Principal Update – Week 11 30 June 2021

Dear parents,

As we come to the end of the term I reflect on all the events and achievements we have engaged in over this time.  All the staff at Duncraig Primary School have been busy supporting your child’s learning through our school programs and initiatives. Some of the highlights included the Maths incursion, ANZAC day ceremony, Wellness Day and the Year 6 Camp.

Next term we begin with our School Development Day on Monday 19 July as a student free day.  The staff will be using this time to engage in whole school planning and professional development.  We look forward to welcoming your children back on Tuesday 20 July.


I can confirm I have been appointed as Principal for term 3.  Lyn Dawson will be on leave for the rest of 2021.

Deputy Principal role

I would like to thank Amy Jones for her outstanding commitment in the leadership role as Deputy Principal during week 7-11 of this term.  I have really appreciated the professionalism and commitment she has brought to the leadership team.  Thank you to Maddie Finnie as the teacher of Room 2 during Mrs Jones’ absence.

I welcome Jenny Cole back to the Deputy Principal role for next term.  Jenny brings knowledge and expertise to lead in the early years.

Staffing update

Louise Olroyd goes on maternity leave next term and we wish her all the best. Maddie Finnie has been appointed the teacher for Room 4.

Ted Orzel will be on leave for the first half of term 3. Confirmation of the PE teacher is yet to be finalised.

Mrs Jan Ruscoe is on leave for week 1-3 and we welcome Shani Webb as the Music teacher.

Thank you to Mrs Jane Gibson for her commitment as the Music teacher in Mrs Roscoe’s absence this term.

Welcome back Helen Spiers to Room 18, and a big thank you to Mrs Elena Adams for her work as the teacher of these year one students.  Mrs Adams returns to her teaching role in Room 6.  Thank you to Mrs Julie Greenhalgh teaching the Room 6 students in Mrs Adams absence.


School Reports were shared on Monday via connect.  The parent teacher interviews will be postponed to early term 3 so that you can follow up and discuss your child’s achievement.  I will confirm this date as soon as I can.

Lightning carnival

Last Thursday all Year 6 students and a handful of 5’s attended a sporting carnival at Kingsway Reserve. All teams won at least half of their games with netball and volleyball teams finishing runners up in their divisions.

As always students, teachers and parents really enjoyed the day, with the event held in perfect conditions.

Staff and students would like to give a special thanks to Carolyn Paini, Laura Lambert, Matt Burley and Garth Fitzgerald for their help each Friday during the season and to all the parents who came along to support.

Mr Orzel would also like to thank staff, parents and students for another enjoyable winter sports season and the positive attitude displayed at all times. Also reminding students who have uniforms, to wash them and return them to school before the end of Term 2.

Wellness Day

Last Friday we hosted a Wellness Day for the Duncraig PS students and community.

The focus of the day was to teach a variety of tools to support positive health and wellbeing.  The students and parents had fun engaging in a variety of experiences and activities, learning together.

Thank you to Bella and Kelly for instructing yoga sessions. It was wonderful to see students and parents joining in alongside each other.  Yoga is a worthwhile practise to strengthen the mind and body together.

Mindfulness & Meditation sessions were enjoyed by all students.  Meditation is a powerful practice having a positive impact on self regulation.  A very calming experience that can be practiced at any time.

Drum Jam was an invigorating experience with students and parents working together to create amazing music with African drums and percussion.  There was even an opportunity for creative expression through dance.

Team games with Mr Orzel was also lots of fun.  Learning how to collaborate and work together another important aspect to wellbeing.

Chewie and Chino the Alpacas were such welcomed visitors to the event.  Everyone loved having a pat and a chat.  Animals also have such a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Chewie and Chino even got sent to the Principal’s office!

The younger students made glitter tubes as calming tools to take home.  These can be very helpful for focussing and regulating emotions in the moment.

Thank you to the P&C for their support in funding some of the experiences for everyone to enjoy.  In addition, the support of the SEL sub committee in planning and implementing the event of the day was much appreciated.


Fathering Project

Recently the Dads Bowls event was attended by a group of Duncraig PS dads as a part of the Fathering Project.  Thank you to the Fathering Project group for organising this.  More events to follow next term.

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Thank you for the support of the parent volunteers and Mr O their time helping at the recent sausage sizzle.  They raised $1286.25 for the school.  We really appreciate your commitment.

Classroom News – Pre primary room 16

In Room 16 we have been exploring the work of artist, Wayne Theibaud, an American artist who is famous for his bright paintings of still life food. We explored his famous artworks including ‘Cakes, 1963’, ‘Candies, 1965-66’ and ‘Four cupcakes’ and made some responses about what we liked, felt and thought.

We then used our knowledge to create our own cupcakes artwork. We used primary colours for the bases of our cakes and secondary colours for the tops. We decorated them with delicious toppings and coloured them using wax crayons. Finally, we painted the foreground with yellow edicole dye, and background with purple. We tried to show shadows in our works, just like Wayne Theibaud.

We also baked cupcakes and decorated them using a variety of candies. We explored 3D shapes as we did this, using cubes, cylinders, spheres and triangular prisms in our toppings.

We reflected on our work using 2 stars to say what we were proud of about our work, and a wish to say what we could improve on.

We think our art work looks good enough to eat! What do you think?

Principals Update – 21 June 2021

Wellness Day

We are looking forward to hosting an amazing day this Friday with parents invited to learn about positive health and wellbeing alongside their children.  A special thank you to the P&C for supporting the funding of this day.  Come along to join in the fun with experiences such as meditation, yoga, drumming. You might even meet ‘Chewie’ the alpaca.

Reports & Parent Teacher meetings

Reports will be sent to parents on Monday 28 June via connect. Following this, parents will have an opportunity to meet with their children’s teachers to discuss the progress and achievement on Wednesday 30 June during the 1.20-6.00 time period.  This is a great opportunity to gain further insight into your child’s learning and development.

Oval Restoration

The oval is currently in the growth phase of the restoration process and we are looking forward to returning to this space next term.

Pre primary enrolments

Application for enrolment forms have been sent home to all current 2021 Kindergarten students as they are required to re re enrol for Pre primary next year.  Prompt return of these forms is greatly appreciated to assist in our planning for 2022.

Kindergarten Enrolments

If you are a parent or know a parent with a child that was born between July 1 2017 and 30 June 2018 please be aware that they are eligible to attend Kindergarten in 2022.  Applications for enrolment forms can be obtained from our school website or the schools office.  Please enrol your child as soon as you can.  Applications close by 23 July 2021 (first Friday of term 3) Please note families are only permitted to apply to one WA government primary school.

Fuel to Go and Play Championships

A special mention to Julia, Leah and Mackenzie in year 6 for representing Wanneroo Districts Netball Association over the long weekend at Perth Netball Association, for the Fuel to Go and Play Championships. Congratulations for being selected after trying out for the first time.


To keep everyone safe, the staff car park is not for drop off and pick up   In addition, please park on the road and do not use this car park.  We really appreciate everyone abiding by these rules communicated via the signage at the front of the car park.

Merit certificate winners

Year Room Teacher Recipients
PP 14 Ms Phillips Harvey and Indiana
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards Sam and Charlee
Year 1 Room 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Jax and Angus
Year 1 Room 18 Mrs Adams Olivia and Zoe
Year 1 / 2 Room 13 Mrs Firman Maddison and Max
Year 2 Room 11 Mrs Cole Sophia and Lebron
Year 2 /3 Room 12 Miss Collett Amelie and Tayla
Year 3 Room 8 Mrs Orford Alice and Edward
Year 3 Room 7 Mr Miller George and Elijah
Year 4 Room 6 Mrs Watkinson Rafael and Alice
Year 4 / 5 Room 5 Mr Zanatta Jacob and Erika
Year 5 Room 4 Miss Oldroyd Anabel and Emmie
Year 5 /6 Room 3 Mrs Stewart Angelina
Year 6 Room 1 Mrs Garcia/Miss Coombes Joshua, Sienna and Ario
Year 6 Room 2 Mrs Jones/Miss Coombes
French Madame Wilderspin Ezra and Judd

Principals Update – Week 6

Over the past fortnight we have been busy at Duncraig Primary School with lots of activity including the Maths incursion, school photos, NAPLAN and our blue dress up day.  We have also had a pleasing start to the ceiling replacement project.

This Friday is our school development day.  Schools in our network will be meeting to engage collaboratively in important learning about their wellness.  Please remember there are no students attending on this day, however Zig Zags will still be in operation.  We look forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday after the long weekend.

Deputy Principal

Thank you to Jenny Cole for her commitment and passion as Deputy Principal for the beginning of the term.  We welcome Amy Jones to the role for the remainder of term 2.

Parent Teacher interviews

This term we are conducting parent teacher interviews in the last week of term, on Wednesday 30 June.  As previously arranged the school day will finish for students at 12.50pm.  Parents are encouraged to collect their children at this time.  Teachers will be available for interviews between 1.20-6.00pm. Your child will be supervised after 12.50pm if you are unable to collect them, however note this is not part of their usual learning program.  Information about how to book your parent teacher interview via the online booking system will follow.

Wellness Day

Coming up on Friday 25 June, Duncraig Primary School will be hosting a Wellness Day for parents and students to learn about positive mental health practices.  All parents are welcome to join their child for the morning.  This day has been organised in collaboration with the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) committee that includes staff and parents. A copy of the agenda will be shared shortly.

Blue Day

Last Friday, students and staff had fun dressing up in blue, to raise money for Autism association of Western Australia.  Thank you for your contributions totalling $537.25. These funds will be a great support for this organisation.  The student leaders displayed great leadership in organising this initiative. This was a great display of our term value focus, leadership.

Youth Leaders Conference

The Youth Leaders Conference was attended by the year 6 student councillors last Monday.  The Dream and Lead Conference was a one-day, highly engaging event designed to support primary school students in discovering their leadership potential, whilst providing them with strong foundations for success.  Throughout the event, the students participated in activities developing their problem-solving skills and increasing confidence and independence.  Facilitated by internationally-trained young leaders, our students explored leadership styles, resilience, communication and understanding strengths and weaknesses.  Our students represented Duncraig proudly and realised the impact they can create as young leaders.

Tarryn Stewart-Year 5/6 teacher

National Simulation storytime

The students went on an adventure for Australian Library and Information Association’s National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS). This is an annual event that aims to engage children of all ages to enjoy books by creating a sense of excitement around reading. This year, the event was amazing with a reading of the book ‘Give Me Some Space’ written and illustrated by Philip Bunting, live from space from the NASA International Space Station by astronaut Dr Shannon Walker. NSS was enjoyed by Duncraig PS, as schools across the country tuned in to hear the story. It was a very engaging text.

World of Maths Incursion

All the students (PP-6) enjoyed a variety of hands on Maths experiences, whilst problem solving collaboratively with their peers.  What a great opportunity.


Merit Certificates

Year Room Teacher Recipient
PP 14 Ms Phillips Arlen and Levi
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards Freya and Blair
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Jack and Giles
1 18 Mrs Adams  
1/2 13 Mrs Firman Mimi and Oliver
2 11 Mrs Cole Maria and Summer
2/3 12 Miss Collett George and Levi
3 8 Mrs Orford Ethan and Max
3 7 Mr Miller Nikietah and Scarlett
4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams Madison and Zane
4/5 5 Mr Zanatta Conrad and Anja
5 4 Miss Oldroyd Isaac and Laila
5/6 3 Mrs Stewart Samira and Chloe
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Miss Coombes Tiziana, Regan, James and Caomhin
6 2 Mrs Jones / Miss Coombes Zac and Thurston
French Madame Wilderspin Jessica and John

Classroom News – Room 11

This term Room 11 have been learning about friendship. Do you know the qualities of a good friend? We have been discovering through many activities what makes a good friend and the attributes we need to be a good friend to others. We have been sharing many stories, one of our favourites being ‘The Hare With Many Friends’. The scoop on friendship was one of the many activities that we were involved in to reinforce our learning.

Principal News – Week Four

Public School Review

Recently Duncraig Primary School undertook our Public School Review.  All Western Australian public schools are reviewed by the Department of Education’s Public Schools Accountability directorate.  A review gives assurance to the local community, the Minister of Education and Training and the Director General, that a school is operating and delivering high quality education to its’ students.  The review acknowledges a school’s achievements and offers feedback to support school improvement.  During the review process we provided a review team with a self- assessment of our school performance, based on evidence gathered by the team.  Information validated by the review team was considered before and during the school visit.  This formed the basis for the school review report.  A performance rating was determined based on information gained from the self-assessment submission and the validation process.  The following areas of school performance are the focus:

Relationships & Partnerships; Learning Environment; Leadership; Use of resources; Teaching Quality and Student Achievement and Progress.

Please click here to read Duncraig Primary School’s report 2021.

The next school review is scheduled for 2024.

School Camp

Recently the year 6 students enjoyed a fun filled camp at Ern Halliday Recreation Camp facility. There were many highlights, with students enjoying a variety of activities.  Students engaged in the physically challenging caving activity, participated in the BMX pump track which catered for all levels, exhausted themselves running up and down the sand dune and let’s not forget the adrenaline rush of the popular big swing.  Thank you to all the teachers who organised and facilitated this experience for the students.


Last week and this week the year 3 and 5 students have participated in the National Assessment Program-Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN).  This assessment tests skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy. Results available in term 3, will provide guidance for the school for future planning and addition information for parents.

New Board member

The School Board welcomes Tom Hockley as our new Board member.  We are pleased to have Tom join the Board as a parent representative.  Tom’s bio is on our school website here for your reference.

School oval restoration

We are pleased about the commencement of the oval restoration.  The students have adjusted to the change in playing on the Roch Rd playground space. There will be no activities planned on the oval for this term, with the aim to utilise the oval for the commencement of term 3.

P&C update

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of those parents who willingly give their time for the P&C.  In particular, the outstanding commitment recently displayed by the team who orchestrated an amazing community event at the Colour Splash Dash.  This was a great display of community spirit, with an outstanding amount of money raised amounting to $30 500. This exceeded the initial expectation of the P&C, making such a significant contribution to the school. More information to come about what might be purchased.  A special thank you to Nicole Denny, Karol Jones and Jacqueline Hutchinson for their time and effort in the organisation of the event. Thank you to Bunnings Balcatta, Warwick Kmart and Coles their donations on the day.  In addition thank you to Roger Budler, the Brownes rep for his personal donation.

Our P&C is a wonderful group to be a part of and I encourage you to contact the school for more information on how to be involved.

Mothers’ Day Stall

I hope all the mothers and grandmothers in our community enjoyed their Mothers’ Day.  Thank you to the parent volunteers who helped organise the stall and supported our students. The P&C made $1776 in profit, which is fantastic.

Thank you for donations to our Mothers Day raffle from The Little Corner Florist, Jarrah Bar & Café, Little H, Alex Junior, Swell Mullaloo Beach, Nails Idol, Molton Gold Hair Design, CAASI Boutique, Eat Café, Sa-Art Nail Salon, Angel’s Health Point Massage.

Science newsFocus on Environment Competition

Mrs Nadine Jackson, our Science teacher, would like to promote the Focus on Environment competition.  This hopes to attract a lot of entries from our very creative and curious students.  The prizes are very generous for both the students and the school.  Additionally, this is a great way to integrate getting outdoors and purposeful use of technology by capturing and investigating the natural beauty of our fabulous state.

Grab a camera, get outdoors and start photographing WA’s biodiversity – it could be as simple as some spring wildflowers or a neighbourhood magpie! Include a short caption with your photo and submit it all online. It’s easy to enter!

DISCOVER: Find out about WA’s unique species, the threats they face and how people can help.

PLAY: Grab a camera and spend some time developing your photography skills.

EXPLORE: Get outside and capture the diversity of our state’s plants, animals and landscapes.

SHARE: Compose a captivating caption that highlights the biodiversity story of your favourite photo.

Send entries with student’s name and year level for submission to

Share in almost $25,000 of cash prizes!

Entries close Friday September 24 and are free. The completion is open to all primary and secondary students in WA schools. Entries can be submitted in three categories

Focus on: WA’s native species.

Focus on: WA’s habitats and ecosystems.

Focus on: Sustainability in WA.

Photos must be taken in Western Australia and feature plants or animals that are native to Western Australia. No more than two entries per category per person and the entries must be the student’s own work no joint entries allowed. Entries must be scanned as an image file, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif (PDFs cannot be accepted) and uploaded via the competition website.

To enter, students must submit:

  • a photograph with a titlethat represents an aspect of the category in which it has been entered.
  • a caption of 25 words or less which places the photograph into the context of the category for which it has been entered.

The photograph and caption are equally important.

Check out the 2020 competition winners

Science week

Additionally, Mrs Jackson is calling for an expression of interest from our parent body to support her with Science Week, 14th – 22nd August 2021. The theme this year is Food: Different by Design. The objective is to educate and inspire student’s thinking and encourage them to design a range of food solutions with a focus on sustainable food futures. If you have an interest or background in chemistry, sustainability, cooking and innovation and would like to be part of delivering an incredible Science Week experience to our students please contact Nadine Jackson. on Thank you


Ideas for school events There are a lots of ways you can get your students, class, year level, school and community involved in National Science Week. Your participation can be as simple as a display in the school library, a Brain Break quiz event or as complex as a whole-school science fair. Here are some…

Merit certificate winners

Room Recipient Recipient
PP Room 14

Ms Phillips

Ryder Niamh
PP Room 16

Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards

Kasra Dylan
Year 1 Room 17

Mrs Calton/MrsWass

Olivia Harrison
Year 1 Room 18

Mrs Adams

Zoe Douglas
Year1 / 2 Room 13

Mrs Firman

Olivia Hudson
Year 2 Room 11

Mrs Cole/Mrs Christopoulos

Olivia Bella
Year 2 / 3 Room 12

Miss Collett

Vihn Noah
Year 3 Room 8

Mrs Orford

Taylor Marta
Year 3 Room 7

Mr Miller

Dane Kyla
Year 4 Room 6

Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Leef

Luis Addison
Year 4/5 Room 5

Mr Zanatta

Bodhi Mia
Year 5 Room 4

Miss Oldroyd

Logan Imogen
Year 5/6 Room 3

Mrs Stewart

Nesheya Khaylan
Year 6 Room 1

Mrs Garcia/ Miss Coombes

Camp Camp
Year 6 Room 2

Mrs Jones/ Miss Coombes

Camp Camp

Madame Wilderspin

Sophie Xanthe

Student of the month winners

Room Recipient
PP Room 14

Ms Phillips

PP Room 16

Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards

Year 1 Room 17

Mrs Calton/MrsWass

Year 1 Room 18

Mrs Adams

Year1 / 2 Room 13

Mrs Firman

Year 2 Room 11

Mrs Cole/Mrs Christopoulos

Year 2 / 3 Room 12

Miss Collett

Year 3 Room 8

Mrs Orford

Year 3 Room 7

Mr Miller

Year 4 Room 6

Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Leef

Year 4/5 Room 5

Mr Zanatta

Year 5 Room 4

Miss Oldroyd

Year 5/6 Room 3

Mrs Stewart

Year 6 Room 1

Mrs Garcia/ Miss Coombes

Year 6 Room 2

Mrs Jones/ Miss Coombes


Classroom News – Year 3 Room 7

Highlights of this Semester 1 2021. Mr Miller’s class Year 3 Room 7.

As part of the Health program, we have been learning about self-awareness and mindfulness. We learnt that we are unique and have our own individual qualities and traits.

We produced our own individual portraits by taking photographs on our iPads and then drawing a likeness of ourselves in lead pencil. We coloured in this likeness and painted a colour wash to highlight the background.

They can be seen displayed in the front office.

In the History component of HASS, we studied the historical origins and significance of the days and weeks celebrated or commemorated in Australia.

For ANZAC day we completed a number of activities in rotation between the year 3 classes. We did Agamographs, poppy making and chalk art that you may have seen on the basketball court.

Below is picture of our class with the Agamographs that we made.

Year 5-Miss Oldroyd

In Room 4, we have been reading Charlotte’s web as our whole class novel study. It had been a cross curriculum linked project involving art, reading, writing, and so much more. 

One of our captivating art projects was to make a paper mache character from the text. Our class chose Wilbur the pig. This process was a multiple step process with planning, designing, and reflection. They all worked so hard and should be so proud of their efforts. 

Room 4 would definitely recommend Charlotte’s web as it is very engaging and keeps you entertained.

Principals News Update – Term 2 week 2

Dear parents, caregivers and community,

Welcome back everyone to an exciting term 2.  I have enjoyed the start to the term as I embrace the leadership position as Principal.  A big thank you to staff and community for their support as I transition to the role.  I’m hopeful school operations will not be interrupted by COVID this term however, am aware there is always potential disruption that could occur at any time. I will continue to deliver any important messages through Connect as our main platform of communication.  Next week, we continue with the post lockdown guidelines continuing to wear masks inside and outside and, practice social distancing.  Parents entering classrooms will need to wear a mask.  Parent help can go ahead next week complying with these recent directions.

Staffing update

I can confirm Mrs Elena Adams will be the classroom teacher for room 18, as Mrs Spiers is on leave for term 2.  The teacher for room 6 to replace Mrs Adams, is being determined.

Colour Splash and Dash

At the end of last term the whole school community came together for our Colour, Splash and Dash.  This was such an enjoyable event celebrated by students, staff and the community.  The P&C worked tirelessly to orchestrate such a successful day, with everyone being splashed with colour and some of us even got slimed.  I would like to thank the community for supporting the event with a special acknowledgement to the P&C and all the parent volunteers for their time and organisation.  A huge thank you to the school community for your support in raising a mammoth amount of money to go towards your children’s learning.  More information to follow from the P&C about this.

IGA support

A huge thank you to Nigel and the team at IGA Duncraig, for their ongoing support and generous contributions for our community events.  Their recent support during the Election day sausage sizzle and the Fathering Project Splashtastic was much appreciated.


We acknowledged ANZAC day at the beginning of the term by holding a service attended by our staff, students and some visitors.  This is an important part of our calendar to pay respect to returned and serving servicemen and women.  Thank you to our special guests Mr Rob Sweet, North Beach RSL, Board Chair, Dr Nicole Becker, and Board members Chris Paton and Emma Vincent.  A special mention to Dion Gliddon, former service personnel and parent for her moving speech about the ANZAC spirit. Our school choir was exceptional as they performed Lest We Forget and the National Anthems of New Zealand and Australia. The year 6 student leaders proudly hosted the service to share the ANZAC message.

Mother’s Day

On Monday 3 May and Tuesday 4 May the students will have the opportunity to buy a gift for their mum from the Mothers Day stall.  Gifts range from $2-$5 per item.  There will also be a Mother’s Day raffle with tickets $1 each or 3 for $2.  The raffle will be drawn at the next assembly on Thursday 6 May. A big thank you to parent volunteers who have been busy organizing this event to support families and raise funds for the school.

Kindy Enrolments

Duncraig Primary School is now taking enrolments for Kindergarten for 2022.  If you are a parent or know of a parent, with a child born between July 1 2017 and June 30 2018, please be aware that they are eligible to attend Kindergarten in 2022.

Application for Enrolment forms can be obtained from our school’s website or the School Office. When submitting your kindy application, you will need to present your child’s birth certificate and any visa documentation. Please enrol your child as soon as you can. Applications close on 23 July 2021 (the first Friday of Term 3). Enrolment packs will be sent to successful families before the end of Term 3. Please note that families are only permitted to apply to one WA government primary school.

Pre Primary enrolments

All students who are already attending our 2021 Kindy are required to re-apply for a place in Pre-primary 2022. Applications for Enrolment forms for Pre-primary 2022 will soon be distributed to all our current Kindergarten students.


In term 2 2021, our school, along with thousands of others conduct the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC). The AEDC occurs every three years and gives us a national picture of the development, health and wellbeing of children in their first year of full-time school. Since 2009, the census results have helped communities, schools and governments plan services and develop better policies to target support for children and families. Children don’t miss any class time, and parents/carers don’t need to supply schools with any new information for the census. The AEDC gives us data at a school and community level -it isn’t an assessment of individual children. Some teachers have also noticed that completing the assessment makes them more aware of the needs of individual children and the class as a whole and that the census results are useful in planning for transitions to Year 1 and developing class programs. Participation in the AEDC is voluntary. Parents/carers don’t need to take any action unless they choose not to include their children in the census. To find out more about the census and how communities are using the data to help children and families visit the AEDC website: If you have any questions, you can contact me at

Wellness Day

We are planning a whole school Wellness Day on 25 June.  This will include both parents and students learning together.  You may wish to put aside this date in your calendar to come and join in the fun.  I will share more information about this in the coming weeks.