French News “Restons Branche” (Staying Connected!)

We are very lucky this year to extend our French Programme to the Year 2 students!

So far we have an enthusiastic cohort who have been very busy learning all their French greetings with our fun collection of puppets!

The Year 2 students receive one lesson a week which gently introduces them to the language.

The school also has a new learning space for French which is now located in the library.When Covid restrictions are lifted I would welcome parents to come and visit before school pour un perouse “look and see”!

We also have several new students starting French for the first time, being new students to our school.

Already Seth claims French to be his favourite subject.Bryce has made a mini sheet of useful vocab that he carries in his pocket to practise throughout the day! Olivia has asked for catch up work so that her Mum can help her with beginner French at home! Every new student is trying so hard during lessons and I know having French and English so closely linked does give the confidence and support to learn the language. Remember French is spoken in 43 countries around the world and students learn about their own English language whilst we explore French as a second or even third language for our students at Duncraig Primary.

“Un grand merci”,a big thankyou,to mainly the younger students who have made flags,cards and posters for the French Room which highlights their love of learning the language!   Vive le français!

Finally un grand merci aussi(a big thanks also) to Dioné, Demi and Anna who come along most mornings to carry out monitor jobs in the French Room on a completely volunteer basis.

Bonne semaine! Enjoy the week!

Madame Wilderspin