Principal’s Update Week 4 Term 1

Welcome to Duncraig Primary School for the 2021 school year. It was an interesting beginning but we eventually got off to a flying start in Week 2. Now that we are back under the Phase 4 conditions I am delighted to be able to welcome the school community onto the school grounds.

The school must still ensure it adheres to the 2sq metre rule in the classrooms and at any event. I would also ask that parents/carers practice social distancing. Class assemblies will recommence this year. In order to adhere to the 2sq metre rule only the parents of the class presenting the assembly and students receiving merit awards will be allowed to attend.

On Friday night the P& C held a welcome event for the families of the school. It was a great event and it was fabulous to see so many families attend. One of the best ever according to people I spoke to. A huge thank you to Karol Jones, President of the P&C and her executive committee who organised the event.

The first P&C meeting of the year is being held on Thursday 25 February in the staffroom at 7pm. It would be great to see some parents of new families there!

New Staff

Duncraig Primary School has three new staff members who begn with us this year.  Mrs Stewart – Year 5/6 teacher, Mrs Nadine Jackson – Science Specialist teacher and Mrs Rebeka Rossi. Welcome to our fanulous school.

Communication Processes

These have been updated on the website and can be found under the “Our School” tab.

Year 4-6 Swimming Carnival

This has now been confirmed. Unfortunately none of the high schools close by were available but we were able to book the Claremont Aquatic Centre, 12 Davies Road Claremont. (Opposite Claremont Oval). More details in a note will be sent home in the next week.

2021 Parent Teacher Meetings

These meetings were well attended by the school community.

Safer Internet Day

Year 3-6 participated in a live virtual classroom event, for Safer Internet Day 2021, presented by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner on Tuesday morning. Year 3-6 students’ to detect fake news was explored as well as the impact of misinformation online. The students were given tips on how to find trusted and safe sources of information online and where to go for help when things go wrong.    Tabitha Stewart

Positive Affirmations Project

Last year a group of interested students in Year 5 nominated themselves to be involved in a project to transform our senior toilets.  This began with students working in collaborative teams to create positive messages, to be posted on the toilet doors.  Collectively, we decided on affirmations that would positively influence student’s mindset.  The students got to work and created amazing designs to be transformed onto the toilet doors or as decal stickers.  The results were amazing.  We are enormously proud of the students work as they have contributed positively to the wellbeing of other students at Duncraig P.S.  I would like to thank the P&C for supporting the school in funding this project.  Additionally, a huge thank you to Kendall Glossip for her dedication in assisting us throughout the project.  Also, Paul Stokes, the school Chaplain for his support in assisting the students during the design phase.  Leah Clegg


Lyn Dawson


24 February 2021

Principals Update Week 10 Term 4

This year has provided our students with opportunities to demonstrate the values of our school. Many times during the year our students have demonstrated respect, perseverance, leadership, courage and commitment and kindness and consideration. I am proud to be Principal of a school where these values are upheld. Well done to you all.

I would like to acknowledge two staff members who are leaving Duncraig Primary School at the end of this year. To Miss Beedie and Mr Axton I thank you both for your contributions to Duncraig Primary School and wish you all the best for the future. We welcome new staff members Mrs Rebekah Rossi, Ms Tarryn Stewart and Mrs Nadine Jackson to Duncraig Primary School in 2021.

I would like to acknowledge all of the members of the school board and in particular to the Board Chair Dr Becker for her support. To Karol Jones, President of the P&C, your executive committee and hardworking members, your outstanding contributions and hard work to our school this year have been very much appreciated by myself and the staff.

To all of the wonderful staff of Duncraig Primary School. This year has thrown them many curve balls such as the short time frame that they had to change from face to face teaching and learning to online teaching and learning. But every time a curve ball was thrown they took it in their stride, collaborated together and supported one another. This includes all of the education assistants, cleaners and gardeners. Last but not least the front office staff, Mrs Ryan and Mrs Hutchinson who are at the front line of all enquiries from the school community. Thank you so much for your hard work and the support you have shown me.

Finally to my two Deputies, Mrs Stewart and Miss Clegg. I have almost finished my first full school year at Duncraig Primary School. I have been extremely lucky to have the both of you. You are both passionate and dedicated educators, who, like me, place the child at the forefront of every decision we make. All decisions made this year have been made with our students’ at the front and centre.  Your support along the way has been very much appreciated.


I would like to congratulate the following students who have been selected as either School Councillors or Faction Captains for 2021.

School Councillors       Faction Captains
Lucy S Green: Cooper D and Kate J
Isla Mc
Julia S Red: Rowan B and Mackenzie B
Matheo B
Kade M Gold: Caomhin D and Leo E
Sam D

I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of one of our students. Two weeks ago Wojtek competed in the “Open Bic” States Silver Fleet event and finished in second place! An outstanding achievement. Both he and his brother Maciek belong to the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. Congratulations Wojtek!

World Soil Day

On Friday 4 December the Kindy children celebrated World Soil Day in our Kitchen Garden.  This involved some exploration of the worm farm, learning about the Kitchen Garden including the compost area, and even learning about some chicken visitors.  The children learnt about what is needed to care for worms and the value they bring to nature and the garden. Ms Dawson came to visit us and helped the children to feed the garden. Thank you to Mrs McKenzie, one of our parents, for all her support in organising the actives for the morning.


Combined Schools Band

Congratulations to the Combined Schools Band on an entertaining performance at Glengarry on Friday, December 4th. The students from Duncraig PS, Glengarry PS and Duncraig SHS combined into a ‘mega band’ to play a selection of Christmas favourites. Thank you to the students and staff who worked hard all term to prepare for the performance!

Year 6 Camp

Miss Beedie, Mrs Garcia and Mrs Jones took their year 6 students on camp to Ern Halliday Camp site in Sorrento from Wednesday 2 December to Friday 4 December. They began the day by walking from school to the camp site, stopping along the way for a well-deserved snack. Thank you to Mr Garcia who kindly transports the students’ luggage to the camp. The students had three days jam packed full of activities that included the flying fox, the big swing, the pump track, archery and team building activities on the beach. Night time activities included a quiz night and movie night. I spent a few hours with them on the Thursday and they were having a wonderful time trying out new things. I would like to acknowledge the enormous amount of work that Mrs Garcia, Mrs Jones and Ms Beedie went into organising the camp. I am sure it was appreciated by all the students. Thanks also to Mr Orzel and Mr Zanatta for spending a night each with the students at the camp.

In closing I would like to wish the entire Duncraig Primary School Community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Students return to school on Monday 1 February 2021. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!


Lyn Dawson

Principals Update Week 8 Term 4

With just over two weeks of the school year remaining there is a lot of important information in this latest update.  I will be outlining the class structure for 2021 below. Notification of teachers to the classes will be communicated to the community on Monday December 14 via Connect and final class lists will be placed on the school website on Wednesday 16 December from 2.30pm. Reports will be emailed to parents on the afternoon of Wednesday 16 December.

School Server

In Week 9 the school’s administration server which provides us with our internet and phone services is being replaced. This means that the school will communicate with parents from Wednesday 9 December – Friday 11 December, where needed, using the school mobile phone. If you need to contact the school because your child will not be attending or any other important reason, the number is   0410 698 419.

Third Party Services in Schools – Changes Effective January 2021

From January 2021, changes to The Department of Education’s Student Online in Public Schools Policy and procedures will come into effect. The changes will affect the way that schools manage online third party providers and the risks associated with disclosure of student’s personal information to online third party providers. A Connect notice with more detailed information was put out on Connect by Mrs Stewart earlier this week and a hard copy note will also be coming home this week.

Class Structure for 2021

As you can appreciate organising classes relies heavily on student numbers in each year level. Student enrolments for next year are currently around 435. The 2021 class structure is:

Year Level

Kindy A
Kindy B
Kindy C
Year 1
Year 1
Year 1/2
Year 2
Year 2/3
Year 3
Year 3
Year 4
Year 4/5
Year 5
Year 5/6
Year 6
Year 6

A rigorous process has taken place to allocate students to classes. This whole school process focuses on the whole child and what is best for them educationally, socially and emotionally.

Public Speaking Showcase

A public speaking whole school focus occurs biannually, providing an opportunity for all students to develop their speaking and listening.  This year we decided to focus on poetry with students reciting entertaining poems, some of which they wrote themselves.  Last week, a selection of students from each class in years one to six had the opportunity to showcase their talents at our school event. The audience was moved by the performances as the children displayed an impressive level of confidence and pizzazz.

A special mention for both Georgia and Hayley who both recited their own poetry!

French Sticker Competition

Last term Madame Wilderspin worked with the Year 6 students on a sticker competition conducted by the Teachers of French Association. Congratulations to Sundy who was awarded a runner up prize for her outstanding entry.

Edu Dance Concerts

We are looking forward to parents attending these fabulous concerts next Monday and Wednesday. It would be appreciated if parents could put sunscreen on their children before they leave for school on the day that they are performing. Teachers will encourage students to do the same prior to the concert.

PP-Year Awards Assembly and Graduation Ceremony

These events are being held in Weeks 9 and 10. All students will be attending and parents of those students receiving awards have been invited. Student councillors and faction captains for 2021 will be also be announced at this event. Parents of graduating Year 6 students will attend the graduation ceremony along with their younger siblings who attend the school. Older siblings have also been invited to attend and will watch from outside of the undercover area.

We are all very excited to be able to hold these events with parents in attendance.


Lyn Dawson

2 December 2020

Principals Update Week 6 Term 4

Fathering Project

Last week was the official launch of the Fathering Project at Duncraig Primary School. This initiative has been driven by Jarrod Holloway with the full support of the P&C.  A big thank you to Jarrod for organising the oustanding event with over 30 Dad’s attending. I spoke to the group briefly before leaving them to carry out the rest of the night’s proceedings. The Fathering Project is a great opportunity for Dads to connect and engage in a positive community for the benefit of our children. There is a partnership between the group, the P&C, the School Board and the school where we can all work together to support families. The school also has access to the Family Partnerships Planning Tool which will allow us to:

  • identify, celebrate and promote what we are doing well, in addition to identifying areas for improvement.
  • link to evidence-based strategies and comprehensive toolkits to support family relationship-building activities.
  • provide valuable data and content for the school’s annual reporting.
  • review the school’s current actions, identify strengths and needs and plan for improvement to strengthen family partnerships with an additional emphasis on fathers

Rory from the Fathering Project facilitated the night along with Jarrod. The group has a couple of leaders committed to the group but Jarrod is looking for more volunteers to assist with leading the group. As the saying goes –  “many hands make light work”! A notice will be sent out in the next couple of weeks regarding the group’s first event.

Buddy Classes

Every Thursday morning you can walk around the school and see our wonderful Buddy Classes initiative in action. Last week Room 2 and 18 were making nature art as part of their NAIDOC Week activities, whilst Rooms 1 and 13 were very intent on improving their mathematical skills through playing games.

Class Placements

This time of the year sees the school administration planning for class structures for 2021 and placement of students into classes. Parents who wish to make a specific request need to email these to me by Friday 20 November. It is extremely important that if your child is NOT returning to Duncraig Primary School in 2021 that the office is notified immediately to assist us in our planning for 2021.

Year 6 STEM classes at Duncraig Senior High School

In Term 4, our Year 6 students have had the opportunity to attend Duncraig Senior High School for STEM classes as a part of their transition to high school. For 4 weeks every Tuesday afternoon the students are exposed to a range of activities in the curriculum areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This has also allowed our students to get accustomed to high school surroundings whilst being engaged in this learning area. They will be attending a full transition to high school day on Tuesday 1 December. I would like to recognise the collaborative relationship we have with the high school that has allowed our students positive experiences and opportunities.

Edu Dance Concerts

These fabulous concerts are happening in Week 9. A Connect notice went out last week with the days and times classes are performing. There will be some cones setting out on the grassed area in front of the netball court for students. I look forward to seeing lots of parents/carers set up their chairs/blanket on the oval for our Edu-Dance concerts.


Lyn Dawson

17 November 2020

Principals Update T4 week 4

Numero Competition

On Monday we had a wonderful group of students in Years 4- 6 participate in the State Numero Competition held at Mercy College in Girrawheen. Three teams participated in the competition. They were:

Duncraig Dynamos: Luka L, Kade M, Hayley F and James G who finished in 7th position

Duncraig Dragons: Kai S, Jackson B, Campbell S and Sasha A who finished in 6th position

Duncraig Destroyers: Alexis M, Chaise A, Una D and Alex T who finished in 3rd position

Reserves who came along were Christopher M and Mitchell B.

Congratulations to all of you for doing such a fabulous job in representing Duncraig Primary School.

Australian Mathematics Competition

Congratulations to Christopher from Year 4 who was achieved the best result in the school and received a certificate of distinction.

Other students who received certificates of distinction were Alice and Maciek from Year 6 and Sasha and James from Year 4. Well done to all students who participated in this competition. Certificates will be sent home this week.

In the remaining weeks of Term 4 there will be a number of events in the school where we would love to have parents/carers attend. As a school we have had to make decisions about the running of events based on Phase 4 restrictions that are still in place. We have had to make adjustments to the usual plans in order to be able to involve the school community.  We have focussed on ensuring events go ahead whilst adhering to the mandated requirements of the Department of Education.   Below are the adjustments that have been made for the Edu Dance concerts, Year 6 graduation and PP-Year 5 Awards Assembly.  The playgroup has been allowed to resume this term as the number of adults and children who attend meet the 2sq metre restrictions outlined in Phase 4.    

EduDance Concerts

This year the Edu Dance concerts will take place on the netball court next to the new undercover area. They will be happening on Monday and Wednesday of Week 9. Details of what classes are performing on what day will be sent out on Connect early next week. The students will be sitting in the undercover area.  Parents are invited to attend to watch from the grassed area/oval. Please bring your own fold up chair/rug and find a spot remembering to social distance.

Year 6 Graduation

This year the ceremony will take place on Wednesday 16 December at 9.00am. Invited guests and two members from each Year 6 student’s family will be invited to attend. Due to the 2 square metre restrictions, only the siblings of the Year 6 students from the school will be attending. Parents and students will be attending the parent organised dance social in the evening.

End of Year Class Awards

The Pre-Primary to Year 5 awards will be presented at a separate “Awards Assembly” on Thursday 10 December at 9.00am. The school councillors for 2021 will also be announced at this assembly. Due to the 2 square metre restrictions, only the parents of the 2021 councillors and students receiving awards will be invited to attend.

Kindergarten and Pre-Primary 2021 Orientations

At these events the parents will be invited to attend with socially distancing measures in place.

Public Speaking Showcase

Parents of the selected students will be invited to attend this event adhering to social distancing along with the students from Pre-primary to Year 6. Please contact me should you require any further details about this information.

World Teachers Day

Last Friday we celebrated World Teachers Day. As I say on many occasions the staff at Duncraig Primary School do an outstanding job. We all support one another and appreciate one another’s efforts. The teachers provided the students with some extra fun at the end of the day with a teacher/student dodge ball game.  All the teachers and students participating and playing had a great time!  Check out the you tube video on the school’s website to see the action!

Finally, a reminder about the Fathering Project launch. We look forward to a great turnout!


Lyn Dawson

5 November 2020

Aliens Love Underpants

View our Book Week Photo Gallery on Google Drive.

Winners of Book Week Curious Creatures, Wild Minds Art Competition


First Place – $10.00 book voucher

Second Place – $5.00 stationery voucher

Pre Primary
1st place Eliska O
2nd place Maddison V
Year 1
1st place Zoe W
2nd place Lucy H
Year 2
1st place Noah M
2nd place Dane C
Year 3
1st place Tilly S
2nd place Molly S
Year 4
1st place Joshie S
2nd place Milla B
Year 5
1st place Rowan B
2nd place Ruby M
Year 6
1st place Sundy Y
2nd place Ariana T



1st place – $10.00 Book voucher

2nd place – Voucher for a Poster

Kindy A
1st place Nate W
2nd place Luka O
Kindy B
1st place Indiana D
2nd place Alan C



1st place – Box of chocolates

1st place Mrs Edwards Rm:16