Principal’s Update – Week 6

One Big Voice

On 20 August, the Duncraig Primary School Choir performed at One Big Voice at the RAC Arena.  Over 7000 students and their families celebrated the joyous experience through the power of song during the mass choir performance. Our students performed alongside other primary students to create a harmonious sound, enjoyed by the families.  A special mention to Mrs Ruscoe for her passion and commitment in preparing our students for a confident performance and organising the event.

Book Week

Last week we celebrated Book Week.  The students enjoyed a variety of experiences throughout the week, with a fun dress up day on Where’s Wally Wednesday.  This aligned with the Book Week theme ‘Old worlds, New worlds, Other worlds’ with Wally appearing in every world.

During lunchtime the students went on a Where’s Wally hunt to find the hidden Wallys in the playground. These students were awarded a book voucher from our Book Fair.

Evan, Leo, Rafael, Zac, Logan and Marta.

Book Fair

The Book Fair was open last week with the students having the opportunity to purchase some wonderful texts. I know the right book can ignite a passion for reading, expanding the mind and nourish the imagination. I hope your children have some new books to inspire them.  Thank you to Mrs Key and the parent volunteers for organising this event to support the students and community.

Literacy Pro

The following students were awarded their Million Word pin at last week’s assembly. It is great to see the students motivated to read through this personalised reading resource.

  • Samira-Room 3
  • Jake-Room 5
  • Chris-Room 3
  • Alex-Room 3
  • Sasha-Room 3
  • Sports Carnivals

We are looking forward to the exciting events of Jumps and Throws, and the Athletics Carnival to be enjoyed by the school community.  This year the Athletics carnival will be at Marri Park.  There are some changes to some routines given the public venue.  Please see my recent connect message outlining the details.

The P&C will be supporting the organisation of the fan stall and the cake stall.

Fan Stall

At the old undercover area before school commences students will be able to purchase zinc and wrist bands for 50c-$1. In addition students will be able to get their hair sprayed for $2.

Cake Stall

If you are able to donate to the cake stall this would be much appreciated.  Please drop your baked delights at Marri Park at the cake stall.  The cake stall will be available for community to enjoy at recess.  There will also be a coffee van arriving at Marri Park in the morning.

Duncraig Dads Group

The Duncraig Dads are invited to Yanchep National Park (Lakeview Picnic Area) on Sept 18 between 10.00am-2.00pm.  Please RSVP to by the 8 of September if you plan on coming.

2021 Merit Certificates

Host class: Room 18 Date: Thursday 26 August 2021

Year Room Teacher Recipient Recipient
PP 14 Ms Phillips
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass
1 18 Mrs Spiers
1/2 13 Mrs Firman
2 11 Miss Conway
2/3 12 Miss Collett
3 8 Mrs Orford
3 7 Mr Miller
4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams
4/5 5 Mr Zanatta
5 4 Mrs Finnie
5/6 3 Mrs Stewart
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Miss Coombes
6 2 Mrs Jones / Miss Coombes
French Madame Wilderspin