Tennis Hot Shots Racquet Roadshow launched

On Monday August 3 Tennis Australia launched the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Racquet Roadshow at Duncraig Primary School. This national initiative provides a tennis racquet for every Pre-Primary aged student in the country.

Together with Tennis West staff Grand Slam champions Matt Ebden and John Peers presented all of our Pre-Primary students with a tennis racquet. Mr Rob Kennedy from Tennis West interviewed Matt and John in front of over 300 students about their tennis journey and career highlights.

Year 6 students also got the opportunity to ask the players some interesting questions. Selected students then had a hit up with the tennis stars. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students of Duncraig to learn how hard work and dedication can lead to a lifetime career.

Below is a selection of photos provided by Damo Photography. Also check out the Channel 9 news clip that aired on Tuesday night.

View the news video

Students from Year 6 presented their very own radio broadcast

Students from Year 6 presented their very own radio broadcast on Community Radio 89.7FM on the 29 July 2020. The School of Thought is a radio broadcast program that hands the microphone over to school aged students. It is a 45-minute community radio program on 89.7FM broadcast on Wednesday afternoons, starting after the 2pm news.

Students research their own topics of interest and present to a large radio audience. The format is six talk segments of 6-7 minutes each, separated by music of their choice The broadcast takes place on the ECU Campus, Joondalup.

Program founder John Logan began the show six years ago and it is one of the most popular on the station.

To listen to a recording of the broadcast please click here.

Mismatch Day Video

Mismatch Day – Fundraiser for Australian Childhood Foundation

Many thanks to our amazing school community for their support in raising much needed funds for the Australian Childhood Foundation. The school raised $1096 to support children affected by trauma.


Principal’s Update – Welcome back

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable break. Term 3 has begun very smoothly with 6 new students starting at our school. On behalf of the Duncraig Primary School I welcome those families to our wonderful community. I look forward to a very successful term.

Schools have just been notified that based on the latest health advice, Phase 5 due to be implemented on Saturday 18 July, has been pushed back. The new tentative date will now be Saturday 1 August. So for now, Term 3 will continue with the same procedures we had in place last term. I will provide an update through Connect after the Premier makes his next announcement and the Department of Education update their expectations of schools.

The P&C are holding their first meeting for the term on Thursday 30 July at 7pm in the staffroom. The school board’s first meeting for the term is Monday 3 August at 4pm.

The faction cross country is being held this Friday 31 July. Parents are welcome to attend but must remain on the Marri Road side of the oval and maintain social distancing of 2 sq. metres.

A Connect notice was put out last Thursday with the times each year level are running.

Parents are welcome to attend but you must remember to remain on the perimeter of the school oval and maintain social distancing at all times.

Tomorrow Wednesday 29 July selected students from Year 6 will be presenting their very own radio broadcast on Community Radio 89.7FM after the 2pm news next Wednesday 29 July. The School of Thought is a radio broadcast program that hands the microphone over to school aged students. It is a 45-minute community radio program on 89.7FM broadcast on Wednesday afternoons, starting after the 2pm news.

Students have researched their own topics of interest and will present to a large radio audience their thoughts and discussion points. The format is six talk segments of 6-7 minutes each, separated by music of their choice The broadcast takes place on the ECU Campus, Joondalup.

Program founder John Logan began the show six years ago and it is one of the most popular on the station. It encourages students to research the subject they are passionate about and present their ideas in a fun way. I am sure our students are going to do Duncraig Primary School proud! I have added the link to the radio station below so that you can listen live from a device if you can’t get to a radio. This program cannot be streamed in Internet Explorer 11. Please use an alternate browser such as Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

On Monday 3 August Tennis West and Tennis Australia are launching a promotion and racquet give away at our school. Apart from Matthew Ebden (Davis Cup) and Astra Sharma (Federation Cup), there is the possibility there will be a number of Media Outlets involved as well as officials. There will be a talk, followed up with Q and A, racquet presentation to the school and a tennis hit up with the stars for a short while after for selected students. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students. Be on the lookout for photos on the website after the event.

Finally, I would like to highlight some fabulous learning happening in our Kindy classroom. The children have been immersed in learning about Aboriginal art and culture. One activity involved painting split seed pods to make the Dreamtime Rainbow Serpent (after reading the story), creating a map of Australia using nature plus sand and shells from the Kimberley (after looking at different parts of our country and what the landscape is like), creating “rock art” inside our very own cave and we dip dyed calico in our homemade vegetable/fruit dyes to make a class bunting. They also explored Aboriginal symbols and used the block corner to create habitats for Australian animals.

One example of the school’s vision “every day in every classroom, every child is learning and achieving”.

Principal Update – Week 10

Dear Parents/Carers

With the dedication of my staff and the wonderful support of the Duncraig Primary School community we have continued to provide a high standard of teaching and learning for your children who have continued to demonstrate excellent learning and independence during Term 2. Semester 1 reports were emailed to parents/carers via Connect on Wednesday afternoon.

On Wednesday 1 July some of our Year 5’s as well as our Year 5 and 6 students participated in a Lightning Carnival against Davallia, Glengarry, Poynter, Carine, Marmion and North Beach primary schools across several venues. Sports played in the carnival included football, soccer, volleyball and hockey. Congratulations to our students who demonstrated wonderful commitment and sportsmanship throughout the day at all venues. Check out highlights of the day on our school website.

Recently we commenced the Buddy Book Club initiative across the school.  Every fortnight all students have been meeting up with their buddy class to enjoy reading.  This has been a positive way to start the day and a great opportunity for older students and younger students to read to each other.

Merit Certificates

Merit Certificates were awarded to students recently. Year 3- 6 students assembled together first and then the PP-Year 2 assembled afterwards.

At both assemblies Mrs Ruscoe led two of our students who played the national anthem and then led the school band who accompanied the students in singing the community song. Thank you Mrs Ruscoe they were fabulous! Huge congratulations to our merit award winners and in particular our Student of the Month recipients. These students received their award for the way they demonstrated our value of “Honesty and Integrity”

At this point in time, Term 3 will see a continuance of the same procedures that are currently in place. Phase 5 roadmap easing of restrictions is due to be announced the weekend before school returns for Term 3. If there are any significant changes that will affect the day to day running of the school, then I will let the community know via Connect. The Term 3 planner will be uploaded on the website including some important dates for your diary by the end of this week. At this stage we have placed all events onto the planner. Confirmation of these events occurring will be communicated via Connect.

Also in Term 3 we welcome back Mr Zanatta to Year 4 Room 5. Ms Beedie will be working with the Year 6 students and teaching Music to the Pre-Primary and Year 1 students. I would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of Ms Pratt in the Year 6 class and as Music teacher to the Pre-Primary and Year 1 students.

Finally, I would like to remind parents/carers that there is no pupil free day at the beginning of Term 3. School returns on Monday July 20.

My warmest wishes to all staff, students and their families a safe and happy holiday.


Lyn Dawson

1 July 2020

Principal Update – Week 8 -17 June

What an awesome community Duncraig Primary School has! Parents/carers have done a fabulous job adhering to the latest Phase 3 restrictions. Thank you so much. The students have also done an awesome job coming into the classrooms ready for the school day. I know that a lot of parents are missing coming into the classrooms so last week I visited every class room and took photos so you can all see what is happening.

Our kitchen garden is also buzzing along nicely.

A very keen group of Year 4 students go in every morning to ensure the area is tidy and check on the plants. Paul, our school chaplain also works in the garden with students on a Tuesday.

Ms Collette’s class is re-invigorating the garden as a learning space. The Year 2/3 class are utilising one of the tubs to grow potatoes. Parents have also been working on a tub for the canteen, growing herbs and spices to be used in the canteen menu. I look forward to seeing the produce!

I’d also like to thank Cameron’s family for offering to update and plant out our Kindy garden beds! Wow they look amazing! Have a peek over the fence if you haven’t seen them yet! Thanks so much to Gita, Sean, Jay, and Cameron for donating all the plants, soil, stakes, and all their time and effort to make the beautiful garden. It was a huge job!

The children loved seeing the plants on Tuesday and promised to look after them and care for them. The Kindy students can’t wait to harvest the produce and taste it! I’ve put some photos of the garden below.


Last month I acknowledged the work our cleaners do around the school and on Monday we acknowledged their work on international cleaners’ day with afternoon tea. Today I would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of the student services team at Duncraig Primary School. This team consists of Ms Clegg, Mrs Alannah Paris (school psychologist, Mrs Stewart and Mr Paul Stokes (school chaplain) and Mrs Alannah Paris. They do an enormous amount of collaborative work with parents/carers and outside agencies to ensure that students who require specialised intervention are given every chance to succeed.

On behalf of the whole school community thank you for the great team that you are!

Three of our Year 6 students also need to be acknowledged. Poppy and Una have both won scholarships into the music program at Churchlands Senior High School. Sam has been accepted into the specialised basketball program at Woodvale Senior High School. On behalf of the entire school I would like to congratulate these well deserving students.

There are a a few changes in staffing for Semester 2.  Mr Mathew Zanatta who returned from overseas earlier in the year will be resuming his teaching position at Duncraig in Year 4 Room 5 at the beginning of Term 3. A huge thank you to Ms Beedie for the outstanding job she has done at Duncraig over the last year. We will still be seeing her around the school though, as she will be working in the Year 6 classrooms. Ms Beedie will be in Room 1 every Thursday and Friday and in Room 2 every second Wednesday. She will also be taking the Pre-Primary and Year 1 students for music on a Monday. Mrs Wylde will not be returning this year. Mr Axton will continue as the classroom teacher in Year 3 Room 8 for the remainder of the year. Finally, I would like to remind parents/carers that Semester 1 reporting to parents is going to look a little different in 2020. Direction from the Department of Education is that Semester 1 reporting will indicate student progress. This means there will be no grades allocated. Reports will be sent out electronically on Wednesday 1 July.


Lyn Dawson – Principal

17 June 2020

Principal Update – Week 6

The students of Duncraig over the past two weeks have continued to display a wonderful level of independence saying goodbye to their parents at the gate or top of the steps and getting themselves prepared for the school day.

Thank you so much to all the parents/carers for your wonderful support also. Huge congratulations to all of you!

On the weekend the Premier made the announcement that parents/carers would be allowed back on school sites. Unfortunately, I am still unable to confirm with the community what that is going to look like. As soon as the Department of Education’s guidelines have been approved by the Minister for Education and Principals have been given directions, I will be able to communicate these to you. Please keep an eye out for a Connect notice which will be sent once I have the required information.

Last Friday 29 May was a school development day for the staff of Duncraig Primary School. Teachers participated in a variety of professional learning opportunities led by various staff members. The first session was led by Jo Watkinson who explained her Information Communication and Technology coaching role in the school. Jo also reviewed the school’s ICT overviews with teachers.

This was followed by a session on the Brightpath writing assessment tool led by Louise Oldroyd. The school is utilising this as part of a whole school approach to monitor students writing. Teachers worked collaboratively to assess writing samples which was an extremely rich and rewarding session for all teachers. Jenny Cole and the Mathematics committee then shared some mathematics games that assist teachers in the classroom to increase the fluency of students’ basic maths concepts.

The final session focused on pedagogical theory and instructional practice. This was a shared reading activity based on the book Rosenshine’s Principles in Action by Tom Sherrington.

This activity allowed us to reflect on our own individual teaching practice in the classroom. It was a rewarding day for all involved

Lyn Dawson


Principal Update – welcome back

Welcome back to all our students who returned this week.

Student attendance in public schools became compulsory again as of Monday this week unless a student has a relevant medical condition. We have had an average attendance of 95% which has been fantastic. The students are full of enthusiasm and have shown great independence arriving at school. The staggered start and finish times to the school day continue to run smoothly. This is in part due to our wonderful parents who have been so supportive and also the fantastic support of our school staff. This system will continue to run until further advice has been received from the Department of Education.

Term 2 usually sees a lot of action in the physical education arena with lightning carnivals and interschool events. However, these have all had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. School photos were also scheduled for Term 2. These have now been rescheduled for Term 4.

We are unable to confirm as yet whether the events normally scheduled for Term 3 will go ahead. It will all depend on what COVID-19 restrictions are issued at the time.

Whilst our assemblies are not going ahead we are still presenting our merit award winners with their certificates. Last week Mrs Stewart and I were lucky to visit classes and present them. As you can see in the photos below they are very happy students.


Cancelled Events at school

Towards the end of Term 2 parent interviews are normally held to coincide with Semester 1 reporting. These have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Direction from the Department of Education is that Semester 1 reporting will indicate student progress. This means there will be no grades allocated. Teachers will report on how each student is progressing towards the end of year achievement standard.

Please be aware that we are now calling for Kindergarten enrolments for 2021. I would encourage the school community to remind those who have Kindergarten aged children to enrol by 24 July 2020.

Lyn Dawson