From the Principal – How things can change in two weeks!

How things can change in two weeks! We are currently living in a world of uncertainty. However, the one thing that is certain is that families and communities need to stick together and be there for one another. The families of Duncraig are doing just that! You have the support of myself and staff in the decisions that you have all made over the past two weeks. We are educators and as such are working hard to do everything we can to support you and your children in the upcoming weeks. My update this week is all about spirit. Personally I want to firstly acknowledge the outstanding job all of my staff are doing. They too have families and personal lives that they are concerned about as well as you children. I am so very proud of them. Obviously the Duncraig school community is as well. We have been inundated with words of support and kindness. Acts of kindness have included donations of chocolates and food and drink from the local cafes from anonymous community members and the P&C,

The health and wellbeing of our school community is vital and the support shown in the comments below is how you have demonstrated how much you care.  On behalf of all the staff at Duncraig Primary School I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lyn Dawson


25 March 2020

Good morning Lyn,

I wish to advise that with much hesitation, we’ve decided to keep ……… home from school.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and ALL of your wonderful, committed staff during this uncertain time. My children are feeling reluctant to stay at home, as they very much enjoy school and feel safe, secure and supported at Duncraig Primary. This really is a credit to yourself and your teaching staff.

Hi ladies

I just wanted to extend our thanks and best wishes to you. I imagine it’s been a challenging time for you all. I hope that you and your loved ones remain well.

We’ve decided to keep the boys home from today in the hope that we can do our part in containing transmission.

……… would much rather come to school which is a testament to how much he enjoys the Duncraig primary environment.

Good morning wonderful Duncraig Primary,

Please be advised that we have chosen to keep ………… home at this time, and will not be attending school for the remainder of the term. We are so grateful for the love and support you show our children, and we cannot wait to return.

If there is anything you need from us, please let me know.

Thank you for always keeping us updated

We would like to provide you and your staff with a platter or two of canteen menu items to share at lunch time on Friday. You are all carrying a lot of uncertainty and stress at the moment, and we thought this is something small we can do to say thank you.

Thanks again Lyn for your support.

I hope the teachers know they are loved and cherished by so many parents. They are not expendable, they are not replaceable and what they are doing at the moment is heroic. Maintaining calm in the face of a storm for our children. It’s a huge ask. Love and strength to all!

Thinking of you and all the staff who I know will be doing a fabulous job under very stressful circumstances.

And finally a letter from a local resident….

I am a senior citizen and I’ve lived in Duncraig for 50 years.  There was no school when I first moved into the area in 1970.

I live close to the school in a lovely street with wonderful neighbours and many of their young children attend Duncraig Primary School.  Many years ago one my youngest daughter was a pupil and I was involved with the P & C.  I have fond memories of the school from those days too.  Amy became a journalist and now lives in the US with her husband.

Nowadays I walk past the school frequently and watch the interaction of teachers with the children in the playground and on the oval.  It’s a lovely environment and the grounds have been improved considerably since I was involved – a very long time ago!

I’m writing to thank you and your team of committed teachers, on behalf of this local community, for their commitment during these difficult times.  Another of my daughters is an early childhood teacher in a school in the Midland area so I’m cognisant of the pressure you are all under.

 It’s been very tough managing the kids and parents and I know teachers are feeling very undervalued.  They are rightly annoyed at being treated as glorified babysitters by MPs, the media and parents who are sending sick kids to school.  They deserve recognition for their experience and professional work as highly qualified teachers working on the front line.

Also I’ve been meaning to you and congratulate you on the excellent behaviour of your young pupils who ride bikes to school.  I walk along the cycle/pedestrian path and they are so polite to me and ring their bells or shout “bike coming”. 

So thank you very much for your commitment.  I hope you all keep well.

Kind regards