Aliens Love Underpants

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Winners of Book Week Curious Creatures, Wild Minds Art Competition


First Place – $10.00 book voucher

Second Place – $5.00 stationery voucher

Pre Primary
1st place Eliska O
2nd place Maddison V
Year 1
1st place Zoe W
2nd place Lucy H
Year 2
1st place Noah M
2nd place Dane C
Year 3
1st place Tilly S
2nd place Molly S
Year 4
1st place Joshie S
2nd place Milla B
Year 5
1st place Rowan B
2nd place Ruby M
Year 6
1st place Sundy Y
2nd place Ariana T



1st place – $10.00 Book voucher

2nd place – Voucher for a Poster

Kindy A
1st place Nate W
2nd place Luka O
Kindy B
1st place Indiana D
2nd place Alan C



1st place – Box of chocolates

1st place Mrs Edwards Rm:16


Principals Update T4 week 2

Welcome back to school for the final term of 2020.

I would like to thank the school community for their support in what has been such a challenging year so far. Parents/carers are welcome onto the school grounds remembering to adhere to the social distancing rules. Parents/carers are only able to enter the classrooms if they have an organised meeting.

Term 4 is an extremely busy one for our students and teachers with National Quality Standards Verification of our Early Years Program, Edu Dance, Dance Sport, Numero Competition, 1:1 iPad program parent information evening, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary orientation, Year 6 visits to Duncraig SHS, Public Speaking showcase, Year 6 Camp, Year 6 Graduation and PP-Year 5 presentations assembly.

It will be so much more pleasant hosting a lot of these events this year with the installation of our new fan in the undercover area. On behalf of the staff and students I would like to thank the P&C for their generous contribution that has allowed us to make this purchase.

2021 Kindergarten Orientation Meeting

Kindergarten orientation for 2021 Kindy students is being held at Duncraig Primary School on Friday 27 November.The focus of this session is to enable the children to


meet one another and familiarise themselves with the Kindy environment. This will also be an opportunity for teachers to meet parents. Parents will be provided with an orientation pack that provides information about Kindy. Representatives from the Duncraig Primary School P&C will be available to sell uniform stock at a reduced price. This includes shorts and skorts. We look forward to meeting you and your children before the start of an exciting Kindy year.

Term 4 School Development Day

On the first two days of Term 4 all teachers and education assistants participated in professional learning in the Talk for Writing program. Having seen the huge effects this program has on children’s writing and with the analysis of previous years writing data this program will be the whole school approach to the teaching of writing. Talk for Writing, developed by Pie Corbett, is powerful because it is based on the principles of how people learn. The movement from imitation to innovation to independent application can be adapted to suit the needs of learners of any stage. Brooke Purdy from Dyslexia SPELD facilitated the two-day learning.

The Talk for Writing approach enables children to read and write independently for a variety of audiences and purposes within different subjects. A key feature is that children internalise the language structures needed to write through ‘talking the text’, as well as close reading. The approach moves from dependence towards independence, with the teacher using shared and guided teaching to develop the ability in children to write creatively and powerfully.

Talk for Writing has had an outstanding impact on schools. Typically, schools have found that children initially double their rate of progress and, where the approach has been applied systematically across a setting, many schools have moved from dire results to outstanding success. Schools already performing well have not only increased attainment, but also enjoyment and engagement.

This approach requires teachers to teach explicitly and will take time for them to perfect the craft but we are looking forward to seeing the “fruits of our labour”. You can access the link below for more information on the program.

The Fathering Project

The Fathering Project is a well-established program in many schools that allows for the Dad/father figures in our students lives to get together. It assists dads to form groups that organise fun activities at schools, providing a safe and inclusive environment where fathers can engage with their kids and learn, share and connect with each other. It also provides schools with tools to identify strengths and needs in order to plan improvements in family partnerships. This ties in perfectly with our schools focus on social and emotional wellbeing. Our school is now a member of the Fathering Project. Many thanks to Jarrod Holloway who has taken the lead and organised this through the P&C. With the help of the P&C Jarrod is currently organising the launch of this group at an event (Sausage Sizzle) to be held on Thursday 12 November.  Please keep your eye out for notifications via Connect or on the website regarding this upcoming events as well as other events that will take place across the school year to build relationships in our community.

Food Bank Donations

This term in the lead up to Christmas the P&C are organising a food drive for Foodbank WA. A box will be placed near the Canteen to collect non-perishable food donations.  The most wanted food items are UHT custard, Christmas pudding, spreads such as jam, vegemite and honey, tea, coffee, canned fish, canned fruit and canned vegetables. Thank you so much in anticipation of your support.

ECO Team

Last term students from years 3 to 6 were given the opportunity to sign up to Duncraig Primary School’s ECO Team. There were many interested students ready to join the team, which was very pleasing. The ECO team’s mission is to minimise waste and work towards a more sustainable future. Some of the jobs the eco team students have signed up for are Kitchen Garden maintenance, soft plastic recycling, compost and worm farm care, educating others and lunchtime clean ups.

The Kitchen Garden has produced some delicious snow peas, and the garden is looking better than ever. The students have collected 6 large bags of soft plastics saved from landfill and this has been recycled with Woolworths and REDcycle.   In addition, the team has begun collecting coffee pods, plastic lids, batteries and used stationary. Please bring any of these items in on a Tuesday and Thursday as the ECO team will be collecting these items in the old undercover area in the morning before school. The coffee pods will be taken to and recycled at local Nespresso stores, the plastic lids will be used for teaching and learning programs, batteries will be collected and disposed of by the local council and used stationery will be sent to TerraCycle.

Containers for Change started on the 1st of October and if community members would like to donate the proceeds of their recycling to our school there is a Containers for Change bin in the old undercover area or you can by providing our name ‘DUNCRAIG PRIMARY SCHOOL P&C’ or using our Scheme Code C10295049, at the recycling depot @ 238 Balcatta Road Balcatta or search other locations via

Gardening Club

During Term 3 Ms Collett reinvigorated the Environmental Program with the implementation of the “ECO Team”. Students have been working in the garden before school and teachers have been using the garden to assist with student learning. The ECO team has begun a new recycling program around the school. Mrs Stewart began her Friday “gardening club” last Friday. With the assistance of Ms Clegg and the team they were very successful in beginning the beautification of the school’s gardens.

Well done to you all!




Lyn Dawson

21 October 2020

Principals Update week 10

Dear parents and carers,

As we head into the holidays, it’s hard to believe we have come to the end of another term.  The students have been busily engaged in learning throughout the term, involved in a range of activities and events.

Interschool Carnival

Last week 115 Duncraig Primary School competitors had an enjoyable time competing at the Carine District School Sports Association Athletics Carnival. The overall result was outstanding, with Duncraig Primary School finishing second and Poynter Primary School coming in first.  What an outstanding achievement for our school.

There were a number of students who won their events with many successful team event places.  The teams demonstrated great perseverance as they practised considerably leading up to the event.   Of the sixteen events Duncraig won six, finished second in three, third in three and fourth in one.  Passball and Leaderball events were a stand out, with some very good relay results also to give Duncraig a fabulous overall result.

Special thanks to the teachers support in training and assisting students leading up to the event and on the day.  In addition, thank you to the parents and families who came to support their children and our school.  Finally, a great effort by all our enthusiastic competitors who embraced the competition whilst enjoying the day.

Book Week

Next term, the school will be celebrating Book Week during week two.  This will include the Book Fair, open in the library over the week and a dress up day on Thursday 22 October.  The theme this year is curious creatures, wild minds.  Your child can come dressed in their own creative interpretation of this theme.

Triple P

Last week a group of parents attended a seminar presented by our school psychologist Alannah Paris and her colleague.  Parents learnt key anxiety management skills that they can teach their children. This opportunity was offered following response to parent requests for how to support their children’s social and emotional wellbeing. Further information for parents can be found on the Triple P or Be You link.

Public Speaking Showcase

Next term students from year one to six will have the opportunity to present their speaking and listening skills.  We would love your support to assist your child in developing or reciting a poem.  Your child’s classroom teacher will share some examples of poems that could be recited or alternatively they may wish to write their own.  Further details will be shared via your classroom teacher early next term.  Two students per class will be asked to present their poems during the Public Speaking Showcase on 26 Nov.

Term 4 Calendar

Next term will be very busy with many activities and events.  Please see our term 4 calendar for some important dates for the diary.  A reminder that the first two days are School Development Days where no students are to attend.

I’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays and we look forward to seeing your children back on Wednesday 14 October.

Best wishes

Leah Clegg
Deputy Principal

ECO team

On Friday 28 August, Rosie from Waste Wise Schools joined the year 3 students from room 12 and year 6 ECO team members to complete a waste audit. The purpose of this visit was to determine the quality and type of waste that our school produces.  In addition, the students learnt about ways we could reduce and reuse waste.   We conducted the audit after recess and organised the rubbish from our bins into categories. We then weighed how much rubbish we had in each category and recorded our results. The students noticed that there was a reasonable amount of paper in the bin, but this was mostly made of lunch bags, which shows our efforts to recycle paper is paying off.  There were large amounts of food waste including whole pieces of fruit and unopened sandwiches and snacks. The students were amazed that people would throw away their unopened Twisties packets! We discussed how the high amounts of fruit and vegetable scraps can be saved from landfill by using compost or worm bins and our Eco Team are very excited to get working on making that happen. We also recorded a large number of snack wrappers in the bins. The students came up with an idea to reduce this amount by asking their parents to buy snacks in bulk and bringing food in reusable containers. Overall it was a fantastic learning experience and the students who attended have shared their results and ideas with the student Eco Team.

Principals Update Week 8

2020 Faction Carnival

Last Friday we held our annual Faction Carnival. The staff and students have been training all term for the big day! The students had an awesome day and each and every one of them did their best.

Here is a small snapshot of the day.

Huge congratulations to Mr Orzel for his wonderful preparation and organisation of the carnival as the day went off without a hitch! Thanks must also go to all the staff who supported him in before the creating such a fun event for the children. The faction captains below also did an outstanding job on leading by example on the day.

Winning to Green faction were the big winners on the day. Winning  faction captains  Angeles and Sam were proud leaders and made an inspiring speech thanking others.

Year 6 Graduation and End of Year Class Awards

After considerable discussion amongst staff and with the School Board it has been decided to have the Year 6 graduation ceremony a stand-alone event from 2020. This is a very special time for Year 6 students and their families and as such the event will be focused on celebrating their primary school years whilst wishing them success into their future.

That Graduation ceremony will focus on all the Year 6 students as well as those Year 6 individual students who receive awards. The ceremony itself will have the same format as in previous years. For those Year 6 parents who may want to organise time off for the ceremony it is being held on Wednesday 16 December at 9.00am

The Pre-Primary to Year 5 awards will be presented at a separate “Awards Assembly” on Thursday 10 December at 9.00am. The school councillors for 2021 will also be announced at this assembly. The change will allow the community to celebrate student’s success during a shorter ceremony.

Science Room

In 2018 the school was successful in receiving a grant to convert a classroom into a science laboratory. Over the term break work will begin on transforming the Art Room into a new science lab. Hopefully the transformation will be completed by around Week 5 in Term 4 (early November).

With approximately $40 000 being poured into this project the school, with the support of the Board, will employ a specialist Science teacher from 2021 with classroom teachers integrating Art into their teaching programs.

Term Holidays

As of Friday 18 September I will be taking LSL and returning in Term 4. Ms Leah Clegg will be in the Acting Principal role for that time. I would like to acknowledge the huge efforts that the entire staff of Duncraig have put in this term. I appreciate their efforts and support. I would also like to wish all the students and families a wonderful holiday. I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 14 October.


Lyn Dawson


9 September 2020

Principals Update Term 3 Week 6

In my last update I paid tribute to Mrs Jenny Martin who recently retired. Mrs Martin has thanked everyone for their well wishes.

Thank you everyone for the tribute piece in the Duncraig Primary School Newsletter.  Yes, I have ‘graduated’ to a new lifestyle.  One that allows me more time with my husband, Greg, our 3 sons, their wives and our 7 grandchildren.  My years at DPS were both busy and exciting but they were also very rewarding.  I loved it all!  I wish the staff, students and parents the very best for their life’s journey.  Jenny Martin

“May all the dreams you’re dreaming soon turn into dreams come true.”

Sporting Schools Australia

This term Duncraig Primary has secured funding from Sporting Schools Australia to host coaches from the Northern Districts Gymnastics Club. They will deliver four lessons to all our Year 1 students. During the up and coming weeks the students will experience various aspects of gymnastics from basic shapes through to learning some basic skills. In addition to learning new skills from this experience, gymnastics teaches confidence, self-discipline, team-work and many other life skills.

The coaches are all fully accredited and extremely professional. Duncraig Primary School endeavours to give our students a wide range of experiences for our students. In the past, through Sporting Schools, we have had coaching in Netball, Athletics, AFL, Swimming, Tennis and Netball. Apart from providing students with a great experience, it also funds equipment and gives great ideas for our school based coaches.

Mr Orzel continues to apply for funding each term and really appreciates the opportunity given to us by Sporting Schools. The main aim is to encourage students into community sport and reap the benefits of what those organisations have to offer. Feel free to offer Mr Orzel any feedback and suggestions as to where you would like to aim future funding applications.

Busy Bee

On Saturday August 15 the school community came together to clean up garden beds around the school grounds and carry out maintenance on the nature playground. I would like to thank Mrs Stewart for the work she did prior to the day, organising everything to ensure the morning went smoothly. A very big thank you to those parents, students and staff who came along on the day. 

School Board Vacancy

The board is seeking a new member from the school community who is passionate about our school and the journey we are taking. We meet twice a term on a Monday at 4pm. Please email me ( if you would like any more information.

What’s Coming Up?

This year has been unprecedented with events being cancelled and people disappointed. Unfortunately, the decision I communicated to parents/carers a couple of weeks ago still stands. Parents/Carers will not be attending our faction carnival. As I said before it was not an easy one to make as a school, we feel it is the best one for our school community. Despite this the students and staff are so looking forward to the jumps and throws Wednesday 2 September and the carnival on Friday 4 September. It would be wonderful to see the students come to school on carnival day with their faces painted and/or hair sprayed to add to the atmosphere.

In the last two weeks of term we have Interschool Athletics scheduled for Thursday 17 and Friday 18 September and swimming lessons for students in PP – Year 4 are being held in Weeks 9 and 10. Lastly I would like to wish all the Dads of Duncraig Primary School a very happy day on Sunday 6 September.

Lyn Dawson


Dedicated to Jenny Martin

My Principal update this week is dedicated to a much loved staff member of Duncraig Primary School. It is only fitting that I do so on the retirement of Mrs Jenny Martin.

Mrs Jenny Martin has dedicated her working life to the care and education of thousands of children over 34 years while working as an Education Assistant for the Department of Education. Mrs Martin commenced as an Education Assistant at Duncraig Primary School in 1986 at the now demolished Marri Road Kindy. It was here that Mrs Martin  shared her passion for developing the hearts and minds of young students. She supported students through their first year of schooling to establish the early foundations of learning that would lead many students on to become lifelong learners. She created a welcoming, fun and caring learning environment that challenged and engaged students.

Mrs Martin moved to the main school site and continued working in early childhood education. She spent many years working in Pre-primary and the junior block. Her exemplary skills in organising school resources and play equipment has been appreciated by the many staff who have worked alongside Mrs Martin (Jenny) over many years. She loved working with students one-on-one or in small groups and dedicated her working day and many hours of her personal time to ensure students had every opportunity to learn and had the support they needed to reach their potential.

Mrs Martin’s contributions to the school extended beyond the classroom.  She devoted many hours of her own time to ensure school events such as the ANZAC ceremony, graduation, open night, art show, classroom assemblies and much more were made special in every possible way. Her eye for detail and careful planning made all of these events memorable moments for those involved and her efforts made us all proud to be part of this wonderful school. For this gift, we are very grateful.

Mrs Martin’s dedication to Duncraig Primary School was all encompassing. In her early days when Duncraig Primary School became a lead school in Multi Age Grouping, she took on a lead role within the junior school. Mrs Martin broke down barriers and walls to bring staff together and promote a ‘new age’ learning environment which was seen as being ahead of its time and established Duncraig Primary School as the ‘go to’ school in this area. She wrote submissions to fund play equipment, was a long-standing member of the Finance committee and represented Education Assistants on the Executive Leadership Team. She demonstrated her committed approach to education by participating in professional learning opportunities, attending workshops and seminars, keeping abreast of curriculum documents and the latest research in education to ensure the best for all students. In more recent years, she was instrumental in creating our school’s resource reading room and supporting the Third Wave program.

Mrs Martin (Jenny) has given so much to the staff and students at Duncraig Primary School over many years. We know that her commitment to primary education has undoubtedly brought many years of joy and purpose to her life. She has nurtured and cared for each and every one of us like we were family. You have left a lasting impression in each and every one of our hearts and, while we are sad to see you go, we wish you every happiness in your future.

The time has come for Mrs Martin (Jenny) not to run a graduation ceremony but to ‘GRADUATE’ herself! On behalf of all the staff, students and families of Duncraig Primary School, best wishes in your retirement.

Happy Retirement Mrs Jenny Martin!

Tennis champs inspire school students

TENNIS champions served up their career highlights and free racquets at a northern suburbs school this month.

Matt Ebden and John Peers visited Duncraig Primary School on August 3 to hand out 50 racquets to all Pre-Primary students.

Principal Lyn Dawson said students were very excited and it was a good learning experience for older students who researched the players and asked them questions during the visit. Find out more…

Tennis Hot Shots Racquet Roadshow launched

On Monday August 3 Tennis Australia launched the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Racquet Roadshow at Duncraig Primary School. This national initiative provides a tennis racquet for every Pre-Primary aged student in the country.

Together with Tennis West staff Grand Slam champions Matt Ebden and John Peers presented all of our Pre-Primary students with a tennis racquet. Mr Rob Kennedy from Tennis West interviewed Matt and John in front of over 300 students about their tennis journey and career highlights.

Year 6 students also got the opportunity to ask the players some interesting questions. Selected students then had a hit up with the tennis stars. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students of Duncraig to learn how hard work and dedication can lead to a lifetime career.

Below is a selection of photos provided by Damo Photography. Also check out the Channel 9 news clip that aired on Tuesday night.

View the news video

Students from Year 6 presented their very own radio broadcast

Students from Year 6 presented their very own radio broadcast on Community Radio 89.7FM on the 29 July 2020. The School of Thought is a radio broadcast program that hands the microphone over to school aged students. It is a 45-minute community radio program on 89.7FM broadcast on Wednesday afternoons, starting after the 2pm news.

Students research their own topics of interest and present to a large radio audience. The format is six talk segments of 6-7 minutes each, separated by music of their choice The broadcast takes place on the ECU Campus, Joondalup.

Program founder John Logan began the show six years ago and it is one of the most popular on the station.

To listen to a recording of the broadcast please click here.

Mismatch Day Video

Mismatch Day – Fundraiser for Australian Childhood Foundation

Many thanks to our amazing school community for their support in raising much needed funds for the Australian Childhood Foundation. The school raised $1096 to support children affected by trauma.