Principal’s Update – Week 10 Term 4

2022… It’s a Wrap!

End of Year Celebrations

Around the school this week, and last week, there has been a hive of activity and festivities as students and teachers celebrate the end of the school year. Check out the photos from around the school!

The Kindy kids have been very busy, enjoying a Messy Mud Play Day and entertaining their parents at the Kindy Christmas Concert.

Tennis Tournament

Students from Years 4-6 participated in the Interschool Tennis Tournament on Friday 9 December. Congratulations to all our competitors and thank you to Mr O for organising this event.


Book Awards

Congratulations to all students who won Book Awards at this year’s PP-5 Presentation Assembly. Pictured here are our Lion’s Literacy Award recipients.

Edu Dance Concerts

Our Pre-primary – Year 5 students amazed us with their dancing skills last week at the Edu Dance Concerts. The energy that they all participated with was truly fabulous. Well done to all our amazing dancers!

Year 6 Student Leaders decadent breakfast

Staffing Update

I am pleased to inform you that teacher staffing has been completed, with Miss Brittany Moorman joining us in 2023 as the Room 8, Year 3 teacher. Miss Moorman is a Graduate Teacher who has been working in the metropolitan area and has also worked in the remote community of Pia Wadjarri.

Whilst we welcome one new staff member, we also say goodbye (for now) to another. Ms Leah Clegg has been offered a position of Principal in Semester 1 at Takari Primary School. Whilst we are sad to see Ms Clegg go, we are excited for her and support her leadership aspirations. She has been an unwavering support for me this year, and she has the proven ability to lead a school and connect with her community. All the best Ms Clegg!

Book Club 2022

This year, your support of the Scholastic Book Club has earned our school $1260 in Rewards. These reward dollars are used by Ms Linda Key in the library to purchase more books to suit the K-6 range. Thank you for supporting the Book Club and investing in your children’s interest in books!

Thank you also to Mrs Anna Collie, who does a wonderful job as Book Club organiser!

Class Lists

Class lists are completed, and they can be HERE.

Please note that these lists may be subject to change.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our families.

For some students, the end of 2022 marks the end of their families’ association with Duncraig Primary School. As principal, on behalf of staff past and present, I would like to thank these families for choosing Duncraig Primary School and for their contributions to their child’s education and to the success of our school.

For those families who will be staying with us, we look forward to seeing you in 2023 for another great year!

Kind regards,

Nicole Borbas,



Principal’s Update week 8 Term 4 2022

Year 6 STEM at Duncraig Senior High School

Our Year 6 students have been engaged in STEM activities at Duncraig Senior High School, each Tuesday as part of their secondary transition. This activity has been for all students, regardless of their secondary destination in 2023.

Farewell Year 6 Students

We will be bidding farewell to our Year 6 students on Wednesday 14th December. The day will begin with a Graduation Assembly and morning tea, commencing at 9.00am in the new undercover area. Our students will be having a celebratory day and then completing the celebrations with the Year 6 Graduation Dance. I am looking forward to seeing the dances that the students have been learning through Humphreys Dance School.

Student Feedback Surveys

Year 4-6 students have been invited to complete a Student Feedback Survey for 2022. The survey is also open to younger students who can access the survey, with support from home. The survey can be found here:

As we embark on our school improvement agenda, we are very keen to include student voice to find out about how students enjoy learning at Duncraig Primary School, and how we can improve student outcomes, relationships and learning experiences.

2023 Classes

Please see below our teaching staff for 2023:

Kindy A – Mrs Leonie Hetebry

Kindy B – Mrs Rachael Waters

Kindy C – Mrs Rebekah Rossi

Pre-primary – Room 14 – Mrs Tara Phillips

Pre-primary – Room 16 – Mrs Malinda Cowton/Mrs Kelly Edwards

Year 1 – Room 18 – Mrs Helen Spiers

Year 1 – Room 17 – Mrs Lindsay Calton

Year 1 – Room 13 – Mrs sandy Firman

Year 2 – Room 12 – Mrs Susie Wass/Mrs Kelly Edwards

Year 2 – Room 11 – Mrs Jenny Cole

Year 2 – Room 10 – Mrs Elena Adams

Year 3 – Room 8 – TBA

Year 3 – Room 7 – Mr Stephen Miller

Year 3/4 – Room 5 – Miss Alex Collett

Year 4 – Room 6 – Mrs Jo Watkinson/Mrs Angela Coombes

Year 4/5 – Room 4 – Ms Maddy Finnie

Year 5 – Room 3 – Ms Louise Oldroyd/Mrs Felicity Wensinger

Year 5/6 – Room 2 – Mrs Amy Jones

Year 6 – Room 1 – Mrs Tarryn Mosconi

Science – Ms Nadine Jackson

Physical Education – Mr Ted Orzel

Music – Mrs Jan Ruscoe

French – Mrs Janet Widerspin

Junior DOTT – Mrs Angela Coombes/Mrs Kelly Edwards/Mrs Danielle Martin

I had intended to publish class lists by this date also, however, due to an incomplete staffing profile, I will put it off until Wednesday 14th December, at the latest. My apologies!

Staff Farewells

You may notice a couple of names missing from our staff list. We would like to wish Mrs Sara Orford all the best for her year as she embarks on parenthood. Mr Mathew Zanatta will also be taking leave for 2023 in order to live and work abroad. Two big, very different adventures for our staff members! We are looking forward to welcoming them back after 2023.

In the administration office, Mrs Jennifer Ryan will be taking Long Service Leave from the start of the school year before her retirement in March 2023. Her replacement, Mrs Jenny O’Connor, will be commencing 2023 with us. We will be recognising Mrs Ryan’s retirement in 2023, however, I would like to acknowledge her support in my role as Principal this year. She has been a professional and knowledgeable member of the Admin Team.

Edu-Dance Concerts

I have had a sneak peak, and the students are doing some amazing dancing in their Edu-Dance rehearsals. I am very much looking forward to the concerts on Monday 5th and Wednesday 7th December. These concerts will start at 2.00pm, so arrive at 1.50pm for a prompt start.

Thanks for a great 2022!

There are still two more weeks (nine days, but who’s counting?) left of the school year. The final week will be very busy with classroom pack-ups, class parties, our Year 6 Graduation and end of year celebrations. My newsletter in Week 10 will be very brief – mainly concentrating on class lists. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Duncraig parents and community for welcoming me to this amazing school in 2022. I have been supported by two great deputies, Ms Leah Clegg and Ms Michelle Moyes, helpful office staff, an enthusiastic staff, a pro-active P&C led by Donna Baker, and a forward-thinking school board. I am looking forward to an even better 2023, as we continue to strive for excellence and make our good school a great one!


Kind regards,

Nicole Borbas,


Principal’s Updates Week 6 Term 4 2022

Assessments and Reporting

It is around this time of the school year when teachers start to finalise their assessments, and students start feeling like all they are doing is tests. Assessment is an ongoing process; however, we do have a few standardised assessments that we like to administer to help us measure progress of our students. These are usually in the form of online activities that students engage with using iPads or laptops. These assessments help to validate teacher judgement and inform the reporting process. Teachers are working on Semester 2 Reports now, and I hope to have them ready for sending out on Monday 12th December. Please ensure you are able to access Connect and your email address is correct, as this is how you will be able to download student reports.

Duncraig Primary Students Out and About

Last week, 21 of our Year 6 students presented a radio show on John Logan’s School of Thought program on 89.7FM Radio Station. The radio station is situated at ECU Joondalup Campus. The students were responsible for researching, writing, and presenting their pieces on the show. You can listen to the program by finding the Duncraig Primary School link on School Of Thought Radio Show & Podcasts | John Logan.


On Friday 11, Remembrance Day, our senior choir students travelled to the City of Joondalup for the Remembrance Service with Mrs Ruscoe and Ms Moyes. The students had the honour of singing the National Anthem and Nathan Cahill’s song, On the Hill. They performed beautifully, met the Mayor and other distinguished guests, including a 98yr old WWII vet, and enjoyed a tour of the Bushmaster.

Getting Ready for 2023

Due to a surge in enrolment numbers, we have needed to revisit our school structure and maintain the 16 classroom and 3 Kindy structure for 2023. Staff are currently considering class placements for students in 2023, and I am hoping to post these on the website by Friday 9 December.

In 2023, the school will be structured accordingly:

Kindy A

Kindy B

Kindy C

Pre-primary – Room 14

Pre-primary – Room 16

Year 1 – Room 18

Year 1 – Room 17

Year 1 – Room 13

Year 2 – Room 12

Year 2 – Room 11

Year 2 – Room 10

Year 3 – Room 8

Year 3 – Room 7

Year 3/4 – Room 5

Year 4 – Room 6

Year 4/5 – Room 4

Year 5 – Room 3

Year 5/6 – Room 2

Year 6 – Room 1

Assembly Superstars

Our final class-led assembly was held today, with Year 2 students from Room 11 showcasing their learning, singing a song about painting a picture and reciting a poem about being Sun Smart. It was so great to hear from the students about the fun ways that they engage in their learning.

Our final group of students also received Student of the Month Awards for Perseverance.

Our week 6 Merit Certificate recipients


Our next assemblies will be the Public Speaking Showcase – next Thursday 24 at 2.00pm, our PP-Year 5 Book Award Assembly on Thursday 8 December at 9.00am, and the Year 6 Graduation Assembly on Wednesday 14 December at 9.00am.

And don’t forget our Edu Dance Concerts on Monday 5 December at 2.00pm for Rooms 3, 5, 16, 7, 8, 10 and 18; and then on Wednesday 7 for Rooms 14, 13, 12, 4, 17, 11 and 6.

It is a busy end of the year!!

Kind regards,

Nicole Borbas,


Principal’s Updates Week 4 Term 4 2022

Class Placements 2023

A reminder to parents who have special requests for their child’s class placement in 2023; the cut off date for requests is Monday 7th November. Please ensure you email me before close of business on Monday. Teachers will commence working on classes for 2023 after this date.

Numero Challenge

On Monday 31st October, some of our brightest Numero players in Year 6, and some budding champs from Year 5, travelled to Anzac Terrace Primary School to participate in the interschool Numero Challenge. Congratulations to our students for representing Duncraig Primary School so admirably. The top team came in at 4th Place and a number of impottant challenges were won during the day. Special thanks go to Mrs Jones, who runs the Numero Club each Thursday morning before school and has coached the students throughout the year.

Choir Performance

Our senior choir students have been busy lately, with a performance at last weekend’s Wanneroo Festival, and now preparing for a performance at the Remembrance Service on Friday 11th November at the City of Joondalup service. Thank you to Mrs Ruscoe who has been working with our students, providing opportunities for our choir students to perform for audiences.

Maths Competition Results

Earlier in Term 3, students from Years 3-6 participated in the Australian Maths Competition. There has been a hold-up in the results and certificates getting back to us, however, we have received a report that identifies our top performers across the year levels. Congratulations to the following students. Certificates and full results are expected soon and will be sent home with students.

Year Student Score Remarks
Middle Primary – Year 3 Shardul 66 Distinction
Middle Primary – Year 3 George 53 Credit
Middle Primary – Year 3 Vihandu 51 Credit
Middle Primary – Year 4 Edward 78 Distinction

Best in School Award

Middle Primary – Year 4 Dane Carter 66 Credit
Middle Primary – Year 4 Emilia 59 Credit
Upper Primary – Year 5 Krishiv 55 Credit
Upper Primary – Year 5 Cooper 53 Credit
Upper Primary – Year 5 Olivia 48 Proficiency
Upper Primary – Year 6 James 73 Credit
Upper Primary – Year 6 Alex 71 Credit
Upper Primary – Year 6 Christopher 68 Credit

Canteen Appreciation Day

Today, Friday 4 November, is Canteen Appreciation Day. Our students collaborated during the week to colour a bouquet of flowers for Amelia and her canteen volunteers. Thank you to Amelia and her group of volunteers who keep the students fed with a good variety of yummy food.

Assembly Super Stars

We’ve had two assemblies in the past two weeks, due to the disruption of swimming lessons. Our Week 3 Assembly was led by Rooms 12 and 8, who took us on a walk down memory lane looking at technology as it has changed since its inception. It certainly made me feel old! It was a very entertaining and informative presentation, and the students presented beautifully.

This week, our Pre-primary students from Room 16 wowed us with their reading and reciting as they presented ‘Room on a Broom’. It was joy to see such confident speakers. Well done Room 16!

Here are our Assembly Super Stars from the past two assemblies.

Week 3 Merit Certificate recipients

Week 3 Students of the Month – Perseverance

Week 4 Merit Certificate recipients

Upcoming Events



Principal’s Updates Week 2 Term 4 2022

Class Placements 2023

This term, staff will be involved in class placements for 2023. Staff will be considering the academic, health and social/emotional needs of every student.

Class placement procedures follow a three-stage process:

  • Class teachers, specialist teachers and education assistants work collaboratively to place all students into proposed class structures.
  • Amendments to initial class placements occur based on the needs of students at educational risk. This could include consideration of health, social, emotional, and academic requirements. These amendments occur at administration level.
  • Parent requests are considered.

Parents are invited to submit placement requests, if required. Please be aware that although every parent request is considered, it may not always be possible to fulfil these. We consider each placement based on the overall gender, academic and social balance of the students in the class, alongside individual needs.

Please also be aware that staff member preferences will not be considered.

Parents are invited to submit written submissions with respect to class placements by C.o.B. Monday 7 November 2022. The submissions must be based on educational reasons, addressed to “The Principal” and marked “Confidential”. Handwritten or emailed requests will be accepted.

Please email All written requests will be acknowledged in writing or via email.

A Busy Start to Term 4

Term 4 has got off to a flying start, with swimming lessons for Pre-primary to Year 4 students commencing in Week 1. The lessons will be completed at the end of Week 2. Additionally, Pre-primary to Year 5 students have been involved in Edu Dance. The dance lessons will continue until Week 9. In Week 10, there will be two concerts where classes will showcase their dance skills:

Monday 5 December – Rooms, 3, 5, 16, 7, 8, 10 and 18

Wednesday 7 December – Rooms 14, 13, 12, 4, 17, 11 and 6.

It is anticipated that these concerts will commence around 2.00pm on these days, however, final information will be confirmed as quickly as possible. Put these dates in your diaries!

Year 6’s will not be missing out on dancing. As of this Friday, 21 October, Year 6 students will be participating in Dance Sports. The Dance Sport classes will be teaching the Year 6 students the skills for more formal dancing, for them to attend their Graduation dance on Wednesday 14 December.

Wanneroo Festival Drone Display Performance

Senior and Year 4 Choir students will be participating with the One Big Voice Studio Choir in the Drone display Finale of the Wanneroo Festival on Saturday, October 29.

Please refer to the Choir Connect Notice for details on the meeting point, etc. Parents are reminded that you must remain at the event, as supervision is not provided by school. Entry and participation is free of charge.

We’re looking forward to an exciting event!

Year 6 Orientation

Year 6 students who are enrolled at Duncraig Senior High School for 2023 will be participating in an Orientation Day on Tuesday 29th November. This is a whole day activity and is only for students enrolled at the school for 2023. Students who will be attending elsewhere in 2023 will be required at school as normal on this day. They will participate in Orientation Days for their respective schools as advised.

Public Speaking Showcase

We are excited to be offering students the opportunity to be involved in our Public Speaking focus for Term 4. This year, the students will be given the opportunity to present a speech in front of an audience.

The format will be as follows:

Students will decide on an informative or persuasive topic to write speech on.

  • Year 1: Information Speech (1 – 2 minutes)
  • Year 2 – 6: Persuasive Speech ( 2- 3 minutes)

All students will write and practice their speech at home.  They will present their speech within the normal classroom timetable in Week 5.

One student from each class will be selected to perform their speech at the Public Speaking Showcase on Thursday the 24th November (Week 7).  These parents will be notified prior to the event.

Download and view the Term Planner

Downlaod and view the P& C Term 4 Newsletter

French in Action

Students from our school, Laura and Zoe, recently had the opportunity to put their French into action on a recent holiday to Paris!

Kind regards,
Nicole Borbas,

Community Notices


Principal’s Update Week 9, Term 3 2022

Kindy News

This term Kindy C worked together to build a scarecrow for our Kindy veggie patch. We were all so excited to stuff him with hay (thank you for sharing Duncraig PS chooks!) and stand him proudly amongst our beautiful vegetables. We would like to say a big special thank you to Mrs Garie’s partner, Ron, who assisted us by building the frame and donating the jeans!

It has been wonderful to receive positive feedback and comments from the school community as they walk past the Kindy. And, we are pleased to share a noticeable absence of crows in the Kindy area!

Spare Parts Puppets Performance

During Week 7, students from Room 3, 4, 5 and 6 attended a performance and art incursion by Spare Parts Puppet theatre.  The students witnessed a creative and moving mixed-form puppet show called ‘Hachiko’. This performance told the true story of the famous Hachiko, a dog that waited at a train station in Tokyo, Japan every day for 9 years for his master to return.  From there, the students applied their critical and creative thinking skills, as well as their inspiration from the show, to participate in an upcycling puppet making workshop.  This was a rich learning experience for all students who can now apply their newly acquired experience and knowledge to their current studies in art when designing and making 3D figures.

Assembly Superstars

We have had two assemblies in two weeks!

In Week 8, the Year 6 students presented their “Asia Getaway” program, showcasing all their learning from the Asia units in HaSS. Congratulations to all students (and teachers) for persevering with the trials of technology.

This week, Week 9, we were treated by our students at the other end of the school. Congratulations to the Pre-primary students in Room 14, who treated us by showing off their dancing skills and ability to tell the time.

Our Week 9 Students of the Month

Week 8 Merit Certificate winners

Our Week 9 Students of the Month

Science Expo 2022

On Wednesday 14th September, we hosted our inaugural Science Expo. Students from Years 3-6 were invited to enter the expo, researching and celebrating a science invention or a person of science. I was so impressed with all the exhibits. Students had made models, generated QR codes, created online Kahoot quizzes, created timelines and presented their own student-based learning in engaging ways.

Special mention goes to the following students who were awarded a $30 Apple voucher:

  • Year 3 – Emmie Lanoelle: The Elevator
  • Year 4 – Amalyn Dingley: Ocean Clean-up System
  • Year 5 – Georgie Vincent: The History of the Clock
  • Year 6 – Chris Marns & Mitchell Bennett: The Light Bulb

National Public Holiday – Thursday 22 September

As you will be aware, the Prime Minister has announced a public holiday as a national day of mourning for the late Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday 22 September.

This means that Duncraig Primary School will be closed on this day.

It is important to note that the school term officially ends on Friday 23 September and students are expected to attend school on this day. All previous arrangements for the 23rd remain in place and it will be ‘business as usual.’

I appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience but given the circumstances I appreciate your understanding.

I look forward to welcoming students back in Term 4.

VacSwim swimming lessons

Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the summer school holidays.

VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations during the long break. It’s a great school holiday activity that teaches valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Your children can start as young as five years old.

Places are limited, so get in early. Enrol your children in VacSwim now at

Voluntary Contributions

Did you know..?

In 2021 we received 62% Voluntary Contributions paid. This year we are aiming for 80%. It’s not too late to pay!

Your contributions help pay for:

  • Consumable Art & Craft Supplies
  • Hygiene & Medical Supplies
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra Classroom Supplies

Contributions are $60 per student. You can pay by direct deposit:

Account Name: Duncraig Primary School, BSB: 016-495, A/C: 340948316, Ref: Family Name

Please contact the office if you would like assistance with this.

Kind regards,

Nicole Borbas


French News “Restons Branchées”

Languages Week is celebrated in August!

This year Année 6 learnt about the Francophone World, becoming aware that French is spoken in 40+ countries, such a great reason and benefit for our school to be learning French!

The students learnt about the location of these countries, territories and departments.

The students then spent time writing a précis about the French Australian connection that exists between the two countries. French can be a useful asset in such fields as cultural exchanges, scientific collaboration and the promotion of trade ties between France and Australia. Parents were given the opportunity to read their children’s work giving highly favourable feedback about our unique connection with France.

The Year 2 to 5 students had fun learning about the shape of France (it’s a hexagon!) and they were very interested to learn about some fun facts regarding the icons of France. Currently we are just putting finishing touches to our maps designed in class.

We have also had some lovely story books added to our Library Book collection which will be ready for borrowing very soon.

Below you can see some great dialogues and surveys taking place by some Year 3 and 4 students. These were written by the children and here they are exchanging information called “All About Me”.

Happy Book Week, Bonne Fêtes!

Madame Wilderspin.

Principal’s Update Week 6 Term 3 2022

Book Week

Book week is my favourite event of the year! Apart from the dress-ups and extra activities that make up Book Week, it is a great opportunity to revisit our favourite books, imagine amazing worlds and be filled with the wonderment of our students’ ever-expanding ability to read and comprehend texts. I was blown away at this week’s assembly to note that so many of our merit certificate winners were receiving their awards because of their improvement in reading.

We are fortunate to use some amazing programs to promote and build reading skills at Duncraig Primary School. The Literacy Pro program is intended for independent readers, who can challenge themselves with quizzes and activities based on their chosen book.

Reading Eggs is another program the school uses to build reading skills for our Pre-primary to Year 6 students. Both programs are provided and supported by the Duncraig PS P&C. We are very lucky to have them.

Duncraig Eco Warriors

We have new bins!! Our Duncraig Eco Warriors, led by Ms Alex Collett, have been getting hands-on with the rubbish lately; conducting a rubbish audit and finding out the main rubbish culprits. This week, some of our Eco Warriors rolled out the new bins and told us how we should sort our rubbish. The main aim is to reduce the amount of land-fill rubbish. These bins have been provided due to a successful Waste Sorted Schools grant application by Ms Collett.

In addition to our Waste Sorted grant, Mrs Jackson has also been successful in a Keep Australia Beautiful Community Litter Grant, which will partly fund signage, bags, gloves, and posters for our school; reminding everyone how proud we are of our school and how we want it to be beautiful!

Well done to our staff and students!

Faction Carnivals

Next week is Faction Carnival Week! It is a very exciting time for our students as they each endeavour to beat their personal best and demonstrate great teamwork and positive sporting attitudes. It is also the first time we will be competing under our new faction names – Red: Kaarak, Gold: Karda, and Green: Yonga. As voted by our students.

New faction flags are in production, although I fear that they may not be ready in time. Fingers crossed! Here is a sneak peak of our new faction flags. Thank you to our wonderful P&C who are funding these.

Jumps, throws and long-distance events take place on Wednesday, and the main carnival will be held on Friday 2nd September. Keep an eye out for event information and approximate timing for these events.


As much as I know that the Faction Athletics Carnival is an important date on the calendar, I need to put in my apologies as I will not be in the school next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I recognise that this not ideal, and being a new Principal in the school, it is disappointing for me. I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing the photos from both days.

Student RATs

We still have plenty of student RATs available. We have saliva and nasal RATs.  Please call into the office to grab some extras!

Assembly Superstars

Congratulations to our Merit Certificate and Student of the Month recipients this week.

Also, well done to Room 18 students in Year 1, for their assembly performance of their play, “Dreamland”. Everyone looked cosy and comfortable in their PJs!

Merit Certificates 25 AUG 2022

Student of the Month 25 AUG 2022

We were also very lucky to present some special Literacy Pro Awards to some amazing readers. A big thank you to Scholastic for sponsoring these prizes.

VacSwim swimming lessons

Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the summer school holidays.

VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations during the long break. It’s a great school holiday activity that teaches valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Your children can start as young as five years old.

Places are limited, so get in early. Enrol your children in VacSwim now at

Voluntary Contributions

Did you know..?

In 2021 we received 62% Voluntary Contributions paid. This year we are aiming for 80%. It’s not too late to pay!

Your contributions help pay for:

  • Consumable Art & Craft Supplies
  • Hygiene & Medical Supplies
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra Classroom Supplies

Contributions are $60 per student. You can pay by direct deposit:

Account Name: Duncraig Primary School, BSB: 016-495, A/C: 340948316, Ref: Family Name

Please contact the office if you would like assistance with this.

Kind regards,

Nicole Borbas


Principal’s Update Week 4 Term 3 2022

Wanjoo Workshop

We kicked off this week with an amazing performance from Gina and Guy. They shared Noongar language, culture and songs with us. It was so heart-warming to hear our children belt out the Wanjoo (Welcome) song with them. Thanks to the parents who came along and shared this experience with us.


Interschool Cross Country

Due to the terrible weather over the past week, the interschool cross country event was postponed this Tuesday until next Tuesday 16thAugust. This event is for top finishers from the Faction event in Years 3-6, held in Week 2.

Congratulations to all our students who persevered and put in their personal best in the Faction Cross Country event. There were some impressive finishes and great stamina demonstrated.

The students continue to train with Mr Orzel each morning before school.

Book Week Incursion

Next Wednesday 17th August, we will be participating in a Book Week Incursion. The cost of this is $10 per student. Please ensure your money is paid before this event. It would be great to see every student participating. Of course, National Book Week is actually held the following week from 22nd August. Our English committee is planning a range of activities for the students during this week. Our dress up day is Thursday 25th August, which also correlates with our next assembly, which will be presented by Room 18. The theme for our dress up day is Pyjama Day! This is to match the national theme of Book Week: Dreaming with Eyes Open.

Assembly Superstars

Congratulations to our Merit Certificate recipients this week.
Host class: Room   17 Date: 11 August 2022

Year Room Teacher Recipient
PP 14 Ms Phillips Noah and Juliette
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Wass Ella and Layla
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Jack and Charlie
1 18 Mrs Spiers Ethan and Liam
2 13 Mrs Firman Dyllan and Luka
2 10 Mrs Adams Jake and Alisi
2 11 Mrs Cole Reagan and Douglas
2 12 Miss Collett Thomas, Giles and Zavier
3 8 Mrs Orford Max and Zoe
3 7 Mr Miller Maisee and Brianna
3/4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Wensinger Cameron and Lebron
4 5 Miss Coombes/Mrs Wensinger Matthew and Jessica
4/5 4 Mr Zanatta Charlotte and Levi
5 3 Ms Finnie/Miss Oldroyd Scarlett and Cooper
6 1 Mrs Mosconi Kirra and Milla
6 2 Mrs Jones James and Xanthe
French Madame Wilderspin Joshua and Christopher

Also, well done to Room 17 students in Pre-primary and Year 1, for their assembly performance of Space Jam, and Aliens Love Underpants, a text that they learned in their Talk 4 Writing Program.

A special mention also to Room 13 Year 1 students, who presented their amazing assembly item in Week 2. They were the Animals of the Northern Forest of Duncraig!

School Times

A reminder to all parents that our school start times are:

8.40am – First Bell

8.50am – Commence Learning

On my early morning walks, I have noticed a number of students arriving right on, or just after that second morning bell. I know these cold mornings create a challenge to get out of the house nice and early, however, we like to start our learning straight away – usually the English block of learning. Late arrivals can cause a disruption or delay to learning during this valuable start of the day.

Voluntary Contributions

Did you know..? In 2021 we received 62% Voluntary Contributions paid. This year we are aiming for 80%. It’s not too late to pay!

Your contributions help pay for:

  • Consumable Art & Craft Supplies
  • Hygiene & Medical Supplies
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra Classroom Supplies

Contributions are $60 per student. You can pay by direct deposit:

Account Name: Duncraig Primary School

BSB: 016-495

A/C: 340948316

Ref: Family Name

Please contact the office if you would like assistance with this.

Kind regards,

Nicole Borbas

Principal’s Update – Week 2 Term 3

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Term 3. I hope everyone had a great break, or at least enjoyed a break from the daily school morning organisation! We started off the school term with a student free day where staff were involved in data analysis in the morning, followed by parent interviews in the afternoon and into the evening. Thank you to those parents who were able to meet with teachers. If you were unable to meet with your child’s class teacher, please contact them to arrange an alternative time. As always, your feedback on the process is invited.

Kindy Enrolments 2023

Kindy enrolments for 2023 are now closed. We are aiming to send out enrolment confirmation letters from next Tuesday 2ndAugust. In the later half of this term, we will be offering a Transition to Kindy Program for our future, enrolled kindy students.

A reminder to all current Kindy parents; a renewed enrolment needs to be completed for a 2023 Pre-primary placement.

2023 School Structure

It may seem early, however, school structure planning for 2023 is already underway. This planning allows us to determine student numbers, class organisations and the school budget. If you are planning to move away from Duncraig Primary School, please let us know so that we are best placed to predict our student numbers. Likewise, if you are aware of a new family coming to the area or know of others who are considering enrolling at our school, please encourage them to contact us so that we can factor in new enrolments.

Later in the year, once class organisations are final, we will invite parents to submit placement requests based on students’ educational needs.

Minecraft Club

This term, we have commenced a Minecraft Club for students, on Tuesday and Thursday recess times. This club is very popular with the students and they know lots about Minecraft! They are going to teach me a great deal!

Obviously, on those wet days we get quite a few students coming in armed with their iPads and their recess snacks.

Wanjoo Workshop

Our Wanjoo Workshop is now being held on Monday 8th August. Once again, we would like to invite our school community to come along at 9.45am to enjoy this concert. This is a free event, thanks to our wonderful P&C who are covering the cost of this performance.

Faction Cross Country Event

Friday 29th July is our Faction Cross Country event. The event kicks off at 1.40pm and parents are invited to come along and cheer on the students. PP-Year 2 students are encouraged to participate in the event and Years 3-6 students are expected to participate. It has been fabulous seeing so many students training in the mornings. Thank you to Mr O who has been organising the training each Monday-Thursday mornings on the oval.

Assembly Superstars

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Voluntary Contributions

Did you know..?
In 2021 we received 62% Voluntary Contributions paid. This year we are aiming for 80%. It’s not too late to pay!
Your contributions help pay for:

  • Consumable Art & Craft Supplies
  • Hygiene & Medical Supplies
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra Classroom Supplies

Contributions are $60 per student. You can pay by direct deposit:
Account Name: Duncraig Primary School, BSB: 016-495, A/C: 340948316, Ref: Family Name

Please contact the office if you would like assistance with this.

Kind regards,
Nicole Borbas