Principal’s Update Term 4 – week 8

What an amazing year it has been.  With many exciting events ahead there is still lots of fun and learning happening over the next two weeks.

We look forward to bringing you the Edudance concerts, Graduation and PP-5 Awards ceremonies.

Recently, over the past two weeks, the students PP to Year 4 have enjoyed swimming lessons at the Craigie Leisure Centre.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for your children to learn the essential skills of swimming.   Hold onto those certificates and celebrate the successes with your children.

Duncraig /Glengarry Band

Last Friday the students from the school band performed a variety of Christmas songs for the community at Glengarry Primary School. Mrs Jan Ruscoe reported the students were outstanding displaying talent and confidence whilst entertaining the crowd.  Thank you to Mrs Ruscoe for her ongoing commitment in leading the school band.

Open Board meeting

Last week the community was invited to our open Board meeting.  This was a wonderful opportunity to share with the parent attendees the processes the school has undertaken during the Out of School Hours (OSH) tenure process. Additionally, parents were able to share how the current demand for care was affecting them.  The Board Chair and I were able to illustrate the steps the school took before signing the Deed and the response to the recent high demand for out of school hours care. As part of the Deed, the school has approved the extension of the patio to occur which will allow for some extra places. The school will also explore after school clubs, an idea put forward to offer other options to meet the needs of students and community.

Thank you to the ongoing support the school Board provides in contributing to school governance.  I would like to express my appreciation for the continued commitment the Board has displayed so that community expectations and school priorities, reflect the needs of the students.


Last week was the last P&C meeting for the year.  The P&C has worked hard all year to support the needs of the school and community.

You can read the P&C presidents report here.  This report highlights the extensive range of activities and support the P&C has delivered across the school year.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Duncraig PS P&C for their ongoing partnership in promoting the interests of the school community to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students.  Their contributions in facilitating our school developments and improvements have been outstanding. Your dedication to ensure the P&C has run smoothly and successfully is very much appreciated.

Class Structure 2022

Planning for student class placement has occurred for 2022.  The class structure for 2022 is shared below for your reference. With increased enrolments in parts of the school an additional class has been created to accommodate for this growth.  Room 10 will be a year 2 classroom in 2022. The French teaching and learning program will be implemented in the Library and Music room next year.

Communication of class placement including room, teacher and peers will be published in week 10 on Wednesday 15 December as per Class Placement Process.  This will stay on the school website (no surnames) until the end of week 10.

Please be assured your children have been placed in their class for 2022 with careful planning and consideration.

Year Room number






































Deputy Principal

Tabitha Stewart will be moving on from Duncraig Primary School in 2022.  Tabitha has successfully been appointed as the permanent Deputy Principal at Karrinyup Primary School. We would like to thank Tabitha for her contribution to our school, after such a long and dedicated service as a teacher and Deputy Principal.  Tabitha’s has had a significant impact on the students, teachers and community and this is much appreciated. We wish her all the best in her future.

A process will commence in 2022 to appoint a Deputy Principal.

Karen Garcia

After 26 years of service to Duncraig Primary School and over 36 years with the Department of Education Karen Garcia will be retiring. Karen’s dedicated service has been extensive over the years and we would like to acknowledge her ongoing dedication to the lives of many students and parents over the years. Best wishes in her retirement and future plans.


Paul Stokes our school Chaplain will be leaving us at the end of the year.  We would like to thank Paul for his commitment to the Duncraig PS community over the past 3 years.

A process to appoint a Chaplain for two days a week next year is underway.

Covid Vaccination

Parents/carers can visit to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment for their child if they:

  • haven’t yet received a COVID-19 vaccination; or
  • were unable to receive their second dose COVID-19 vaccination.

Please note that a second dose Pfizer vaccine should be delivered 3 to 6 weeks after the first dose. For further information on COVID-19 vaccination, visit Roll Up For WA.

Remote Learning Plan

All Public schools are required to have a remote learning plan ready to be implemented if required.  A copy of this plan will be posted on the school website by the end of the term.

Icy poles

Thank you to the P&C for organising the icy poles for our students in support of the Smith Family charity.  This initiative is in support of families in need, especially during the holiday period.  Your donation (gold coin) is much appreciated.

Note, this is not a compulsory donation.  The P&C have kindly organised and the funds go to the charity.

Christmas Appeal

Thank you for your support in donating food to the Christmas Appeal for the Salvation Army. Your generous contributions will be well received.  These donations will be collected on Monday 13 December.

Additionally, we will be dressing up in Christmas free dress, on Friday 10 December

Fees and Contributions 2022

A copy of the Fees and Contributions for 2022 can be found here.

Message from the Canteen

It’s been a wonderfully busy year in the canteen this year.

We’ve been lucky enough to access the school garden for fresh produce to create menu specials throughout the year.

Many new meals we have added to the menu have become favourites amongst students.

We’ve also had the support of the school to accomodate special days throughout the year like Science Day, Wellness day, school swimming lessons and the faction sports carnival.

During term 4, we have had a great response to the class roster for volunteers. All help has been greatly appreciated.

In week 10, we are excited to once again cater for the year 6 graduation morning tea, a special time for parents & teachers to celebrate our year 6 students.

We will finish the year with our ever popular ‘pizza and sushi’ day on Thursday December 16th.

Thanks for supporting your school canteen.


Canteen manager

Principal’s Update – Week 6 Term 4

Dear parents,

As we enter the last stage of the term there are many whole school activities ahead. Everyone is focused on ensuring the students are engaged and learning during this busy period. The teachers are actively writing reports ready to be sent out to you in the last week of school. This week the students in PP to year 4 commenced swimming, which is an exciting time for everyone.

There are many events coming up as we reach the end the of year, so perhaps lock the relevant dates into your calendar.

Important dates to remember

30 Nov- Year 7 Orientation Duncraig Senior High School

8 Dec Edudance concert- room 4,6,14,17,6,13,8

14 Dec Edudance concert- room 11,3,5,12,16,18,7

1 December 2022 PP Parent meeting 6pm

26 Nov 2022 KINDY AB Parent meeting 9.30am

3 Dec 2022 KINDY C Parent meeting 9.30am

9 Dec PP-Yr 5 Awards

15 Dec Graduation Ceremony

15 Dec 7 pm Dancesport social

13 Dec Reports go home

Australian Maths Competition

This year over 50 students self elected from year 3 to 6 entered the Australian Mathematics Competition.  This provided students with an incentive to achieve some great results in Mathematics.  The competition involved students solving a variety of maths problems relatable to their everyday life.

Well done to all those students who participated in the competition.

Congratulations to Dane in room 7 and Edward in room 8 were awarded a high distinction and Sasha in room 3 awarded best in school.

2021 Merit Certificates

Host class: Room   14 Date: Thursday 18 November 2021

Year Room Teacher Recipients
PP 14 Ms Phillips Freya
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards Ned and Finley
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Tahlia
1 18 Mrs Spiers Monty and Harry
1/2 13 Mrs Firman Lucas, Phoebe and Olivia
2 11 Miss Conway Quinn and Matthew
2/3 12 Miss Collett Denby and Shardul
3 8 Mrs Orford Armin
3 7 Mr Miller Harvey and Abbie
4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams Judd , Tabitha and Rachael
4/5 5 Mr Zanatta   Molly, Laura and Flynn
5 4 Mrs Finnie Lachlann and Joel
5/6 3 Mrs Mosconi Dean and Seth
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Miss Coombes Lucy and Jackson
6 2 Mrs Jones / Miss Coombes Cohen and Daniel
French Madame Wilderspin Olivia Becker

STEM at Duncraig Senior High

This term, the Year 6s have been visiting Duncraig Senior High School to participate in a three week STEM program on Tuesday afternoons. Students chose to participate in one of three subject options; problem solving, coding or science.

Here are some insights into their experiences so far.

In problem solving we have drawn multiple patterns and shapes onto either graph or dotted paper. With the graph paper we copied complex patterns following the design sheet closely. On the dotted paper we drew unfamiliar shapes with a varying number of vertices depending on the shape. These shapes were types of optical illusions and were quite challenging to copy. The work required lots of concentration and perseverance as the shapes weren’t always what they seemed. Check out some of our work below!

In coding we have been working with Mr. Norman to code microbit with block coding and python. We have also been learning about algorithms, sequencing and loops. It has been a great experience and we have enjoyed every minute.

In science we have been working in the science lab with proper science equipment. We have learned how to safely light a Bunsen burner and the scientific names of equipment. We have carried out some experiments and enjoyed boiling some red cabbage and rose petals to create a red cabbage and rose petal indicator, which we then used to test the pH of substances including vinegar and milk. It has been great fun!

We have all really enjoyed visiting the high school and we are looking forward to going next year.


Duncraig Primary School recently participated in the North Western heat of the Interschool Numero Competition. Congratulations to the members of the three teams; Duncraig Dragons, Dynamite and Dugites. Thank you to the team members; Kade, Hayley, Sasha, Alex, Cooper, Julia, Zaxson, Rowan, Josh, Jay, Scarlett, Sofia and Mila. All competitors did a fabulous job, performing their best maths under time pressure and in front of an audience.

The Duncraig Dragons deserve a special mention for winning the heat and progressing to represent our school at the State Final, which was held at Sutherland Dianella Primary on 11th November.

Huge congratulations to the Dragons’ four members; Alex, Hayley, Kade and Sasha who finished third in the state! With a total of 210 teams entered across the heats, this is a significant achievement for the team and the school. We are super proud of their hard work and dedication over the year!

Teddy Bear Picnic- Kindy

‘We have been learning about bears and teddy bears in Kindy this term. On Monday 25 October, Kindy A children were so excited to be invited to bring their teddy bears to school for a Teddy Bears Picnic! Parents and grandparents were also invited to attend picnic! Despite the rain we enjoyed a lovely picnic together with delicious food!

After lunch the rain cleared, and we treated our teddy bears to a bounce on our parachute and sang a teddy bear song for our families! This event was full of love, laughter and good food! Thanks so much to everyone who came and helped make this a highlight of our year and a very memorable day for all the children! ‘

Principal’s Update – Term 4 Week 4

With Term 4 well underway the students and teachers are engaged in many enjoyable activities to continue the progression of learning for the year.  Edudance (PP-5)  and Dancesport (Year 6) is providing the students with a great opportunity to learn new skills, be creative and work as a team.  Swimming lessons (PP-4) are due to commence in week 7.

World Teachers Day

On Tuesday 2nd November we celebrated World Teacher’s Day at school with a staff breakfast. This was an opportunity to celebrate and thank all of our hard working teachers and education assistants for their important role in our community, and the positive impact they have on the lives of students. Thank you to all of our amazing staff at Duncraig Primary School for the amazing job they do everyday!

Principal position

Lyn Dawson has announced her retirement, which will commence in 2022.  We would like to thank Lyn for her commitment to Duncraig Primary School as Principal and her long standing dedication to the Department of Education. We wish her all the best in her future.

A process will commence this term to appoint the Principal for 2022.

Deputy Principal

We welcome Tabitha Stewart back next week, as she returns to the Deputy Principal role for two days a week.  Both Jenny Cole and Michelle Moyes remain in the Deputy Principal roles until the end of the year.


On Friday 5 November, six students travelled down to Champion Lakes to compete in a School Sport WA Champion Schools Primary Triathlon. Each member completed one leg of the triathlon (swim 200m, cycle 6km, run 2km). Ruby, Zoe and Courtney as well as Cooper, Jacob and Cooper were very competitive amongst highly skilled athletes who were participating in the event. Well done to these athletes for giving their best!

Duncraig’s Got Talent

In Week 3 of this term, our school was witness to some of the best talent in Western Australia. With the expert guidance of our school chaplain, Mr Paul Stokes, we held Duncraig’s Got Talent! There were 19 performers which included singing, dancing, magic, lego building, piano, skipping, ballet, ribbon twirling, rubrics cubes and gymnastics. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed all of the performances. Congratulations to everyone who was courageous enough to perform in Duncraig’s Got Talent!

Mural-6 Noongar seasons

Recently the year 6 students engaged in a collaborative project led by a local noongar artist, Justin Martin from Djurandi Dreaming.  The students learnt about the six noongar seasons and represented their understanding through the creation of 6 murals.  This project was funded through a government grant led my Amy Jones (Year 6 teacher). The year 6 students will be presenting these murals as a gift to the school during the graduation ceremony.  They will be displayed in the old undercover area.


Recently the year 6 students engaged in a collaborative Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS) project with the year 10 students at Duncraig Senior High School (DSHS).  This involved the year 10 students supporting the primary students to create posters promoting urgent action around climate change.  This was in line with the United Nations goal 13, to combat climate change and its impact. The top 10 posters were selected and displayed at DSHS.

2022 Planning

The staff will be soon be working collaboratively to place students in classes for 2022.  The class placement process can be found on the school website here as your reference.  No more parent requests will be accepted after Friday 12 November as communicated in the previous Principal update.

Student of the Month 4 November – Honesty and Integrity

Yr Rm



PP 14 Miss Phillips Harvey
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards Luka
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Harrison
1 18 Mrs Spiers Zoe
1/2 13 Mrs Firman Olivia
2 11 Miss Conway Olivia
2/3 12 Miss Collett Amelie
3 8 Mrs Orford Matthew
3 7 Mr Miller Matthew
4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams Madison


4/5 5 Mr Zanatta Bodhi
5 4 Mrs Finnie Remy
5/6 3 Mrs Mosconi Kimberley
6 1 Mrs Garcia/ Miss Coombes Isla
6 2 Mrs Jones / Miss Coombes Leah

Merit Certificates

Year Room Teacher Recipients
PP 14 Ms Phillips Isabel
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards Pia and Zac
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Matty and Reagan
1 18 Mrs Spiers Evan and Evie
1/2 13 Mrs Firman Evelyn and Ivy
2 11 Miss Conway Willow and Bella
2/3 12 Miss Collett Mitchell and Vihn
3 8 Mrs Orford Alice and Max
3 7 Mr Miller Jobe and Ella
4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams Tom and Georgie
4/5 5 Mr Zanatta Samira and Freddie
5 4 Mrs Finnie Joshua , Bonnie and Charly
5/6 3 Mrs Mosconi Sofia and Dylan
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Miss Coombes Sienna and Anthony
6 2 Mrs Jones / Miss Coombes Logan , Blake and Matheo
French Madame Wilderspin Dione

Shaun Tan

Throughout the course of the year, Year 6’s in Rooms 1 and 2 have been studying the works of world renowned, Perth born author and artist Shaun Tan.  We have studied a few of his many books including Cicada, The Rabbits and The Lost Thing. We have also enjoyed viewing the Academy Award winning The Lost Thing short film, an adaptation of the book. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

Shaun Tan has been inspirational to us, as we created our own “Miscellaneous Anomalies” in the style of his characters.  We emailed these to him to enjoy, along with a few questions we devised.  Much to our excitement, he responded by answering all of our questions!

Below are a few Shaun Tan inspired anomalies created by our students.

Principal’s Update – Term 4 Week 2

We have had a wonderful start to the term with students and teachers getting busy with their last phase of learning for the year.  It has been great to see the students begin the EduDance program occurring weekly with a concert planned for the end of the term.  In addition, our year 6 students have commenced Dancesport and will be putting their skills to use at the end of year social. With lots more to come please refer to our term planner here and look out for updates on connect.


On Friday 17 and Monday 20 September, selected students from Duncraig Primary School attended the Interschool Athletics Carnival at the Joondalup Arena Oval. The best athletes from Marmion, Poynter, Glengarry, Davallia, North Beach, Carine and Sorrento Primary Schools gathered to compete in a number of events. The weather was perfect and our team was full of competitive and good sporting spirit. A sterling effort by our athletes produced an overall result of 5 place. The smiles on our athlete’s faces showed how much they enjoyed the day. Congratulations to all of those students who were chosen to represent DPS at the Interschool Athletics Carnival. A special mention must go to Ivy (rm 13) who received the runner up Year 1 Champion Girl medallion and Jake (rm 12) who received the Runner Up Year 3 Champion Boy medallion. It was so good to see the high level of participation and involvement in all of these activities.  Thank you to the teachers, education assistants, school officers and parents/carers involved in making these wonderful events run so successfully.

Planning 2022: Class Placement requests

The student class placement procedure will once again be implemented to place students into their 2022 classes. Information about how our students will be placed into their classes for next year is available on our website here. This includes an outline of the school process including information about parent communication. If you are unsure as to whether you should make a request, please speak with your child’s teacher or contact the Deputy Principals or myself directly.

All class placement requests for consideration must be submitted by Friday 12 November (Week 5). The process for placing students into their 2021 classes will then commence and late requests cannot be accepted.

It is anticipated that 2022 class lists will be finalised before the end of this term and will be uploaded onto the school website. Further information about when this will occur will be included in the final newsletter of the school year.

Buildings & Grounds Update

Roch Road playground upgrade

Recently, we received a grant from the state government to conduct minor school projects.  This has resulted in the renewal of the paths, retaining wall and additional concreted space at the Roch rd playground.  Additionally new grass has been planted. This area is now safer, more attractive and functional for the students.

School oval

The school oval is progressing and we are allowing students access back to this space for part of the week, giving more time for growth and renewal. The students are enjoying getting back to playing their games in this space.

1:1 iPad Parent Information Evening

Last week Duncraig Primary School hosted an information evening for the year 2 & 3 parents about the 1:1 iPad Program at Duncraig Primary School.  Sara Orford, Jo Watkinson and Michelle Moyes, all representative of the school’s ICT committee, presented information about about the use of iPads in the classroom, Apple classroom, security and purchasing for 2022. It was great to see so many parents engaging with their child’s learning and the use of the 1:1 iPad program. A brochure outlining further information, including purchasing will be sent out to all year2 and 3 parents in the coming weeks.

Duncraig’s Got Talent

Across this week self nominated students will be performing at the Duncraig’s Got Talent show. I am very impressed to see that so many students are displaying the courage; one of our school values, to express their creative energy in various genres.  I look forward to an entertaining display of Duncraig talent.  More to be shared in the next news update.

Car park

Please remember the staff park is not for visitors.  Additionally the laneway nearby the shopping centre is not a drop off or pick up zone as this is signed for tenants only.  Access for tenants has been compromised during the morning and afternoon periods.  The Marri rd car park can be safe alternative with the cross walk attendant available.


Representatives from our Year 4 and Senior Choirs had the exciting opportunity to perform on the Community Stage at Optus Stadium, as part of the Telethon Family Fun Day. The students performed, ‘I Was Born,’ and had a wonderful experience, walking out onto the famous ground! We saw celebrities including Fat Cat, Olaf, Belle and Darth Vader. Channel 7 will send their official footage to the school in a few weeks, for us to watch. Congratulations and thank you to these Choir singers and their families for their contribution to one of Perth’s most cherished events, which raises funds for PCH and other children’s health organisations. Thanks also to Mr Orzel and Ms Clegg for helping out on the day.

Mrs Ruscoe

2021 Merit Certificates

Host class: Room 5 Date: Thursday 21 October 2021

Year Room Teacher Recipient
PP 14 Ms Phillips Edison and Anderson
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards Tanner and Annabelle
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Eliska
1 18 Mrs Spiers Patrick and Amelie
1/2 13 Mrs Firman Zoe and Sadie
2 11 Miss Conway
2/3 12 Miss Collett Luka and Zak
3 8 Mrs Orford Mitchell and Jessica
3 7 Mr Miller Matthew and Flora
4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams Krishiv and Jeremy
4/5 5 Mr Zanatta Demi and Liam
5 4 Mrs Finnie Milah and Dean
5/6 3 Mrs Stewart Alex and Sasha
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Miss Coombes Cooper, Scott and Taylah
6 2 Mrs Jones / Miss Coombes Jessica and Mackenzie
French Madame Wilderspin Jack, Georgia and Amelie



Principal’s Update – Week 8

This term there have been many whole school events enjoyed by the school community.  With Book week, Science week, Athletics carnivals and One Big Voice, there has been a real buzz of activity for students, teachers and parents to experience.

I can share that I have been appointed as the Principal role for the rest of the year and look forward to leading the school for the remainder of 2021. Mrs Michelle Moyes has been appointed for the remainder of the school term whilst Mrs Tabitha Stewart is on leave.  Michelle is from West Leederville PS where she has been the Deputy Principal.  Mr Chris Lenferna will remain the PE teacher for the remainder of term 3 and we welcome Mr Ted Orzel back next term.

Out of School Hours Expression of Interest

I am pleased to share with you Zig Zags have been awarded the contract to continue as the Out of School Hours (OSH) provider for our school.  We look forward to a continued partnership with Zig Zags.

Duncraig’s Got Talent

The students have now nominated for the Duncraig’s Got Talent show.  This popular initiative has seen many students displaying outstanding courage to audition for this amazing event. Over the next two weeks students are auditioning with a dress rehearsal in week 2 and the main event to be held on 26 October at 1.45pm in the new undercover area.

Athletics Carnival

Recently on Friday 3 Sept, the students participated in a variety of events at our Athletics carnival.  In addition, they also engaged in jumps and throws events on 1 September.  Marri Park, being a public venue was a great facility to support the students and community to enjoy this amazing day.

The students displayed all our school values, in particular perseverance as they pushed through to do their best.  At the end of the day Green was the winning faction with gold second and red coming in third.  Congratulations to the following students who were runner up and Champion Boy and Girl

Year Champion Boy Runner Up Champion Girl Runner Up
3 Rm 12 Jake Rm 12 Noah Rm 7 Ellyse

Rm 8 Taylor

Rm 8 Marta
4 Rm 6 Dylan

Rm 6 Jeremy

Rm 6 Thomas Rm 6 Summer Rm 6 Tilly
5 Rm 4 Felix Rm 4 Connor Rm 3 Scarlett Rm 3 Nesheya
6 Rm 1 Cooper Rm 2 Cooper Rm 2 Julia Rm 2 Kate

Good luck to our students as they represent the school at the Interschool carnivals this Friday & Monday.

A huge thank you to Mr Lenferna for his leadership and organisation to ensure the running of the events.  In addition, a shout out to the commitment of the school staff who displayed excellent team work and endurance coordinating the day to support all the children.

Thank you to the P&C for their support in facilitating the fan stall, including hair spraying and the running of the cake stall.  Your commitment to raise money for the school and ensure our students make long lasting memories is appreciated.

Duncraig Netball

Congratulations to the Duncraig Primary School Year 6 netball team for successfully making it to the grand final this weekend.  Good luck.

Father’s Day Raffle

Thank you to the P&C fundraising committee and parent volunteers for running the Fathers Day stall, so that the students could buy something to give their dads on Fathers Day.

Merit Certificate Winners

Year Room Teacher Recipients
PP 14 Ms Phillips Hudson and Myra
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards Cameron and Eddie
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Max and Aisling
1 18 Mrs Spiers Ava and Olivia
1/2 13 Mrs Firman Daniel and Isabel
2 11 Miss Conway Zac and Lottie
2/3 12 Miss Collett Lennox and Adam
3 8 Mrs Orford George and Amalyn
3 7 Mr Miller Matthew, Joshua and Thomas
4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams Summer, Joao and Dylan
4/5 5 Mr Zanatta Cooper and Fearne
5 4 Mrs Finnie Owen and Amber
5/6 3 Mrs Stewart Seth and Wojtek
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Miss Coombes Issy, Tadhg and Leo
6 2 Mrs Jones / Miss Coombes Kate, Ezra and Kade
French Madame Wilderspin Kevin
Science Mrs Jackson Holly


Student of the Month

Year Room Teacher Recipient
PP 14 Ms Phillips Sawyer
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards Imogen
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass Caris
1 18 Mrs Spiers Scarlett
1/2 13 Mrs Firman Ivy
2 11 Miss Conway Summer
2/3 12 Miss Collett Mitchell
3 8 Mrs Orford Ethan
3 7 Mr Miller Scarlett
4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams Alice
4/5 5 Mr Zanatta Molly
5 4 Mrs Finnie Audrey
5/6 3 Mrs Stewart Chloe
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Miss Coombes Sienna
6 2 Mrs Jones / Miss Coombes Jaxon

School of Thought

The year 6 students recently engaged in the School of Thought program.  The students attended Curtin radio (89.7FM) based in ECU Joondalup to participate in a radio program.

This opportunity allowed students to present their ideas on a collaborative project whereby they expressed their opinions to a broad audience.   Four students have been chosen to broadcast their chosen topics during a discussion format this week.


Sustainability at Duncraig

The chickens continue to be a wonderful addition to our school community providing a variety of learning opportunities for our students. The final build of the chicken coop is happening this weekend, which will provide a great space for our girls to move into when they are ready.  The grazing garden is being prepared with a bug box and sand bath also.  Thank you to Zig Zags for offering to pay for the chicken food for the year and supply automated feeders.

The students have begun collecting organic scraps for our composting and worm farm.  In future the chickens will also benefit from this sustainable practice teaching the students about sustainability.

During Spring, the team will be planting watermelons in the no dig garden to grow up an A frame to create shade for the chickens.  The watermelons will benefit from the soil rich in nitrogen from the chicken manure.

Thank you to the sustainability committee, Nadine (Science teacher), Di McKenzie and the parent volunteers for their commitment to ensure this project was able to go ahead.


A reminder that students return to school on Tuesday 12 October as Monday is our School Development Day. Another busy term ahead. View our calendar and save events to your online device.

A note from our Duncraig Eco Warriors

There’s no question Australia has a plastics problem. We use around 70 billion pieces of soft plastic each year and produce 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. That equals 100 kg of plastic per person.

And it’s getting worse – since the start of the COVID pandemic, there has been a larger demand for plastic bags and packaging.

With plastic use on the rise, we need to create a sustainable community that reduces, re-uses and recycles plastics.

Soft plastic is plastic that you can scrunch in your hand, and it can’t go in our recycling bins. This is because it easily gets caught in the recycling conveyer belt and can shut down the whole recycling system. Disaster!

Unfortunately, this means that soft plastics are often thrown out with our general waste, going straight to landfill and ending up in our oceans, rivers, parks and roadsides.

So, what can we do? First let’s aim to stop using soft plastics whenever we can.

  • we can choose reusable material shopping bags
  • we can put our recess, crunch and lunch straight in a container not a zip lock bag or cling wrap
  • we can buy big packets of snacks and share out our portions each day instead of using lots of small bags.

Here at Duncraig, we are collecting and recycling our soft plastic waste and taking it to Coles (REDcycle) where they reuse soft plastics to make furniture like bus stops and park benches.

*We have a challenge for you!

If you’re up for it over the next month we would like you to try and stop using soft plastic in your lunch boxes. We call this a ‘nude food’ lunchbox. Nude food is not wrapped in foil, plastic or commercial packaging. If you are successful in this challenge, please send us a photo of your lunchbox along with your name and classroom number to You will receive an eco-warrior sticker and 10 dojo points for participating! *

Thank you everyone, let’s look after our planet!
(information from Clean Up Australia)



Science Week

Wow what a week. This year’s theme was Food Different by Design. To kick the week off the year 6 leadership team helped Mrs Jackson make 10 minute ice cream in a bag. Every day in the Science room, the students from pre-primary to year six investigated how salt is used to lower the melting point of ice, thereby freezing the ice-cream quicker. All students had the opportunity to make and sample delicious home made ice-cream. This was a huge success and couldn’t have been achieved without the help of the year 6 leaders.

On Wednesday 18th August each class rotated with their buddy class through several highly engaging science workshops. Jacqui Batley and her team of PhD students from UWA taught the children how to extract DNA from strawberries. Tom Becker one of our parents who is a Curtin University lecturer taught the students how to test the chromatography of M&M’s. Ray Palermo taught the symmetry of fruit. Holly, one of year 4 students, confidently presented her dad’s work in the agricultural industry. Diann McKenzie created an engaging experience for the students teaching them about sustainability in our Kitchen Garden. The teacher ran a very popular workshop on blindfolded fruit tasting. Overall, the day and week was a wonderful way for the students to experience food science in the world around them.

Nadine Jackson

Science teacher

Principal’s Update – Week 6

One Big Voice

On 20 August, the Duncraig Primary School Choir performed at One Big Voice at the RAC Arena.  Over 7000 students and their families celebrated the joyous experience through the power of song during the mass choir performance. Our students performed alongside other primary students to create a harmonious sound, enjoyed by the families.  A special mention to Mrs Ruscoe for her passion and commitment in preparing our students for a confident performance and organising the event.

Book Week

Last week we celebrated Book Week.  The students enjoyed a variety of experiences throughout the week, with a fun dress up day on Where’s Wally Wednesday.  This aligned with the Book Week theme ‘Old worlds, New worlds, Other worlds’ with Wally appearing in every world.

During lunchtime the students went on a Where’s Wally hunt to find the hidden Wallys in the playground. These students were awarded a book voucher from our Book Fair.

Evan, Leo, Rafael, Zac, Logan and Marta.

Book Fair

The Book Fair was open last week with the students having the opportunity to purchase some wonderful texts. I know the right book can ignite a passion for reading, expanding the mind and nourish the imagination. I hope your children have some new books to inspire them.  Thank you to Mrs Key and the parent volunteers for organising this event to support the students and community.

Literacy Pro

The following students were awarded their Million Word pin at last week’s assembly. It is great to see the students motivated to read through this personalised reading resource.

  • Samira-Room 3
  • Jake-Room 5
  • Chris-Room 3
  • Alex-Room 3
  • Sasha-Room 3
  • Sports Carnivals

We are looking forward to the exciting events of Jumps and Throws, and the Athletics Carnival to be enjoyed by the school community.  This year the Athletics carnival will be at Marri Park.  There are some changes to some routines given the public venue.  Please see my recent connect message outlining the details.

The P&C will be supporting the organisation of the fan stall and the cake stall.

Fan Stall

At the old undercover area before school commences students will be able to purchase zinc and wrist bands for 50c-$1. In addition students will be able to get their hair sprayed for $2.

Cake Stall

If you are able to donate to the cake stall this would be much appreciated.  Please drop your baked delights at Marri Park at the cake stall.  The cake stall will be available for community to enjoy at recess.  There will also be a coffee van arriving at Marri Park in the morning.

Duncraig Dads Group

The Duncraig Dads are invited to Yanchep National Park (Lakeview Picnic Area) on Sept 18 between 10.00am-2.00pm.  Please RSVP to by the 8 of September if you plan on coming.

2021 Merit Certificates

Host class: Room 18 Date: Thursday 26 August 2021

Year Room Teacher Recipient Recipient
PP 14 Ms Phillips
PP 16 Mrs Cowton/Mrs Edwards
1 17 Mrs Calton/Mrs Wass
1 18 Mrs Spiers
1/2 13 Mrs Firman
2 11 Miss Conway
2/3 12 Miss Collett
3 8 Mrs Orford
3 7 Mr Miller
4 6 Mrs Watkinson/Mrs Adams
4/5 5 Mr Zanatta
5 4 Mrs Finnie
5/6 3 Mrs Stewart
6 1 Mrs Garcia / Miss Coombes
6 2 Mrs Jones / Miss Coombes
French Madame Wilderspin