Newsletter Term 3 Week 6 2019

Students participate in a variety of learning experiences

Newsletter Week 6 26 September 2019

In the last two weeks, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the staff from Duncraig Primary School, students have participated in a variety of learning experiences. Mr Orzel has put in the extra effort to ensure our students have the opportunity to experience sport at different levels. On Friday 9 August, DPS put in an awesome effort to come second (after a count back!) at the  interschool cross country. Congratulations to Grace from Year 6 who broke the record for her age group!

Last Wednesday the DPS senior netball team had the opportunity to compete against 17 other schools at the State Netball Centre in Jolimont. They won three out of their four games and then went down by one goal in their first final. An awesome effort girls. Special thanks to Mrs Mollett (who also coached the team) and Mrs Denny for transporting the girls to the venue and to the other parents who cheered the girls on. 

Last Monday and Tuesday all students from PP- Year 6 participated in our Scitech incursion. From all accounts it was a big hit! This coming Friday night our school choir will be performing at the One Big Voice concert at Perth RAC Arena. I would like to acknowledge the hard work Mrs Ruscoe has been doing with the school choir in preparation for the One Big Voice concert on Friday night. I had a sneak preview last Thursday and they sounded brilliant!

Last week the Board and P&C both held meetings. Cr Russell Fishwick, Councillor with the City of Joondalup has kindly agreed to join our board to replace Mrs Sophie Dwyer whose term had come to an end. On behalf of the school board and Duncraig community I would like to thank you Sophie for your contributions to our school and welcome Russell onto our board.

May I remind parents and carers, that in the interests of the welfare and safety of our students, the staff car park is not to be used for the dropping off or picking up of students. Thank you for your cooperation with this.          

I look forward to seeing you all at the faction athletics carnival on Friday 6 September. 

Finally, a huge congratulations to Ariana from Year 5 who won 1st prize in the Year 5 category of the WA Geography Association Competition. Pictured below is her entry on “Surburbanisation” and Ariana pictured with the sponsor of the association, Alan May. Looks like we might have a future town planner on our hands!

Have a great fortnight everyone!

Lyn Dawson