Classroom News – Pre primary room 16

In Room 16 we have been exploring the work of artist, Wayne Theibaud, an American artist who is famous for his bright paintings of still life food. We explored his famous artworks including ‘Cakes, 1963’, ‘Candies, 1965-66’ and ‘Four cupcakes’ and made some responses about what we liked, felt and thought.

We then used our knowledge to create our own cupcakes artwork. We used primary colours for the bases of our cakes and secondary colours for the tops. We decorated them with delicious toppings and coloured them using wax crayons. Finally, we painted the foreground with yellow edicole dye, and background with purple. We tried to show shadows in our works, just like Wayne Theibaud.

We also baked cupcakes and decorated them using a variety of candies. We explored 3D shapes as we did this, using cubes, cylinders, spheres and triangular prisms in our toppings.

We reflected on our work using 2 stars to say what we were proud of about our work, and a wish to say what we could improve on.

We think our art work looks good enough to eat! What do you think?