Newsletter Term 3 Week 4 2019

Appointed Principal of Duncraig Primary School

Newsletter Term 3 Week 4 2019

I consider it to be a great privilege to have been appointed Principal of Duncraig Primary School.

From the moment I stepped foot in the school I knew that I had made the correct choice in applying for the position. Thank you to the wonderful staff who have welcomed me so warmly into the school.
To those parents I have met out and about before and after school, thank you for your warm welcome too.   I hope to meet a lot more of you in the coming weeks at upcoming school events such as the Room 13 and Room 15 assemblies, Book Fair, Fathers Day Stall, One Big Voice not to mention the Faction and Interschool Athletics Carnivals. 

New Staff

Last week we farewelled Mr Zanatta who went to teach in Milan for two years and Mrs Wylde who is enjoying long service leave for the rest of 2019.  We welcome to Duncraig PS Miss Alice Beedie who will be teaching Year 4 and Mr Regan Marchant who will be teaching Year 5.

Kindergarten 2020

Enrolments for our Kindergarten classes have been finalised. Families are being notified by mail this week.   It would be appreciated if you could return all enrolment papers back to the school  by   Friday 30 August

School Planning

Planning is well underway for the 2020 school year. It would be very much appreciated if you could let the front office know as soon as possible if you DO NOT intend to return to Duncraig Primary School in 2020. 
Families who leave without notifiying the school can have a huge effect on funding (which is based on student numbers) and class structures.

Board and P&C Meetings 

Both the School Board and P&C meetings are being held next Tuesday 20 August. The Board meeting is being held at 7.30am and the P&C meeting at 7.00pm. I look forward to working with both groups to promote Duncraig Primary School

Finally I would just like to let parents/carers know that my door is always open if you need to speak to me about anything. Have a great fortnight everyone.


Lyn Dawson

Every day in every classroom, every child is learning and achieving