Classroom News – Year 3 Room 7

Highlights of this Semester 1 2021. Mr Miller’s class Year 3 Room 7.

As part of the Health program, we have been learning about self-awareness and mindfulness. We learnt that we are unique and have our own individual qualities and traits.

We produced our own individual portraits by taking photographs on our iPads and then drawing a likeness of ourselves in lead pencil. We coloured in this likeness and painted a colour wash to highlight the background.

They can be seen displayed in the front office.

In the History component of HASS, we studied the historical origins and significance of the days and weeks celebrated or commemorated in Australia.

For ANZAC day we completed a number of activities in rotation between the year 3 classes. We did Agamographs, poppy making and chalk art that you may have seen on the basketball court.

Below is picture of our class with the Agamographs that we made.