communication
Classroom Level Communication
How can parents communicate with their child’s teacher or the school?