French News “Restons Branchées”

Languages Week is celebrated in August!

This year Année 6 learnt about the Francophone World, becoming aware that French is spoken in 40+ countries, such a great reason and benefit for our school to be learning French!

The students learnt about the location of these countries, territories and departments.

The students then spent time writing a précis about the French Australian connection that exists between the two countries. French can be a useful asset in such fields as cultural exchanges, scientific collaboration and the promotion of trade ties between France and Australia. Parents were given the opportunity to read their children’s work giving highly favourable feedback about our unique connection with France.

The Year 2 to 5 students had fun learning about the shape of France (it’s a hexagon!) and they were very interested to learn about some fun facts regarding the icons of France. Currently we are just putting finishing touches to our maps designed in class.

We have also had some lovely story books added to our Library Book collection which will be ready for borrowing very soon.

Below you can see some great dialogues and surveys taking place by some Year 3 and 4 students. These were written by the children and here they are exchanging information called “All About Me”.

Happy Book Week, Bonne Fêtes!

Madame Wilderspin.