Buddy Book Club

Room 4 have been so delighted to join Room 12 for Buddy Book Club (BBC). BBC is a fabulous whole school incentive to promote the love for reading. It allows everyone an opportunity to practice their reading skills in a safe environment with their buddy. Room 4 selected a variety of engaging stories from an app called EPIC and the younger buddies enjoyed reading them! Room 12 chose interesting books to bring along with them too. Each buddy got a turn to read and an opportunity to discuss what they read. Room 4 and 12 loved reading together and are already counting down the days until the next Buddy Book Club!

From The French Room – Week 10

Restons Branchées (Staying Connected).

Salut à tous!

We have a wonderful addition to our French Room,a beautiful banner of Paris has recently been purchased.

The students are very proud of our new piece of realia and we are currently benefiting from cultural talks arising from this fabulous resource.

Merci mille fois to M. Holmes for successfully attaching it to our French walls!

There is a lovely bookcase on show in the school library with all our new French Books which have been recently purchased. They are ready for our students to enjoy and borrow. Thank you to Madame Keys for making such a delightful display.

Enfin our Year 3 students are now so experienced with their French they are starting to read from our newly acquired French Readers! C’est Fantastique!

Year 1 Activities

Mrs Calton and Mrs Spiers were so happy all students came back to school healthy and safe this term.  The year one students have been working hard and enjoying lots of activities.  They have had some opportunities to collaborate with their big buddies.  This includes buddy reading every second Thursday.  The year ones have been focussing on subtraction and they have been making amazing progress with their Maths Factor results.

Last week the students created their own magic tree and this week they will be writing a narrative about their tree as a common assessment task.  The students have also been learning about digital technology in preparation for Semester Two.  This includes creating presentations on ipads and learning to logon to laptops.

Mrs Calton and Mrs Spiers cannot wait to continue to work with the year ones again next semester!


Lightning Carnival 2020

All students from Year 6 and some from year 4 and 5 competed in our annual winter sports lightning carnival in the last week of this term.

As always the competitors, teachers and parents really enjoyed the kind weather conditions and display of talent on show.

Duncraig Primary School had some very encouraging results and most importantly the players enjoyed the experience and learnt a great deal from the day.

The Netball A girls won their event and Netball B filled the runners-up position in their tournament. Soccer finished 6th from the eight schools and Football finished mid-table. Volleyball A were runners-up and Volleyball B 4th.

Netball A continues a run of regular premierships. Much of this can be attributed to the great contribution of the parents in maintaining such a strong netball club with quality coaching. Keep up the great work ladies.

Special thanks to all our staff for preparing the students and their efforts on the day. Also to our parent volunteers and spectators your attendance is greatly appreciated.

News from the classroom – Year 4 Room 7

In recent weeks, the year 4’s in room 7 have been concentrating on Narrative writing.

Over a series of lessons, they have been sensory detectives; working on narrative settings and characterisation. In the narrative character profile lesson, they needed to create a description of a character from a story book or novel, that they could give to the police to create a ‘WANTED’ poster. This involved using their best descriptive language, ensuring lots of adjectives and adverbs were used.

As this topic was covered over the past couple of weeks, some students needed to complete this task at home using the paper copy in the take home pack or straight onto the OneNote app. They all did a super job. Here are some examples.

News from the classroom – Mosaics project

As you are aware the Wellness Day planned for the end of term has been postponed.  As a part of the original planning the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) committee decided it would be great to create a whole school art piece in the form of a mosaic tree.  Last week, the students from year 1 to 3 participated in making their own mosaic piece to form part of the final creation.  With the support of Workshed Mosaics the students were really engaged in creating and learning some new skills. The tree will include our six values and will be installed on the red brick wall of the old canteen to be admired for years to come.  We would like to thank our school P&C in supporting the funding of this project.

ART this week.

This week in Art we have enjoyed a change of pace by taking our Art classes outside into the outdoor environment.  The students  gathered all sorts of natural items to make mandalas which involved making beautiful shapes and colours whilst in the fresh air.  The students created their designs whilst listening to the sounds of nature and some relaxing music.  It was great to regroup and offer students a calming experience as a means of creativity and expression.


Latest News – Merit certificates

Student of the Month Certificates Recipients 2020

Date: Thursday 19 March  Virtue: Respect

Yr Rm



PP 14 Ms Phillips Oliver
PP 16 Mrs Edwards Zavier
1 17 Mrs Calton Ryan
1 18 Mrs Spiers Sophia
2 11 Mrs Cole Abbie
2 13 Mrs Firman Maddie
2/3 12 Miss Collett Amalyn
3 8 Mrs Wylde/Mr Axton Tayla
4 7 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams Milah
4 6 Miss di Martino Freddie
5 3 Mr Miller Marcel
5 4 Miss Oldroyd Kaitlin
5 5 Miss Beedie Zoe
6 1 Mrs Garcia/ Mr Axton Jazzy
6 2 Mrs Jones / Mr Axton Alexis

2020 Merit Certificates

Host class: Room   7 Date: Thursday 19 March

Year Room Teacher Recipient
PP 14 Ms Phillips Oliver and Hudson
PP 16 Mrs Edwards Evie and Thomas
1 17 Mrs Calton Angie and Deacon
1 18 Mrs Spiers Maria and Yasminah
2 13 Mrs Firman Noah and Thomas
2 11 Mrs Cole Taylor and Joshua
2/3 12 Miss Collett
3 8 Mrs Wylde / Mr Axton Jacob and Charlie
4 7 Mrs Watkinson / Mrs Adams Khaylan and Nesheya
4 6 Miss di Martino
5 5 Miss Beedie Angelina and Jay
5 4 Miss Oldroyd Zacary and Ezra
5 3 Mr Miller Jessica , Jackson and Tessa
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Mr Axton Alice , Heather and Grace
6 2 Mrs Jones / Mr Axton Hayden and Una
French Madame Wilderspin Alice