Principal’s message

As a new Principal at Duncraig Primary School in 2019, I can confirm that the school’s vision is truly embedded in all learning spaces across the school; every day in every classroom, every child is learning and achieving.

As Duncraig Primary School continues on the journey under the current Business Plan domains, we continue to place importance on a high quality educational journey for all students in our care.

  • Area 1: Learning: Success For All
  • Area 2: Teaching: Sound Teaching
  • Area 3: Leadership: A Shared Approach
  • Area 4: Relationships: Safe and Caring Learning Environment
  • Area 5: Resources: The Physical and Natural Environment

At Duncraig Primary School, we believe our students learn best when supported with teaching and learning experiences that challenge them to accomplish their very best. As such, our staff are committed to the delivery of a motivating and engaging learning program. Alongside academic excellence, our dedicated teachers and support staff also understand that children need to learn in an environment that is caring and supportive of each child’s social and emotional needs.

A copy of our Business Plan, with information about our school’s priorities and strategies in each of these domains, is included on this website.

As an independent public school, Duncraig Primary values highly, our strong partnerships with the parents and carers of our students. Families at our school are actively engaged in their child’s educational journey, as we work together, to provide a school experience that is academically, socially and emotionally rewarding for all students.

‘Endeavour’ is a wonderful school motto which encapsulates goal setting and a growth mindset. Our motto of “Endeavour”, alongside our school vision every day in every classroom, every child is learning and achieving; is embedded in our school culture and shared beliefs. At Duncraig Primary School we will continue to be guided by the four core values of Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care.

 Jenn Allsop