Welcome to Duncraig Primary School

Every day in every classroom, every student is learning and achieving.

At Duncraig Primary School, we believe our students learn best when supported with teaching and learning experiences that challenge them to accomplish their very best. The school motto of ‘Endeavour’ characterises

our vision of every day in every classroom, every child is learning and achieving. This encapsulates the importance we place on providing a high quality educational program for each and every student in our care. Alongside academic excellence, our dedicated teachers and supportstaff also understand that children need to learn in anenvironment that supports positive mental health. This is achieved through a comprehensive approach to student wellbeing and the development of the social, emotional and psychological needs of every child.

As an independent public school, Duncraig Primary values highly our strong partnerships with the parents and carers of our students. Families at our school are actively engaged in their child’s educational journey, as we work together, to provide a school experience that is academically, socially and emotionally rewarding for all students.

We look forward to welcoming you to Duncraig Primary School and supporting your child to achieve their potential as confident, independent and life-long learners.