Dedicated to Jenny Martin

My Principal update this week is dedicated to a much loved staff member of Duncraig Primary School. It is only fitting that I do so on the retirement of Mrs Jenny Martin.

Mrs Jenny Martin has dedicated her working life to the care and education of thousands of children over 34 years while working as an Education Assistant for the Department of Education. Mrs Martin commenced as an Education Assistant at Duncraig Primary School in 1986 at the now demolished Marri Road Kindy. It was here that Mrs Martin  shared her passion for developing the hearts and minds of young students. She supported students through their first year of schooling to establish the early foundations of learning that would lead many students on to become lifelong learners. She created a welcoming, fun and caring learning environment that challenged and engaged students.

Mrs Martin moved to the main school site and continued working in early childhood education. She spent many years working in Pre-primary and the junior block. Her exemplary skills in organising school resources and play equipment has been appreciated by the many staff who have worked alongside Mrs Martin (Jenny) over many years. She loved working with students one-on-one or in small groups and dedicated her working day and many hours of her personal time to ensure students had every opportunity to learn and had the support they needed to reach their potential.

Mrs Martin’s contributions to the school extended beyond the classroom.  She devoted many hours of her own time to ensure school events such as the ANZAC ceremony, graduation, open night, art show, classroom assemblies and much more were made special in every possible way. Her eye for detail and careful planning made all of these events memorable moments for those involved and her efforts made us all proud to be part of this wonderful school. For this gift, we are very grateful.

Mrs Martin’s dedication to Duncraig Primary School was all encompassing. In her early days when Duncraig Primary School became a lead school in Multi Age Grouping, she took on a lead role within the junior school. Mrs Martin broke down barriers and walls to bring staff together and promote a ‘new age’ learning environment which was seen as being ahead of its time and established Duncraig Primary School as the ‘go to’ school in this area. She wrote submissions to fund play equipment, was a long-standing member of the Finance committee and represented Education Assistants on the Executive Leadership Team. She demonstrated her committed approach to education by participating in professional learning opportunities, attending workshops and seminars, keeping abreast of curriculum documents and the latest research in education to ensure the best for all students. In more recent years, she was instrumental in creating our school’s resource reading room and supporting the Third Wave program.

Mrs Martin (Jenny) has given so much to the staff and students at Duncraig Primary School over many years. We know that her commitment to primary education has undoubtedly brought many years of joy and purpose to her life. She has nurtured and cared for each and every one of us like we were family. You have left a lasting impression in each and every one of our hearts and, while we are sad to see you go, we wish you every happiness in your future.

The time has come for Mrs Martin (Jenny) not to run a graduation ceremony but to ‘GRADUATE’ herself! On behalf of all the staff, students and families of Duncraig Primary School, best wishes in your retirement.

Happy Retirement Mrs Jenny Martin!